Outdoor Attractions in Leeds

Leeds is a city that can be enjoyed at all times of the year. Its rich history and cultural heritage make it a fascinating destination to explore. Among the most worthwhile places to visit are Leeds’ outdoor attractions. These are suitable for visitors both young and old, and provide a great few days’ entertainment. Fresh air in the northern city can be enjoyed on foot, by bike or even from the deck of a boat.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is an impressive 127 miles long, and passes through 91 locks. Some parts of it have been operational since 1773 when the canal was used for transporting local industry goods such as wool and limestone.

Nowadays, the well-maintained paths running alongside the canal are perfect for weekend strolls and cycling. Many visitors choose to have picnics on the grassy patches and watch the world go by, waving to boats going by.

If you’re into boating, hire a barge or a canal boat. Some rental companies offer on board meals and boats that can be hired as party venues.


Roundhay Park is a favourite among locals and has been voted one of Leeds’ top attractions by TripAdvisor users. It boasts a vast territory with two lakes, and forest areas to roam around in. Attractions on the spot also include a golf course, castle ruins, tennis courts and a gorge.

For those moments when you feel like taking a break from all the aimless wandering and running around in the fresh air, there is a conveniently located cafe with lovely views across the park.

York Gate Garden is a hidden treasure in the outskirts of Leeds. Originally created by the inventive Spencer family, the garden is now looked after by the charity, Perennial.

The Spencers bought the house and adjoining peace of land in the 1950s and had transformed the yard into one of the most beautiful small gardens in the world by the 1980s. It features creatively clipped evergreens, unusual plants and vistas.

Park Square originates in the Georgian era. It’s a popular lunch spot for the many people working in the surrounding Georgian residential-turned-office buildings. The inviting lawns and benches are made for picnics or relaxing moments while watching the world go by.

To make the most of a visit to the lovely northern city, stay overnight at a city hotel Leeds. You’re in for a great night’s sleep after so much time out in the fresh air.

Swingers Cruise The Hottest Lifestyle Travel Trend

Swingers Cruise are the hottest lifestyle travel trend this year.
We have named 2010 ‘The Year of the Swingers Cruise!’
Why? Because 2010 has an unprecedented number of full ship lifestyle cruise charters.

There are 3 full ship lifestyle cruise charters scheduled to sail in 2010 that are exclusively for swingers.

There are 3 full ship lifestyle cruise charters scheduled to sail in 2010 that are exclusively for swingers.

1. The first Swingers Cruise will sail January 24-31, 2010.

The swingers cruise is booked on the Windstar, Windsurf. An elegant masted sailing cruise-ship that will hold 312 swingers. Set to sail from Barbados, this itinerary includes a complementary night in Barbados prior to the cruise.

This Swingers Cruse will be 5 separate theme nights which will allow you dress up and live out your wildest fantasies. While not finalized yet some of the ideas being looked at are :
Black & White Formal
Leather & Lace
Erotic Costume Ball
Pirates & Wenches
Arabian Nights
Hef & The Girls lingerie night

This is a wonderful upscale cruise and the price includes top shelf liquors and gourmet dining. Windstar provides a top notch culinary experience. It combines a variety of cuisine types and styles and has the ability to satisfy the most discriminating palates.The service impeccable, solitious and pampering without being the least bit stuffy. Best of all this is a casual environment that captures the feel of this sailing ship with comfortable dress and ambiance.

The Wind Surf offers multiple dining venues: For dinner there is the Restaurant on Main Deck, innovative Degrees on Star Deck, and two outdoor under the stars dining venues, Le Marche a seafood restaurant and Candles a charcoal grill steakhouse.

2. The 2nd Swingers Cruise sails Halloween, October 29-November 1, 2010.

This is a Swingers Cruise with Yolo and it will sail for 3 nights from Miami to the Bahamas on the Inspiration. The theme is ‘Carnal Cravings.”

TheSwingerCruise was with Yolo when they set sail on the first ever 100% take over of a major cruise ship in April 2009… and now we are planning to take that party on the high seas again. This time it will be a fantasy weekend. Halloween 2010 on the Carnival Imagination. Celebrated the way only lifestyle couples can celebrate it. This will be an amazing lifestyle cruise. Welcome aboard THE Swinger Cruise Part 2.

Imagine the possibilities… 1026 couples at sea
Your WILDEST fantasies could come true! After all, it’s Halloween & Masquerade …
Would you miss it?

3. The third full ship charter is organized thru ‘Lifestyle Cruising’

with top of the line event and party planning by Bob & Tess from FrenchConnectionEvents. Over 2300 swingers are already booked on this cruise which will sail from Tampa on the Radiance of the Seas. This swingers cruise sold out over a year in advance of the sailing date. And the same ship is booked for an April 2011 trip. Just an fyi that swinger cruise already has decks sold out a year and a half in advance. Just goes to show how popular a Swinger Cruises is!

COUPLES CRUISE: This is a The Full Ship, Couples Only, Lifestyle Charter.

A Classy Cruise for Classy People and in our opinion the best lifestyle cruise on the sea! TheSwingerCruise is excited to be a partner in bringing you the next Lifestyle Couples Cruise on Radiance of the Seas.

ENTERTAINMENT: The level of entertainment and event planning is top of the line. Bob & Tess from French Connections Events are leading the planning for non-stop day and night entertainment. Every inch of the ship will be used for FUN. If you have been to Naughty in N’awlins, Couples Fest in Key West or LLive you know what a great party they throw.

Expect a VARIETY of music in SEVERAL venues at the same time. Dance music, sexy mood music, oldies, you name it, something for everyone.

PLAYROOMS? I have one thing to say…”OMG! It’s HUGE!” and there isn’t just one. Expect something sexy and special.This ship will sail with a capacity of 2500 passengers. This is a 100% lifestyle take over sailing. No vanilla passengers.

Worst Airline Safety Ratings Revealed

Safety records and levels of service vary tremendously, from airline to airline. According to Skytrax, the best airlines in the world (with 5 star ratings) are as follows:

1.Asiana Airlines, 2.Cathay Pacific Airways, 3.Kingfisher Airlines, 4.Malaysia Airlines, 5.Qatar Airways, 6.Singapore Airlines.

The five stars ranking recognizes airlines at the forefront of product and service achievement according to Skytrax – airlines that generally set trends to be followed by other carriers.

Apart from these 5-star ratings, other airlines in the world are given ratings from zero stars to four stars, depending on a broad criteria. More than 800 different areas of product and service delivery for each airline are examined for both ground and onboard operations in deciding how the star ratings are awarded.

But what about the worst airlines in the world? What about airlines with the worst safety record in the world? For this we have to go to other sources of information.

Judging the worst airlines is much more difficult than judging the best ones. This is because some airlines in remote countries are difficult to compare with major airlines, given the number flights, the routes, the service, etc.

But when accident records are analysed, it is possible to produce a list of showing the worst airlines in the world. Here are the top ten worst airlines in terms of accident ratings, with the worst shown as number one:

1.Cubana Airline, accident rating 5.74. 2.China Airlines, accident rating 3.57. 3.Avianca Colombian Airline, accident rating 3.15 4.TAM Airline, accident rating 2.76. 5.Korean Air, accident rating 2.26. 6.Egypt Air, accident rating 2.06. 7.Indian Air Lines, accident rating 1.94. 8.Taesa Airlines, accident rating 1.83. 9.China Soutwest Airlines, accident rating 1.74. 10.Aeromexico, accident rating 1.55.

The above list was researched by ‘Airline Accident Ratings’ for the 20-year period from 1981 to 2000 (the latest data). The ratings are based on number of flights, number of fatal accidents, and the fatality rate of those accidents. Clearly, this information cannot and should not be used to provide an accurate assessment of an airline safety rating or future risk of an accident. Furthermore, the list does not endorse or condemn any particular airline, and a lot can change in the period 2000 – 2008.

However, it is clear that some airlines have a very poor safety record and it is only right to bring this to the attention of the public.

When examining safety records of airlines, one thing springs out: most causes of fatal airline accidents are due to pilot error. According to figures compiled over a fifty year period by ?Plane Crash Info?, pilot error accounts for 53% of all fatal airline accidents!

The figures for airline pilot error have on average remained pretty constant since the 1950’s, showing that modern technology is not leading to a reduction in the incidence of pilot error.