Online Travel Solutions Revoluntionize The Reservation Process

Online travel booking applications are one of the biggest benefits that the internet has provided the travel industry. These online booking solutions have revolutionized the way the entire travel industry interacts and conducts business with customers. Today, anyone with access to the internet is just a few clicks away from being able to research and book their own travel arrangements. The travel booking software available today has automated and customized the entire booking process while providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for different segments of the travel industry. There are solutions to book travel available today that will automate the shopping and booking process for any travel component including Airlines, Hotels and even Cruise Lines.

The airlines started this trend years ago by automating the process for travel agents to sell flights by launching their own booking engines for travel agents. By using an airline booking engine, travel agents were able to greatly improve their productivity when selling airline tickets and provide better service to their customers. Travel booking solutions have been evolving ever since, constantly adding new features & functionality as well as new product lines such as Hotels, Ground Transportation, Travel Insurance and even Cruise Vacations.

Applications that are easy to use and contain the information a travel agent or consumer needs to research the options available are critical to success. For example, finding the right hotel based on an individuals specific needs is an important part of planning any trip, but can be overwhelming with so many options available. To help simplify this, many hotel booking engines integrate links to media files & rich content to assist with selecting the right hotel property during the shopping process.Online cruise booking engines allow anyone to quickly research and book cruise vacations with many containing detailed ship and cabin descriptions as well as photos to help in the shopping process.

These easy to use online booking engines are built to automate processesand reduce the amount of time it takes to make a booking and can have agents selling quickly with minimal training.Some booking softwarecan also extend booking capability to an agencys website, allowing customers to research and book travel when and where they want, while still receiving the benefits of using a travel agent.

With so many options available in the market today, it is important to choose the solution that is right for your business. Some things to consider include the type of products you plan to sell (i.e. airlines, hotels, cruise, etc.), the source you plan to secure your content from (i.e. GDSs, Consolidators, Direct, etc.) and the ability to protect your brand identity. You will also want to consider which selling channels you plan to use (i.e. B2B, B2C, B2B2C ) as well as any future expansion plans you may have for your business.

So start using an online Travel Agent Software solution and revolutionize your reservation process, both you and your customers will be glad you did.

Travel Vacation Business Opportunities Reviews

Standard Travel Industry practice is to book big blocks of rooms, cruises, resorts, and air travel during the peak travel times throughout the year. This practice makes it virtually impossible for the little guy to get a great deal booking a vacation. Travel Industry exerts leverage in this way to maximize inventory and profits. The individual is hard pressed to find any deals even in areas with excess inventory since availability is controlled by this standard industry operating procedure. Since most people can’t travel whenever they want this Travel Industry’s model is very effective and continues to work well for the industry bottom line.

Now if you have the ability to travel at the drop of a hat you can get a better deal but you are still in the grasp of the travel industry’s business model, the Travel Discounters, you know the names. When a drop dead expiration date approaches for the larger travel sellers then this same excess inventory is released into the next part of the food chain which are your Discount Travel Brokers. These brokers pass on some savings to the consumer; yet still control large travel blocks insuring profit and control for their business model. This cycle is repeated week after week and there is always inventory that is perishing. This perishing inventory is sizable and creates a great opportunity, but this opportunity is not open to John Q Public. Well at least that was the case till now.

Primo Vacations Club is a brand new travel and vacation club with a very unique business opportunity attached to it. It is situated to become a leading player in the travel industry which by the way is a 7 Trillion dollar industry. Primo Vacations Club was founded by Rob Hanley and Dave Garven who are also the co-founders of the hugely successful Your Net Biz business opportunity. The aim for Primo Vacations is to provide more unmatched and unbeatable value and service, than any other travel and vacations club, while giving savings of up to 80% on luxury condos, cruises, villas, resorts, and hotels at the most desirable destinations around the world.
Primo Vacations Club was designed to be of great value and opportunity.

There are many travel business opportunities out there that range in price from $2,995 upwards to $9,995. Some of these businesses are Global Resorts Network, MOR Vacations, Resorts 360, and Cruise To Cash; they really are not in the travel business but rather in the opportunity business. What I mean by that is that none of these opportunities allow you to sell a travel membership to the consumer directly like Primo Vacations Club does. Here are the costs associated with these business opportunities: Global Resorts Network $3,500.00 plus $149 monthly, Resorts 360 $3,995.00 or $399 and $249 monthly lifetime, MOR Vacations $1,998.00 plus $149 annual, and Cruise To Cash $977.

None of the above mentioned businesses are set up to sell travel but rather sell opportunity with a travel product. Therefore none of the above mentioned business models actually allow you to carve out a niche in the 7 trillion dollar travel business. Furthermore, internet data shows that there are about 23 million people globally looking to start a home based online business. Data collected from surveys reveals that those people say they are only willing to spend $1,000 to start business. That means that if you chose an opportunity like; Global Resorts Network, MOR Vacations, and Resorts 360, you would have lost 99% of the global opportunity seekers market. Why market to 1% of the global business opportunity seekers and shut yourself out completely from the 7 trillion dollar travel industry?

Here are the facts to support this statement: With the Primo advantage you get a sensational lifetime travel club membership with personal travel concierge at unheard of travel savings of 40-80% and there are never any dues. Plus you get to save on, condos, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, villas, cruises, and air fare. The second advantage, should you choose to pursue the Primo business opportunity, is a fully integrated marketing system complete with website integration and a back office to track all aspects of your business. The marketing system provides you with Professional Business Assistants at no additional cost to do the telling, explaining, and selling to your prospective customers. The back office also includes interactive coaching and training along with live coaching calls to help you learn at your own pace and achieve your goals. The system is can-am spam act compliant with a fully integrated automatic responder to follow up with your prospects with engaging emails. Your prospective customer base is comprised of business opportunity seekers along with consumers searching for inexpensive quality travel. These are just some of the features and benefits that come standard with the Primo Vacations Club opportunity. Compared to the other travel business out there it is an amazing value and bargain at $697.

To recap you can become a Primo Vacations Club lifetime member for a onetime payment of $697 and never pay any dues and enjoy travel savings of 40-80% off forever. If you choose to pursue the business opportunity, you become a club member for a onetime payment of $697 and pay $49 a monthly to maintain your Primo Vacations back office. If you decide not to market the business you can stop anytime but you will always enjoy the travel savings as a lifetime member with no additional costs. Many club members say that they joined for the savings and recouped the cost of their membership with the first vacation they booked and were delighted at how simple it was to make money with the marketing system. If you want to know more about this opportunity you will find a helpful link that will take you to the company tour in my resource box titled Go Primo Vacations.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traveling With Travel Agency And By Your Own

When you decide to go somewhere on vacations the first question you are faced with is how to organize your trip. At least, you need tickets and accommodation. However, if you are going abroad, the situation becomes more complicated. You will need visa, foreign passport and a little bit of information about a country you are coming to. The citizens, living and traveling inside European Union borders are in better position. They are free to visit any EU country without any additional document and visas. But lets imagine you have chosen a country where you need visa. Well, now its time to make some preparations for your trip. At first, whether you trust organizing your trip to a travel agency, or organize it by your own. If you choose the first variant:


1) Convenience. You dont have to besiege embassy and wait in long queues. You dont need to worry about buying tickets and booking hotels.

2) Price. Sometimes travel agencies have special agreements with hotels and the price becomes cheaper. The same thing can be said about avia and train tickets.

3) Comfort in the country of destination you are mostly provided with transfer to hotel and the representative of the agency can solve any of your problems.

4) Your vacation is organized. You have a choice of excursions; youll be shown the best shops and the most interesting attractions.


1) Unfortunately, not all the agencies can be relied on, some of them disappear with the clients money.

2) Some people dont like to be limited – by excursions, by return tickets or by the necessity of staying in the hotel theyve chosen.

3) Its not always cheap often the excursions, offered by the agency representatives are more expensive than in other places in the city.

If you choose the second variant, you should be prepared to some problems, but of course, this variant has its light sides too.


1) You are free to choose there and when to go. You are free to change you hotel of your return ticket.

2) You are most likely to see the places, not shown to usual tourists.

3) Its a kind of challenge. Cant imagine your holyday without risk and adrenaline? So, this variant is for you!

4) You can seek and find a cheaper variant and not just accept what the agency offers.


1) Once again risk. You are not quite safe when traveling alone in the foreign country. Nowadays you are not quite safe anywhere, but still

2) It causes some problems in the stage of organization getting a visa can be a trouble. Interview, invitation and a lot of documents all this can be inevitable. So, prepare to waste some time and nerves.

Anyway, the choice is yours.

Worldventures – Don’t Join Until You Read This!!

Why WorldVentures? This is the question that many ask me when they inquire about what network marketing company I am with.

There are many reasons that I chose a network marketing company in the travel industry and many more key points that caught my attention with WorldVentures.

A good friend came to me and asked me to take a look at her travel MLM company. I immediately told her I had tried network marketing before and didnt want anything to do with it. After avoiding her for a bit, her persistence paid off. I trusted her but the idea of vacationing more with my family and friends peeked my attention more and I finally took a look at WorldVentures.

What I saw in the presentation immediately got me excited. The products just made sense! The questions I asked myself were, would I rather pay wholesale or retail for my vacations? and do I book travel online or know anyone else that does? Both of those questions were no-brainers. So, basically it boiled down to having access to hundreds of wholesale vacations, getting paid when people booked travel on my travel booking site and building a residual income just by helping others do the same. OK, Im in!! But, wait, whats the catch? The kicker was, once I found out how well the company was doing and how fast it was growing, I realized there was none.

There are many factors in my decision to join forces with WorldVentures and I will highlight the main ones that stuck out to me.

1 ~ Product Travel and Vacations. I dont have to convince anyone to go on vacation or want to save money. Most people want to vacation more and save money doing it but they dont know how! Also, we naturally talk about our vacations, so its easy to share because we already do it anyway. The product stands alone even without network marketing and that was critical in my decision!

2 ~ Industry Travel is the largest industry in the world and is expected to double over the next 10 years because of the Baby-Boomers retiring. What do you think they want to do in their golden years?

3 ~Timing – WorldVentures is about 5 years young and still in pre-momentum. Meaning, they are past the point where most MLM companies fail in the first 2 years of business. Also, about 11 countries just opened and huge market share is available. Know anyone in USA, UK, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Singapore, Israel, Cyprus, Sweden, Germany, Malta or The Netherlands? If you do, these regions are wide open!

4 ~Leadership – Co-founders, Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue have a proven track record of success! Plus, the addition of Dan Stammen, network marketing legend, as the chief marketing officer solidified it for me. Dan built a sales team which created over 660,000 customers for a New York Stock Exchange listed legal services firm. He has brought his marketing expertise to WorldVentures and built an online system for reps to build their business.

5 ~Training Awesome training system run by Marc Accetta. Marc helped take another MLM go to #1 on the INC 500 list and has brought the same training system to WorldVentures. I thought it was going to be a RAH-RAH session but instead it was nuts and bolts to help build the business.

6 ~ Compensation Plan – A binary system consisting of only 2 teams. This means that you could end up with someone on your team that someone else puts underneath you! When I saw how this worked I was blow away because it is so powerful and helps build the team as a whole!

7 ~ No Monthly Fees All I had to do was sell 4 products and my products and business were free. What?? No monthly overhead?? I know, thats how I felt! Most people will quit MLM because they are spending more than they are making. Help 4 people save money on a vacation and your fees are waived!!

8 ~ Industry Reputation They are the youngest company highlighted in Success from Home 2xs in 3 years and Your Business at Home in the first year. Not too bad for a company only about 5 years old. They received awards from Carnival Cruise Lines and Funjet Vacations and recently I heard that SEARS is now using the travel booking technology to book travel for their corporate website (Hmmmmchoosing WVs booking engine over the other big travel .coms.. kind of shows how well it performs if SEARS would opt to go with it)

So, all in all, the above highlights are the main reasons I chose to join WorldVentures. Not to mention the the integrity behind the company as a whole and always giving back. Whether its raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters, creating a mission trip or helping change a childs life though their new Manifest Foundation, they seem to always have the right purpose in mind!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the people are cool and fun! WorldVentures is a company that offers vacations, FUN and the possibility to earn money helping the people you care about do the same! Works for me!!

Travel Packages Around Delhi With Lowest Price

Garhwal Himalayas the foremost stunning region of Uttarakhand and accommodation facility here is incredibly sensible. There ar variety of lodging facility ar quite good and be obtained at an inexpensive worth. There ar several accommodation choices obtainable here like luxury hotels, budget hotels and hostels. Most of those accommodations ar applicable for budget travelers. Most hotels provide target-hunting tours and activities for its guests as well as activities like trekking and rafting expeditions on the watercourse. Some hotels organize visits to scenic spots around Garhwal. Tourists will witness the charming fantastic thing about Garhwal Himalaya in these tours.
Cheap Hotels of this region ar settled near major traveler attractions of the region and also the vary of accommodation units that ar set with the most recent facilities. you may realize most of the hotels with double, triple occupancy, bedrooms and feeding within the house with multi-cuisine. range Hideaway could be a budget building that serves shoppers with impeccable service and heat welcome. This building has 10 rooms, four rooms ar equipped with watercourse and 4 offer a read of the plush inexperienced forests. there’s conjointly a bungalow and a duplex that ar appropriate for travelers seeking seclusion.
Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Dehradun, Haridwar, Pauri, Uttarkashi, Tehri, Asan Barrage, Chakrata, Chila, Bhatwari and Dakpathar ar a number of the vital places to go to here. you’ll raise at the reception of the building to rearrange visits to those destinations. All spaces of building facilities like predicament and room service along side different services like net access, conference rooms, communication / messenger, doctor on decision, laundry service and parking. Rafting, kayaking and abseiling journey sports ar offered at this building. Lodging facility isn’t a giant drawback here as you may simply realize a good variety of budget hotels; accommodation isn’t a significant drawback. Tourists will continuously check on-line some low cost hotels and do accommodation reservation ahead. you’ll conjointly visit Srinagar Garhwal region of Uttaranchal, that is tucked within the central a part of this region, is understood for its antiquity. it’s the simplest destination for a soothing vacation with friends and family.
There ar many luxury health resorts that tourists head for a refreshing expertise. Ananda Spa Resort could be a advanced of health, for instance in Garhwal giving state of the art housing units. These units ar equipped with trendy amenities. Ananda offers seventy luxury rooms and 5 suites, that ar designed to suit the tastes of their guests. All rooms have facilities for double occupancy with a panoramic read of the sacred river. The facilities given by this building contains of net access, cable TV association, gym, laptops, vapour bath and parking. throughout your visit to here you may get several opportunities to participate in journey activity, because the topography is appropriate for journey sports like sport, water sports and mountain climbing. Lavishness resorts like Ananda is one among the simplest hotels within the Himalayas wherever you’ll do advance booking for staying throughout your trip to here. you’ll conjointly check a chamber Garhwal and book well ahead as a result of it becomes powerful to seek out a space throughout the vacation season.

Visit Siena, one of the best European destinations

The beauty of Tuscany, Italy, is well known to people from all over the world, and this has manages to transform it into one of the most popular tourist destinations. Thousands of tourists come here annually, to spend some time away from the big city life and enjoy the natural landscapes. Siena, the capital city of the province of Siena, is located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany, and represents its historical center, being a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides its impressive architecture and history, the city is also famous for its art, museums and cuisine. The locals are preoccupied by tourism, agriculture and handicrafts, which is why agriturismo Siena has become one of the main source of revenue. In addition to the city center, the surroundings also offer picturesque views. Agriturismo Monteriggioni has become very popular, because people come here to see the ancient wall, built as a fortress in the Middle Ages, during the wars between Siena and Florence. These places have a lot to offer, and they deserve to be included on your travel list, in case they are not already there.

The town is situated on a natural hill, which helps it provide its tourists with amazing views on the surrounding locations, plain grain cultures and amazing color mergers. In Siena, agriculture represents more than an activity – it is actually the locals’ way of living, because all their resources are invested in this practice. They put time, money and passion in their cultures, so this represents a unique character feature of those who live here. People are welcoming and friendly, and these two defining characteristics have helped them transform their residence town into a genuine destination, competing with big European cities or famous beach resorts. It is all a matter of tastes, and those who are fed up with the bustle of a big city consider agriturismo Siena the best holiday option. If you want to come to this picturesque place, you have plenty of accommodation possibilities, and you will me surprised by the luxury and modernity, which strongly contrasts with the traditional architecture and medieval aspect of the city. You are free to choose between luxurious apartments, traditional villas or intimate cottages – all the services are reaching a high quality standard, so that you can spend here the time of your life.

Once you come to Tuscany you will definitely want to come back, and those who have already seen its beauties can confirm that its atmosphere is something that cannot be put into words. A visit to Siena, the hill town, can be compared with a ride in the time machine: you will be transported back to the Middle Ages, because the whole atmosphere will make you think about a medieval knights’ story. The main square of Siena hosts one of the most beautiful churches in Europe, the grand cathedral, has a simple yet fascinating architecture, and you are likely to spend hours admiring both its exterior and interior. Take time to travel to this incredible region, and you will not regret.

If you want to read more about agriturismo Monteriggioni or agriturismo Siena, please click on these links!

The Acqua Plus and Discover the Best Hersonissos Hotel

Greece has been the destination of countless honeymoons and family holidays. Why not give your vacation a twist by visiting exciting Water Parks instead of the beach? Beaches in Crete, especially in Hersonissos is one of the bests not only in Crete but throughout the country. It’s understandable if you pick to sunbathe at the beach for a couple of days, but honey, to tell you the truth, you are missing a lot of fun. Do you want to know what are you missing out on? The Acqua Plus Water Park and the finest Heraklion accommodation in Hersonissos, the Esperides Villas.

Extreme slides, cold pool water, and screaming children and adults, don’t worry, this is just a normal fun day at the Acqua Plus, the best Water Park in Crete! It suits both ages of the young and the young at heart. The Water Park is located on top of a hill. You’d be able to enjoy the breathtaking view of the flora and fauna that is surrounding the Acqua Plus. Did you know that Acqua Plus owns 50 variations of a slide? 50 slides are scattered around the park to bring fun and laughter to each and everyone. As per Trip Advisor, the Acqua Park is one of the best activities and places you should try when in Crete. It offers a competitive rate with perks of using sunbeds and umbrellas. Lockers are readily available, wherein their prices vary according to the size of the locker.

Some of the best slides to experience at Acqua Plus are the Acqua Slalom, the Crazy River, Black Holes, Hydromassage at the Main Pool, the Kamikaze Hydrotube, Spacebowl, and the Lazy River.

Bringing of towels is allowed. Yet, if you forgot to carry one with you, you’ll have to buy at the store inside the Water Park. Also, take note that the Acqua Plus is divided into two regions. One side is for the adults, where the extreme slides are located. And the other side is for the kids who want to have a good time as much as their parents would do.

Once you’re tired swimming (and yelling at the slides), sure enough you’ll need a soothing room to stay at. Luckily, we have the Esperides Villas Crete on our side, and yes, this is one of the Hersonissos hotels near the park. The fine beds are sheets are the one to rock you by to sleep. Or you can try the jacuzzi for as long as you want so you can chill out before you call it a day.

You can also drink the night away for the Esperides Villas has an interior and exterior cafe, ready to serve you your drinks whenever you want. An air-conditioned and a pleasant room is all you need after a really exhausting day. This will help you get a good night sleep so you can rise up early the next day for another set of adventure.

Traveldote – Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Not everything opens and shuts in paradise. Which brings me to the question does everything need to open and shut in paradise? And what exactly is paradise anyway? The definition of paradise is: “heaven” or “state of bliss”. I was in a heavenly state of bliss when the window fell out of the wall one morning in paradise.

After injuring myself on a Benny Banana, I suspect a fractured rib, I headed out by myself for the last Pad Thai at P.P Cafe. Three Singha beers later and I was a bit past tipsy and found myself playing a game of Jenga with a “ladyboy”.

Joys story was a tragic one and involved her getting her heart broken by an Australian boy (I thought his nationality was probably interchangeable depending on who was listening). She produced a photo album which documented Joys life from an awkward little boy, to an effeminate teenager, to the star of a cabaret show in Phuket. Her relationship with the Australian ended disastrously after four years. She was heartbroken so left Phuket for Phi Phi, where she is now a wasted talent as a waitress in a cafe.

Entertained enough, I went back to my room situated above a shop. The shop was run by an elderly couple. I had one more beer with the old man and attempted conversation but the only thing we understood was “beer”. I finished my brew and climbed the stairs to my room but was stopped by the old man. He pointed at himself, then at me, then to his bedroom door. I declined graciously. He tried again but with a different approach. He pointed at me, himself, and then my room. I declined less than graciously the second time and headed to my room, alone, wondering what a seventy year old pot-bellied Thai man with a mole (complete with four inch long whiskers) thought I saw in him.

The next morning I was more than eager to leave. I had not used the window previously for fear of mosquito bites and had managed to survive with minimal ventilation. But this morning I decided to open it up and capture one last glimpse over the turquoise waters and the raw limestone cliffs. As I slid the window the grip of the handle slipped from my fingertips and the couple in the adjacent room awoke to a loud crash on the tin roof of the building next door. My window had fallen clean out of the wall.

It was time to leave.

Where: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
When: November through to March
Why: To kick back in paradise with fantastic food and scenery.
How: Catch a ferry from Krabi (90 minutes) or Phuket (2 hours).

Enjoy Your Vacation With The Kosher Cruises Alaska

Before starting any discussion about the Kosher Travel or the Kosher Cruises Alaska heres a little list that will give you an idea of the quality and the kind of services that the Kosher Living provide.

Kosher Cruises Alaska has extraordinary 5 star ships
Kosher Living has vacation trips to exotic destinations spread all across the world
What crowns the effect of the exceptional Kosher Living Services are the excellent Glatt Kosher cuisine
Finally, vacationing with Kosher Travel is going to be an experience that is filled with excitement and a lot of fun

In the last couple of years there has been a huge rise in the popularity of cruises as more and more people around the world has come to realise the wide ranging pleasures and the revitalizing experience that cruise vacations can provide and hence the growing market of travel companies like the Kosher Cruises Alaska.

The cruise fare at the Kosher Travel is inclusive of,

Glatt Kosher gourmet meals and snacks
Minyanim and Shiurim
On-board events
Broadway style entertainment
A lot of other activities on board with the Kosher Living

So what are you waiting for, whether it is a honeymoon trip you are planning or a vacation with the entire family and the friends or just a single trip, Kosher Travel has all that is require dot make your vacation and unforgettable one. With Kosher Cruises Alaska you will be able to enjoy the ultimate cruise of your dreams minus the hassle of arranging any of the stops or the accommodations on your own. Every venture with Kosher Travel is going to be a more than worthwhile one for you without a single doubt. After all a cruise is the best solution that takes you away from all the anxieties and worries. It is one of those unique ways of vacationing where you can get rid of the complications of catching the flight or planning the next destination of the accommodation or any other thing at all. While on a cruise with a with a quality agency like the Kosher Travel you will be able to enjoy a truly entertaining vacation in true sense of the term.

You Must Fail To Succeed – Success Is Impossible Without Failure

You must fail to succeed. No one can succeed without failing. Most people take failure as exactly that – a failure. However, when one thinks properly it will be discovered that any failure is an opportunity to learn and to grow. Failures are the necessary stepping stones to success. Failure is a resource.

As Walter Brunell put it: Failure is the tuition you pay for success.

A baby cannot learn to walk without falling down. A salesman will not make any sales without having been turned down. A basketball player will miss several shots in a single game. A writer will have much of her work rejected by editors.

There is not a single person alive who never fails at anything. Nor will there ever be. Failure is a law of life, without it we cannot grow as individuals. Failure is one of lifes greatest teachers. Think of failure not as something negative, but as something positive.

Successful people dont focus on their failings, and they never see themselves as failures either. Instead they look at failure as opportunities. They understand that with each “failure” they are one step closer to achieving their aim. They may have to try once or one-thousands times before getting what they desire, but they know that each unsuccessful effort is pushing them closer to their goal. How many times did Thomas Edison fail with the light bulb?

To be a success you must fail. However, instead of thinking you have lost, realize that your failures are necessary actions that actually help you achieve success. The next time something does not go the way you would like, smile to yourself with the knowledge that you are a little bit closer to accomplishing your objective as you must fail to succeed.

Our doubts are traitors,

And make us lose the good we oft might win,

By fearing to attempt.

–William Shakespeare