How to Make Your Business Travel Easier

Wow, that sounds really cool. Have a great time!” That’s the kind of thing people who don’t travel for business say to those who do.

If you’ve ever traveled for business, you know that it’s a lot of work. Fun? Not so much. You’re often ‘on’ for many hours in a day, at meetings, and at meals with clients and colleagues. The travel itself, especially by air, can be exhausting. Plus, you don’t have the comforting presence of home and loved ones when you finally stop at the end of the day.

Still, it’s a great way to expand your business and take advantage of opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have if you just stayed home.

So how can you make travel for business work for you as much as you do for it? Here are some strategies I’ve used over the years that make the process easier:

1. Pack smart. It really does pay to keep it light. Leave your bunny slippers and sequined ‘I Love Paris’ sweatshirt at home. Pack as little as possible: plan ahead exactly what you will wear and take only that. Minimize bulky items, including extra shoes. Pack it all in a bag small enough to be carry-on. It not only saves you time, money, and blood pressure-raising conversations with airline staff if it’s lost, because you’re not checking a bag. It’s also less for you to keep track of. That frees up mental space that comes in handy especially when you’re tired or preoccupied with your upcoming meeting. One final note on packing: roll your clothes rather than folding them. It really cuts down on wrinkles, which means less work at your destination. Unless you find ironing relaxing, in which case wadding your clothes into tight balls works really well.

2. You can take it with you. Having something familiar and meaningful with you can be very grounding. It provides an instant visual that takes you to your happy place. Besides the usual photos of that embarrassing moment at the last family reunion, or your dog looking cute and guilty with a gnawed chair leg in his mouth, you can also carry a (small) piece of uniqueness with you to help ground you. I’ve carried small artwork with me that I then put on my hotel desk or night table. For a while, I carried a red metal moose with me (he’s the dude in the photo) when I was away a lot. He reminded me of home.

3. Shhhhhhhh. Carry noise-cancelling headphones on flights. While it’s soothing to know that the airplane’s engines are still operating, listening to the constant roar for hours can be surprisingly tiring. Reducing that noise, plus giving you the control of choosing what you listen to via your smart phone or tablet, cuts down on ongoing stress.

4. Track your numbers. Email yourself photos of any important documents that might be stolen or left behind. You can access them from anywhere in the world that lets you access your email, and speeds up the replacement process.

5. Feed your body and soul. Eat well. Move. Listen to uplifting stuff. That pretty much sums up my nourishment strategies on the road. Eating healthy food and not to excess can be a challenge, especially when meals are pre-chosen for you, e.g., at a meeting, or your client’s product is chili cheese dogs with all the trimmings (eat up!). Plan ahead for this by asking about healthy choices. (Organic chili anyone?) Next: move! Get up during your flight and walk up and down the aisle a few times. You do get some concerned looks if you do this hastily or linger near the cockpit door, but it’s invigorating and keeps your energy level up. Getting up early to walk or swim or work out is also so worth it. Finally, listening to music or a great talk or book that feeds you will support your Entrepreneur Energy.

6. Be your own VIP! Any small ways you can treat yourself really well on a business trip will help you not only feel better, but will build the confidence you need to perform well. How would you treat a visiting VIP? Apply this to yourself. It doesn’t have to be just the more obvious business class seats (frequent flyer points will get you these too) or airport lounge access (available via some credit cards if not through your frequent flyer miles). VIP treatment also means making thoughtful choices, customized to you. It can mean that you choose with care what and where you eat. You take some down time to watch Road Runner cartoons. You indulge in a great magazine or book that you don’t usually make time for. Look for small ways to delight yourself with thoughtful attention.

Business travel doesn’t have to be such hard work. By supporting yourself in these ways when you travel for business, you make the best use of your opportunities, money, and energy.

And hey, you might even have a great time!

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For many tourists, accommodation is not the most important factor when traveling and they don’t mind staying in a hotel, a rental apartment or even a B&B, as long as they get to explore their destinations and have fun to the fullest, but this is definitely not the case if you are planning a luxurious holiday on this island. As mentioned above, accommodation should be the first thing on your mind and luckily, there is a very easy way for you to find such a villa for rent in Mauritius, which is of course the online environment. Not only are there now several booking platforms and travel agents that operate online and can help you find a villa to die for, but there are also many review platforms that help you find out more about the accommodation through the perspective of previous guests. There are numerous luxury villas in Mauritius and guest reviews can really help you differentiate among them, especially since many of them are rated 5 stars.

All things taken into account, if you want to enjoy a vacation where you’d feel pampered and blissed at every move, then you have to be ready to spend some money. Mauritius makes a wonderful choice for a destination to that effect, but you also need to be careful in choosing where to stay on the island. As said, there are many options and alternatives to accommodation, but is you really want to feel the frill of being in such a place, then you should steer your attention towards luxury villas in Mauritius, as they provide a much better experience than the regular hotels and some of them, provided you choose right, are far more luxurious.

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Palestine Travel Information for Business

Palestine Travel Information for Business Language The official language of Palestine is Arabic, but English is widely spoken – especially in the major towns and cities. Hebrew, French, German and Spanish are also spoken by many Palestinians but to a lesser extent.

Currency & money Currencies used in Palestine include the Jordanian Dinar and the US Dollar, but the most popular is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). Visitors are advised to take dollars and Euros, but any other major European currency can also be freely changed at banks and money changers. Major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American express are all accepted in banks, hotels and restaurants as well as with many ATMs.

Climate & attire The weather in Palestine is usually moderate but July and August are typically the hottest during the year. However, evening hours experience cooler temperatures. Summer highs typically reach 35 Celsius and in the winter they can drop as low as 0 Celsius. In the workplace, the dress code varies amongst the different types of companies; however the majority of organizations dress business casual.

Time & hours Business hours of operations for different organizations across Palestine are not standardized; therefore it’s important to check the opening hours of the specific businesses you wish to visit during your stay. The opening hours of retail and corporate businesses are as diverse as Palestine itself. . In areas such as East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank you will find that the majority of businesses close all day on Friday to observe the Muslim holy day. In addition, larger companies also close on Saturday for an additional time off of work while smaller retail shops and businesses open and thus operate six days/week. It is also important to keep in mind that many businesses drastically change their hours of operations during the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset. Ramadan follows the lunar calendar therefore it falls at a different time every year, business is typically slow during this time. Christian owned businesses, which are mainly concentrated in Jerusalem’s Old City, Bethlehem, and in some parts of Ramallah officially close on Sundays to observe their day of worship.. Some of these businesses also close an additional day (Saturday) to observe a longer weekend. Furthermore, many retail shops typically operate extended hours and tend to close later at night when traffic in the city dies down, which makes for a convenient shopping experience. Palestine Standard time: Two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +2).

Telecommunication Many countries around the world have upgraded their networks from 3G to 4G while Palestine is still unable to access 3G. Palestinian telecommunication companies are unable to provide 3G services due to the occupation from the Israeli government. Israeli authorities control cellular networks throughout the West Bank and Gaza strip making it harder to do business and access important information on the go. There are ongoing political debates and discussions around the issue and the Palestinian Authority (PA) is trying its best to resolve this issue in the upcoming years. This could be somewhat of an obstacle to some business travelers, however the majority of Palestinians have put forth great efforts to offer customers and clients free WIFI connectivity in office buildings, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. In addition, make sure you electrical equipment is suitable for the voltage specifications in Palestine. The power supply in Palestine is a single phase 220 volts at 50 Hertz, which is comparable to many European countries. Another tip is to remember to let your cell phone provider aware of your travel plans in order to ensure that your devise operates in Palestine. Currently there are two Palestinian mobile operators working in Palestine, Jawwal & Wataniya so be sure to check which operators give you better rates with your local mobile operator.

Food We recommend you make use of the concierge service within your hotel for making dining reservations. Your hotel concierge will be able to recommend the best restaurants in the area for you, and may even be able to get you reservations in a restaurant that is fully booked. Chain restaurants are not typically found in Palestine. Most people dine at local and independent restaurants, which are known to offer delicious authentic dishes. Unfortunately, not all restaurants have websites, however a list of restaurants by city can be found by clicking on

Lodging & transportation Finding the right hotel can sometimes be a difficult process. If you plan to stay in East Jerusalem, you will have a number of options to choose from like the Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem Hotel, and National Hotel. If you plan to stay in Ramallah, the Mvenpick, Royal Court Suites, and Grand Park are a great choice. To see a list of all hotels in Palestine can provide you with a full list of lodging options.

In order for you to get to all of your meetings on time, we recommend you use a private taxi. Private taxies are plentiful and surprisingly inexpensive across the country, and are a great way to travel within the bigger cities. Public transport however, is difficult and fairly complicated for visitors to navigate, so it’s best avoided if possible. If you plan on conducting several meetings in different areas during your time in Palestine you might want to consider renting a car from a Palestinian owned and East Jerusalem based car Rental Company. This will allow you to drive through both Palestine and inside Israel, meaning your travels won’t be restricted at any point. If you choose to hire a car from an Israeli based company, then changes to insurance policy regulations means you won’t be covered if you drive in the West Bank. Finally to help you find your way once you’ve hired your car, a new GPS navigation system has just been launched which is called -Igo Palestine-. This will help you locate towns, villages, check points and everything else you’ll need.

Other information For more information on preparing for your trip please visit

Precautions To Take When Traveling Solo

Traveling alone has its advantages and disadvantages, and can be dangerous if proper precaution is not taken. It can force the traveler to meet other people and to make friends, which can be good, depending on the person. You can go at your own pace and change your plans as and when you like. However, it can be lonely traveling alone and you often end up paying more in the form of single room supplements. And it can also be more challenging especially if you are a woman traveling solo.

There are some basic steps you can take to ensure your solo trip is safe and enjoyable. Do some general research on your destination you should have some idea of where your hotel is located; as well as the basic layout of the city or resort, and which areas of town that it might be best to avoid. Make a point not to look too much like a tourist. For instance, dont walk around with your camera, name tag or guidebook too visible; and try not to read your map in a public place.

ATMs can be found just about anywhere and offer a convenient way to access your cash. If you use an ATM while traveling alone, try to find one that is in a crowded or a public place; and if you are using one at night, try to choose one that is well lit. Take a few moments to check out your surroundings if you are using an ATM in an isolated spot; and once you have completed your transaction, dont linger in front of the ATM, leave the area as quickly as possible.

When you leave your hotel, carry just enough cash on you for that day that way if you are robbed, you wont be completely broke. Make copies of your passport, plane ticket and any other important documents and keep the copies separate from the originals. Use a money belt and wear it inside your clothing, if you have to carry your passport or other valuables with you. Keep a tight grip on your wallet or purse in crowded places, and watch for the distraction tactics that many thieves employ.

Write down the name and address of your hotel in English and the local language, if applicable and carry it with you at all times. Rather than mispronounce the name of your hotel to a cab driver and perhaps be taken to the wrong destination, simply hand over the card. Always use licensed taxis be particularly careful of unlicensed taxis at airports, train stations and major tourist attractions that will almost certainly overcharge you and are also illegal.

In many cities, public transportation is so good that you might not need to take a taxi. Be particularly careful with your purse, wallet or handbag when riding the bus, metro or subway. Try to wait in a well-lit area and board a car that is occupied by several people. Most city transit systems have easy to use route diagrams displayed; if you arent sure where you are going, you should be able to read the map without making it too obvious that you are a tourist and not a local.

If applicable, try to take a hotel room that is on the first floor; that way there is less chance of your room being broken into. Always use the deadbolt lock to secure your door; you can also put a rubber doorstop under the door to further deter any would-be intruder. Avoid using the doorknob hang tab to order room service it can leave the impression that you are alone in the room just pick up the phone instead. Use the Do not disturb sign to prevent the hotel cleaning staff from entering your room unless you actually want them to.

Unfortunately, women still face many more challenges and dangers than men do when traveling alone. Some countries and parts of the world are particularly challenging for a single woman traveler, such as the Middle East; and in many places, the normal rules of behavior that apply at home just wont work. Try to do some research before you leave home and if in doubt, observe how the local women behave and react in particular situations.

Women in particular should be aware of their surroundings at all times. If you just dont feel comfortable, or are being pestered by somebody, be prepared to take refuge in a public building, hotel or large store a tactic that almost always deters people. Be firm but polite if accosted on the street by homeless people, panhandlers, or people trying to sell something. Even if you arent married, a wedding ring can be an essential device for fending off unwanted attention.

Traveling solo can be a rewarding experience just take some basic precautions, avoid looking too much like a tourist, and your trip should be everything you hoped it would be!

Cheap Air Travel From Globester

If you are among such travelers who do lot’s of traveling, then looking out for a cheap air travel is a must. In compare to any other modes of transportation it is the air travel, which allows the passenger to reach their desired destination in a very short time span. Finding information about cheap air travel or any such articles that could help in saving some amount requires lot of researching and consulting. There are numerous travelers looking out for discount air deals but have no clue as to where to look for! No doubt, when we talk about cheap airfare, travelers like to go for a good deal on airline tickets. Travelers tend to look out for cheaper tickets, special offers, discount rates and refundable options. Getting a cheap travel bargain is not about working hard but about working smart and planning smart. A business travelers does not mind on spending some extra cash while buying an air flight tickets, but for an average traveler it does and this is the reason why one should plan smart before undertaking air travel in order to prevent getting hole in your wallet.

One way of finding cheap and affordable air flight tickets is via air flight consolidators. A flight ticket consolidator in an individual or an organization that buys air flight tickets in bulk or in large blocks and then resells them at a comparatively lower price. There is only one major disadvantage on buying such tickets; the flexibility for exchanges decreases and the customer service will also not be so up to expectations. But one should not forget the flight consolidators are considered one of the best when it comes to getting air travel . You can look up for online consolidator offering flight ticket quotes. Travelers need to visit such online consolidator sites to get comprehensive information about cheap or discount flight rates. So don’t waste any more time and start comparing the various flight rates from different consolidators and get the best rates on cheap ticket air travel. Also there are some reliable travel agents who can help you to gather information from the Internet. One rule of the thumb is doing your research properly and refers to all possible websites before you reach a conclusion.

Comparing and browsing the Internet is a good option to buy some great airfare deals. Check out whether the air ticket is actually discounted by comparing different air travel ticker rates online. Generally comparing and browsing is a tedious process for a few and for them the best thing to do would be to refer a travel agent. Go to very reliable travel agents having all information about various cheap airfares, discounted tickets, special offers. A good travel agent has access to various airlines and hence has knowledge of the special rates they offer. Travelers are advised to check out the required advice and travel information from the travel agents.

Sometimes various airline companies’ features different strategies in offering cheap air travel. One way of doing this is to implement a simple fare scheme. Generally airfares become higher as the plane gets filled up and the departure date nears, therefore travelers need to book their flight tickets well in advance so as to ensure seat availability. For a passenger who wants to take a cheap air travel, the best thing is to book 20 to 25 days prior to the departure dates. There are many travelers who miss out on great air travel bargains just because they don’t plan their trip properly or find out how to travel on a low cost airfare. In order to get the maximum benefits all one needs to do is plan his air travel on weekdays between Tuesday and Thursday as these days see the least business travel. It’s always better to avoid weekends, which includes Saturday and Sunday.

Why Private Flights Outshine Commercial Flights

Traveling by air is a necessity in present times. The only thing a person has to decide is whether to board a commercial or private jet. Private jet charter has many advantages compared to commercial flights. To begin with, private jest can use 5,000 airports in the US. On the other hand, the commercial planes have 550 airports at their disposal, almost ten times less. >

The US forms 49% of the global private jet market, while Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin and South America and Africa, combined with Middle East, constitute 20.8%, 11.8%, 11.6%, and 6.1% respectively. Furthermore, in 2012, there were 259,000 private takeoffs from Van Nuys airport making it the busiest aviation airport in the whole of the world. It’s also worth noting that the Super Bowl is quoted as the biggest air travel event globally – the flight of 1,000 private airplanes from Phoenix Stadium marked this event in February 2015.

$500 million Air Bus 380, possessed by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, is the most expensive private jet in history. A two-car garage, stable for horses and camels and revolving prayer room are some of the exclusive features.

Comparison Between Private And Commercial Air Travel

The first thing you notice when chartering a private jet, it is the preparation time to board. When you choose private flight, you get an additional one and half-hour to spend with your family in the morning, before you leave. The check-in time is only 15 minutes, thus, you have more time to sleep. When you choose commercial flight you have to get up early and rush to the airport. You get less time to sleep as the check-in time varies from 2 to 3 hours.

The very important thing is that you can, almost always, reach an airport closest to your home in 60 minutes. In addition, in most cases, you can continue your work over phone privately in the private flight. Now compare it to a commercial flight where you are forced to queue with 100 plus passengers at gates and which gobbles 4 hours of your time. Besides, privacy is out of the question.

When you reach your destination in a private plan, you find a driver waiting to take you wherever you want. In other words, you do not line up in long queues for security checks and baggage claiming and thus escape the crowd in smooth manner. On the other hand, with commercial flights, you have to go through long queues of security check and baggage claim before you get your transport. The private flight also offers more space and fewer waiting hours so your travel experience leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed.

The cost of private air jet varies from $1,400 to $7,000 per hour depending on the type of chartered jet and the destination. The smaller a jet is, the cheaper it is. On average, a private jet has six seats and you are taken care of by a pretty stewardess. The commercial travel charge ranges from $652 to $8,000 per seat, depending on the travel class you choose. A typical commercial flight boards 555 passengers served by 11 crew members.

Five Types of Private Jets

There are different types of private jets so that you can always choose the best option. The Turbo Prop Jet houses 6-8 seats, flies at 315 mph in 1,250-2,100 miles range while costing $1,400 to $1,800 per hour. Light Jet has 5-8 seats, flies at 450-650 mph in 1,000-2,400 range at a price of $1,800-$3,000 per hour. The mid-sized jet flies at 510-590 mph with 9-15 seats in 1,200-3,400 range charging $4,500-$6,000 per hour. Heavy Jet flies at 500 mph with 9-15 seat in 3,000-6,500 range charging $4,500-$6,000 per hour. The Long Range Jet flies at 500 mph with 13-30 seats in 5,400-7,000 range charging $7,000 per hour or at the price quotes

There are different types of private jets so that you can always choose the best option. Visit Affordable Jet Charter

Different Types Of Travel Agencies

The main function of any travel agency is to, of course, act as an agent. This includes selling tickets and travel products, reservations, and so on, on behalf of one or several suppliers. Travel agents generally work with no charge to the traveler him or herself. Rather, the travel agent takes a small commission from the overall cost. Again, this isn’t added on top of the sale or anything like that. Rather, their commission is taken out of the advertised price.

So why go through a travel agent? Well, besides the simplicity and convenience, the main draw is that travel agents receive tickets at significant discounts.

This is pretty much how travel agencies work the world over. However, there are a few different types of travel agents&

General Sales Agents for Foreign Travel Companies

A general sales agent is something like a tourism ambassador. A company with its headquarters located in, say, Japan, might set up travel agency offices all around the world to encourage tourism to the country where their headquarters is located. The travel agent will still seek to find better deals for their customers (as, after all, that’s what turns a customer into a return customer), so they are not indebted to any one airline or hotel, but, they do tend to focus strictly on travel to, and within, the country where their headquarters is located.

Business and Commercial Travel Agencies

Most travel agencies have a department of business travel and a department of leisure travel. The needs for one traveler and the other tend to vary in a few significant ways, and so, splitting up the duties amongst a couple of departments can help to allow either department to specialize, finding better deals for business travelers on the one hand, and better deals for leisure travelers on the other. However, there are also travel agencies that specialize strictly in business and commercial travel. Incidentally, there aren’t a whole lot of agencies that restrict themselves solely to leisure travel.

By Class

In the United States, there are several main types of travel agencies: corporate-owned national chains, national/international franchises, membership associations — such as AAA — and independent, locally owned travel agencies with no brand or corporate affiliation. National chains will have the most consistent policies and pricing not matter where you go, and often the best international “hotline” customer service, but not always. Big-name franchises offer similar perks but different local owners can opt out of certain promotions and pricing specials. Membership-based associations are often less commission-focused since they rely on member fees. Independent agencies tend to cater to niche markets, such as assisting sports teams, church and school groups looking for inexpensive travel, and large group options.

Cargo Travel Agencies

A few travel agencies specialize in shipping cargo. Of course& that’s not entirely relevant if you’re looking to fly for business or personal reasons. Still, this should go to show how many different areas an individual agency can specialize in.

Online Travel Agencies

One of the real boons to the travel agency industry has been the use of the internet to allow travel agents to let their travelers compare a wide variety of options for hotels and airline tickets. Ironically, there was some fear for a period of time that, by selling tickets directly to travellers, the travel agencies would go out of business. However, a handful of travel agencies have proven that, even if you can find good deals yourself, there are still instances where a travel agency can find you an even better one. Many traditional bricks-and-mortar travel agencies now have full-service web sites so that you can get the best of both worlds: convenience of self-serve online booking with the benefit of talking to a real person when you need it.

Multi-Destination and Niche Agencies

If you want to split it up into just two types of travel agency, you have multi-destination and niche. Multi-destination out-bound travel agencies are usually larger, offering flights to just about anywhere. Niche agencies are usually independent, and focus on one specific part of the world. If you’re flying to say, Greece, you might find a niche agent who knows the area very, very well. Most of these niche agencies cater mainly to people with family in that country, or who do business there on a regular basis.

Consider your individual needs, preferences, and trip objectives when choosing your travel agent. Different types of agencies provide different levels and types of services. If you are a frequent globe trotter, you may want to use a large corporate travel agency with many branches in countries all over the world. Or you may view travelling as a treasure hunt or puzzle, where researching and finding the most off-the-map places is half of the fun. If this is the case, a niche operator may be just the right travel partner for you.