How to get across the Tijuana San Ysidro Border into San Diego Faster

Every year the Port of San Ysidro sees thousands of vehicles crossing from Tijuana into San Diego. There are hundreds of American citizens who live in Mexico and work in San Diego, business owners with shops in Mexico, and regular day trippers. Getting into Mexico is easy. Getting back to San Diego, however, can be a nightmare! The border wait is often a minimum of 2 hours, 7 days a week at all hours. During rush hour traffic and high tourist season, the wait time increases up to 3-4 hours. For expats and patrons that cross this border on a regular basis, this wait can be excruciating! Many people only know of one or two entrances to the TJ border both to the West Lanes (Tourist Trap). These border lanes are the lanes that take you across the big rounding bridge, and through all the vendor shops nearing the border inspection booths.

We’ve all tried finding a faster way to get across without success. Otay Mesa lines are just as long and often have an even longer wait! And no matter what time you head out, the lines just don’t ever seem to be shorter!

And to make matters worse, while we are stuck in this tourist trap we are constantly bombarded by vendors and window washers every 30 seconds the whole way up there. Tempers flare, common courtesies disappear, and our thoughts devolve into ways of blocking and cutting off other cars.

It’s enough to drive any person insane!

The most frustrating part though is cresting that bridge and looking out to the East to see these short lines of cars heading to the border, with no visible way of entry.

You’ve already been in line for an hour or more and you can clearly see lines of cars just beginning to get in line at the halfway point.


For those of us out there that travel regularly, there IS another, faster way to get across the TJ Border the East Border Lanes! You do not need a Sentri Pass or a Fast Pass to access these lanes.

These border lanes are the ones that end up merging next to the West lanes almost right at the inspection booths. They run behind the vendor shops, and these lanes have a much shorter wait time than the West Border Lanes.

Many people think these lanes are all Sentri Lanes. However, only the farthest right hand lane is the Sentri Lane all the rest of them are for regular crossers, no special pass needed.

The entrances to the East Border Lanes begin practically up to the string of vendor shops so by the time you get in line, you have just cut your wait time by half or MORE.

Even if you are not especially familiar with navigating Tijuana, there are detailed maps and directions available showing you exactly how to enter these East Border Lanes, whether you are coming from the Toll Road or the Free Road. If you want to cut your border wait in half the time, then I highly suggest you use the East Border Lanes when crossing the San Ysidro Tijuana Border.

Sapa hotels booking tips

How to find a nice hotel in Sapa has been one of frequent asked questions when traveling Sapa. Sapa has been one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. The most important thing in Vietnam tours to Sapa in particular and traveling in general is selecting a suitable accommodation. As being one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Vietnam, Sapa hotels are being improved and developed to meet all demands of tourists. So, how to choose the most suitable hotel to stay during your Sapa travel? Belows are some useful tips for booking Sapa hotels. Sort hotels Normally, hotels in Sapa are categorized into many types from budget to luxury to meet demand of tourists to have an economical and ideal Sapa tour. Hotels in Sapa are divided from 2-star to 5-star hotels. The more star you choose, the more you have to pay. Normally, the average rate of Sapa hotels fluctuates from 250,000 VND – 3,500,000 VND. The quality of service at these hotels in Sapa is put in the first priority to serve tourists. Book online or not It is noted that the Internet rate of hotels is lower than published rate at the hotel. Tourists should consider, contact booking online hotel website to be consulted, refer price, and choose suitable time to travel Sapa, which matches your plan. You should refer skills of searching information about information of basic services. Tourists should understand more about services and benefits, extra services, and know exact charge whether booking Sapa online or offline. To avoid risks, tourists should have a careful preparation when making reservation hotel which does not have some services that you need. If booking online, tourists should make room reservation early to avoid rooms being occupied during holiday seasons (Vietnam Lunar New Year, and other national holidays) Book via reputable organizations If you do not have experiences and skills on traveling, the best advises refer your friends’ experiences, or consultancy of reliable organization. If receiving advice from travel organizations, tourists will be provided with full information about hotels, which will support tourists in selecting, planning, and booking hotel suitable to budget and traveling purposes. By referring advice of travel organizations, tourists can be provided with incentives of organizations and the hotel you choose, as the organization is parallel partner of the hotel. Moreover, todays there are many most-visited forums of global backpackers or reputable travel websites providing almost information about traveling a specific destination. You can become a member in that forum to create topic and discuss with other members who have experiences on your concerns. If you do not exact the name of hotel where you want to stay, it will be more convenient and easier for tourists to search for the most suitable accommodation in Sapa by providing information about place, star, room rates- These mentioned above tips on booking hotels in Sapa are provided will help tourists to prepare well for Vietnam travel plan to Sapa. Tourists can consult the booking hotel online site of AloTrip – A famous and reliable travel company to check and compare hotel prices and book with easy and convenient payment form. Author Bio: Nguyen Manh Dung is manager of AloTrip International Limited includes all web pages under or forming part of the domain name or any other AloTrip branded web pages. They provide travelers all necessary information about travel in Vietnam as well as Indochina. Besides, them three official websites, and will offer tourist all needed services and procedures to have a perfect journey.

World Cup 2010 England Football Tickets and Travel Packages

England is one of the most successful soccer teams and has participated in 11 World Cup editions so far. Only seven countries have managed to win the FIFA World Cup and England is one of them having won the title in the year 1966 on home soil.

The Golden Moment

The 1966 FIFA World Cup was the 8th edition in the history of the game and was held in England from 11th July to 30th July. England was chosen as hosts by FIFA in 1960 to celebrate the centenary of the codification of football in England. England won the title beating West Germany 4-2 in the final. 16 teams qualified for the grand event and were divided into four groups of four and top two teams in each group advanced to the quarter-finals. The event didnt proved to be too exciting though. Teams played defensively and few goals were scored. England finished on the top in their group with only four goals to their credit but having none scored against them.

The Star – David Beckham

The iconic athlete of the English team was born on 2nd May 1975. He was the captain of the National Team from 2000 until 2006, scored in three different FIFA World Cups. Beckham made his first team debut in 1992 at the age of 17 with Manchester United. The larger credit for the glory Manchester United enjoys today goes to this superstar who led the club to Premier League titles 6 times, FA Cup twice and the UEFA Champions league once. He is the highest paid footballer and for obvious reasons he is one of the most loved footballer not only in England but all over the world and thats why it doesnt hurt to pay heavily for England football travel packages no matter what the outcome of the game may be. Beckham is known for his consistent performance under severe pressure during the most rapidly changing games. His forte has been his delivery from the right hand side and his efficient free kicks.

The Previous World Cup

2006 World Cup was not a very memorable one for the English team as they crashed out of the tournament after losing to Portugal 3-1 in a penalty shootout after a 0-0 draw. England lost skipper David Beckham to injury just after the half time and Wayne Rooney was sent off after 62 minutes for a stamping on Ricardo Carvalho. Without Beckham it was always going to be an uphill task for the Britons and with the sent off to Rooney, England hopes of winning the World Cup were also gone. English team with 10 players battled bravely and took the game to the penalty shootout only to witness the inevitable.

Expected England Squad for the 2010 Soccer World Cup

England, one of the prominent teams in the world, has rarely been out of the top ten rankings of FIFA. This time around their 2010 Soccer World Cup hopes rely on Paul Robinson, Micah Richards, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, David Beckham, Gerreth Barry, Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen.

Soccer matches are one of the most sought after events and so are Soccer Tickets and Travel Packages. If you want to be the part of the extravaganza visit:

Outdoor Travel 4 Steps

Outdoor sports essential equipment for the outdoor travel, especially important, but for the specific equipment required in the outdoor areas, according to the requirements and purposes of the outdoor travel, therefore, I do a basic overview of the outdoor hiking camping equipment before traveling. Many people think that big risks of outdoor sports, but the statistics show, outdoor hiking camping risk factor is far less than the riding public transport. Well prepared is the key.

Which kind of equipment is suitable for:
Generally speaking, you need a big backpack, a pair of non-slip foot care hiking socks, hiking shoes, sleeping bags, moisture mats, tents and other equipments. Without such equipments in the field you do not have a warm home, live in fellow’s home? No matter whether can live in fellows home, but usually there is no human habitation in field. So, there is no equipment, how to participate in? There are 2 ways: 1. Purchase. 2. Hire.

With the basic camping equipment, you also need to prepare two-day wild food, jacketed kettle and stove. Eating hot rice is more comfortable than eating of cold bread and drinking cold water in the wild.

If you climb a few hundred meters of the small hill, a small backpack and water rations, a pair of hiking boots is also enough. Of course, playing to a certain extent, climb altitude snow-capped mountains, rock climbing, downhill, the equipment required is also different. If more sports want to a play, such as cycling, swimming, fishing, etc., corresponding to your own needs to choose your own equipment, the best.

The first step:
Just want to experience, don’t know whether to play in the future. At first to buy a sleeping bag and pad moisture, a pair of good hiking shoes. Well, if you just want to experience, you can travel to participate in activities and then rent a backpack, rub someone else tent.

Step 2: In the future you will occasionally participate .Then you should consider buying a backpack, a tent. Of course, buy a pot would be better.

Step 3: You like outdoor activities very much; you have been trapped in experience to the outdoor charm. But last time it rains, wear disposable raincoat, be designated by the branches broke, which makes the body are wet, those donkey Why not clothes? Oh, they have clothing that is called assault; it seems that they themselves must engage in a set. Since after regular play, then buy it. There are small things, what sweat underwear, Fleece pants, ah, walkie-talkies, egg cartons, small fast hang dry towels, alpenstock, kettleAnyway, think of what to buy. After the outdoor trips also can be used.

Step 4: The hiking camping is not so interesting to you now, a little want to climb the snow-capped mountains. Congratulations, you finally going bankrupt! Oh, a joke, to this point, it is shows that you do not need others to recommend equipments. Sleeping bags, tents, mats, clothing and what had to add, have to change the low use of anti-cold in the snow on the job. The high altitude boots, crampons, ice ax, the main lock, quickly hung like equipment and get ready, it is the time to spend money.

Other aspects:
Have a good physique.
Take good care of the ecological environment, pack after pack up, do not litter and away from the field. Environmental protection is the virtue of every outdoor enthusiast.
Calm state of mind (there is a saying: the journey is not all the time you spent in a pleasant, sometimes you will find it very hard, encounter drift scoop heavy rain is normal, we can not change nature, only change our attitude, frankly to face it! not afraid of hardship, helpfulness, dedication and team spirit.)

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Travel Agency Online Mequon

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Welcome to Salentine Travel! For almost 25 years, Salentine Travel has provided a rich depth of travel knowledge and exemplary customer relationship skills to our clientele. And with over 50% of our business coming from repeat and referral clients, getting travel right is of prime importance. We are glad youre here, visiting our site and learning about all we have to offer! Salentine Travel is one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the Midwest US and is female-owned and operated. We are Travel Agency Online in Mequon that provides luxury travel. We have Virtuoso travel agents to assist you and you can travel booking in Milwaukee. We specialize in providing a broad range of travel services for the luxury and family travelers like we have beach vacation in Riviera Maya. Besides traditional travel services, Salentine Travel focuses on tours, cruises, group and custom designed vacations.
Our mission is to make sure that our customer service and your travel experience is satisfactory, no matter what the travel reason. Our broad clientele is a testament to this mission, and we are pleased to service you:
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Families: Greater numbers of families are traveling to more diverse locations. Nearly 50% of Salentine Travel clients travel as a family. Working with suppliers that include the airline, transfers and all-inclusive properties, family travel is easier and more affordable.
Corporations: As a multi-billion dollar global industry, corporate incentive travel is an important focus of Salentine Travel. From pre-trip concept and site selection to providing destination group management and post-trip analysis, Salentine Travel provides a broad range of experience to top group destinations.

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We are also members of the most exclusive travel consortia called Virtuoso. I like to compare Virtuoso to the American Express Platinum credit card. American Express members pay an annual fee of $400.00 to access to exclusive rates and value added amenities for 350 luxury hotels. At Salentine Travel, we offer you over 900 hotels with no annual fee. We also have exclusive offers with cruise lines, airline and private guides all over the world. The value is in the exclusive relationships.

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Berlin Travel – Germany

The hilly and forested landscape of Germany immediately takes you to the realm of your childhood fantasies, where the naive Little Red Riding Hood made her way through the woods, where Hansel and Gretel discovered (to their misfortune) the house made of gingerbread, and Snow White forsook her father’s magnificent castle to dwell with the industrious dwarfs. Venture into Schwarzwald (The Black Forest) and cap it off with a visit to the Maulbronn monastery, take a guided tour of the Neuschwanstein Castle to dream a dream of a theatrical stage designer, and do fine shopping in Rothenburg, a medieval pearl which brings to life the legends of that time amidst museums, churches and historic buildings.

There are a myriad of attractions that can be visited every time you travel to Berlin. A cost-effective way of visiting all the attractions of Berlin is of buying a Berlin welcome card.As the welcome card takes care of your expenses by entitling you to the discounts that can be availed every time you visit an attraction, the Berlin maps make sure that you reach all the attractions without facing any sort of confusion along the way.

Berlin is a tourist hot spot and has one of the best nightlife options. During the day, while sightseeing many will notice that nearly all of its landmarks come equipped with observation decks such as the Europa Centre in Zoologischer Garten and the German parliament building otherwise known as the Reichstag. The Fernsehtrum on Alexanderplatz boasts of being one of the highest points in the city with a revolving restaurant.The Berlin tourist centre has multiple operators and three official centers of information with multi-lingual aids to answer questions and provide advice on just about anything you may want to know or are curious about. Sightseeing in Berlin can be a wonderful experience for Berlin tourist attractions are many. You can always hop on to a local bus which is the ideal way to soak in the city, its culture and people.

Also do remember to take a Germany SIM Card as a convenient and economical calling solution while you travel to Germany. The Germany SIM card includes FREE incoming calls with service across Germany. Pay the local rate for local calls and use a cellular phone in Germany like you do at home. And unlike home, your Germany SIM Card and cell phone service is free of a contract or minimum commitment.

Also explore the options of buying a Germany-compatible cell phone if you don’t have a Unlocked Cell Phone, renting a Germany Cell Phone at just $1 a day.

Reinhart Trailer Sales The Best Trailers Worldwide, Right Here In Ontario

Reinhart Trailer Sales, a Caledon, Ontario-based trailer dealership has some of the best trailers to offer in the province of Ontario. Having served Northern and Southern Ontario for 15 years, since it was founded in 1995, Reinhart continues to lead the way in the province by selling top of the line trailers from the world’s leading manufacturers. With an impressive selection of Carmate, Moritz, Triton, and Aluma trailers among others, Reinhart Trailer Sales continues to lead the way in offering the trailer buyers of Ontario, the convenience of being able to purchase top of the line trailers in their own backyard.

Whether you’re looking for a cargo trailer, dump trailer, or motorcycle trailer, Reinhart can meet your needs. If you’re looking for a multi use trailer, consider our Triton ATV88 ATV aluminum trailers. With a easy to see around 79″ wide deck, a lightweight all welded aluminum ramp with padlock, and full line up of accessories, Triton ATV88 ATV aluminum trailers are versatile and easy to use. Using the standard lightweight aluminum ramp on these trailers, you can load from either of the sides or the rear. Additional features include a side saddle ramp kit. Whether you are trail riding, motor crossing, camping, working food plots, doing yard work, or hunting, Triton ATV88 ATV aluminum trailers are an excellent choice.

Another great trailer in our vast selection is the Carmate 6×12 V-Sport Cargo Trailer. With an interior length of 11’8″ + 10,” an interior width of 68,” and an interior height of 70,” this trailer is spacious and durable. In addition, the Carmate 6×12 V Sport Cargo Trailer has a double rear door and a standard size man door. The Carmate 6×12 V Sport Cargo Trailer also comes with a seamless one-piece aluminum roof, aluminum diamond plate corners, and safety chains and hooks, making it a safe and sturdy option for purchase.

Our selection of Moritz trailers has always been popular. Among our best selling items in this line are the Moritz DC Series dump trailers. For customers who want to haul lighter loads, Moritz DC Series dump trailers are the ideal choice. Designed to be long lasting, they come with a two year limited warranty, D rings, double acting tailgate, an eight bolt wheel and more.

If it is a motorcycle trailer you’re looking for, consider the Aluma MCTXL towable motorcycle trailer. Strong and durable, it comes with a lockable lid with an overlapping lid for protection from water. The MCTXL towable motorcycle trailer also has a cooler tray, rubber mounted rear lights, and a tongue stand. The MCTXL towable motorcycle trailer is available in aluminum tread plate, and cargo colours.

For more information on a dealership that is committed to bringing you the best trailers from all over the world, visit the website of Reinhart Trailer Sales at Reinharttrailers.

What Not To Forget When You Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad is an exciting, invigorating and meaningful experience. Making sure a few preliminary details are in order can ensure a safe and smooth trip. Spending a few moments organizing your thoughts before packing your bags is time well spent and can make sure you are ready for fun, business, pleasure or the unexpected.

Preparing for the unexpected is a good exercise to get out of the way. International travelers should register with the Department of State. The State Department maintains a free travel registation service. Registering at this site allows the state department to contact any traveler who has an unexpected emergency in the states while traveling abroad. All registered information remains confidential unless an emergency arises.

The next thing to do is to make sure all your identification is in order, up-to-date, properly executed safely stored and ready for use. Make sure your passport is signed and emergency contact information updated. Check the expiration dates on credit cards.

It is a good idea to notify close friends, persons checking your residence and immediate family of your exact travel plans. Print up and distribute copies of your itinerary with contact numbers for each port of call.

Preparing for the unexpected prevents a crisis. Check your medical insurance to validate overseas coverage. If no coverage exists, consider procuring overseas medical insurance.

Preparing for your trip abroad is more rewarding when you are familiar with what is ahead. The state department has another helpful site at where travelers can have access to valuable information about destinations, customs, weather, laws and more. Before you depart, compile a contact list including the U.S. Embassies and Consulates located in your ports of call. These operations are available 24/7 and can provide a variety of emergency assistance.

Now that your logistical bases are covered, spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with your actual travel plans. Check with your airline to learn more about your baggage and carry-on restrictions. You may want to consider earplugs and socks for long international flights that can be chilly and loud.

Putting some thought in to your carry-bag is always a good idea. Pack back-up clothing for one night, your valuables, electrical chargers, cell phones and accessories and laptop and accessories.

International travelers are advised to be especially careful about slips that could lead to identity theft. Many travelers use body hugging money belts for carrying money and identification.

Now comes all that pressure of packing those bags. It is a good idea not to leave packing until the last minute. Create a packing area. Assemble items to be taken abroad in this dedicated area. Make your checklist and start pecking away. Be sure to include:

-Electric adapters
-Address book with contact numbers
-Camera and accessories
-Travel alarm clock
-Travel radio
-Ear plugs
-Neck pillow
-Waterproof money, identification carrier
-Plastic bags for laundry
-Face cloth

Notify your credit card company and banking institutions of your travel plans. Make sure they know how to contact you and that you can contact them.

Contact your cell phone carrier and make sure you have international access to incoming and outgoing services. If not, make provisions and distribute new contact info.

Well, now you are set and what a trip you should have. Take some reading materials, maps and up-to-date tour guides just in case any spare time arises. Make the most of every minute because every international trip has potential for a lifetime of memories. Bon voyage!

Park of Desoto State

DeSoto State Park is one of Alabamas most popular parks. The 3,500 acre park atop Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama offers beautiful mountain scenery including woodlands, streams, and waterfalls. The scenic Little River runs through the park. DeSoto State Parks original facilities were constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) from native stone and logs. The park offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy.

The park has more than 20 miles of hiking trails, some of which are also open to bicyclists. Trails vary in difficulty from easy to strenuous. The Azalea Cascade Trail and the Wildflower Trail are particularly scenic. The Talmadge Butler Boardwalk Trail is handicapped accessible. This trail provides people of all abilities access into a beautiful area of hardwoods and azaleas and culminates in a lookout deck over the Azalea Cascade.

A number of scenic waterfalls are located in DeSoto State Park. There are trails leading to Laurel Falls, Indian Falls, Lodge Falls, and Lost Falls. Many of the smaller falls in the park are dry during the summer months. DeSoto Falls is located six miles upriver from the main part of the park. At DeSoto Falls the Little River drops over 100 feet into a gorge. The dam above the falls was built in the 1920s to provide power to the area. This dam was Alabamas first hydro-electric dam.

Fishing is allowed in the Little River above the dam at DeSoto Falls. Fly-fishing is popular with anglers looking for bluegill and redeye bass. Swimming and wading is allowed in the Little River. The parks Olympic sized swimming pool is open during the summer season, with life guards provided. Some other park amenities include a playground, campground, picnic areas, a country store, and a nature center with exhibits and live animals.

The parks Mountain Inn Restaurant, overlooking the Little River, is located in the original stone lodge built by the CCC. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The seafood buffet offered on Friday nights is popular with visitors. A Saturday night buffet is offered seasonally from April through November, and there is a Sunday lunch buffet with salad bar year round.

DeSoto State Park is located on County Road 89, approximately eight miles northeast of Fort Payne, Alabama. The day use areas of the park are open daily from 7am to sundown. From its beautiful spring wildflowers to its spectacular fall colors, DeSoto State Park offers scenic beauty year round.

Hotels For Travel Agents

Hotels For Travel Agents

Travel is certain for a human. Nobody can live in the same spot for their entire life. One of the most loved sort of such moving is traveling when one leaves all the anxiety and issues of life behind and goes on a trip that is fun and/or quiet. Furthermore it is not difficult to travel nowadays as one can book a visit from anyplace to anyplace. This has been made conceivable just because of the Booking engines.
Since 2002 has been established in the travel industry. The management team who have extensive experience of software development, have developed a user-friendly & fully interactive online hotel booking system Exclusively for travel agents. Our company objective is to offer real, everyday solutions. Our hotel booking system gives travel agents real-time access to the best available hotel information in the fastest time. You can search, and manage hotel reservations instantly, giving you a competitive advantage and the ability to stay ahead of the market. Furthermore, the hotel booking system engine can be directly plugged into any agents website which allows consumers to search directly with agents. offers best rates and accessibility from among various Hotels suppliers in every end of the line, giving venture out specialist access to most focused rates in the business. has various leisure products like hotels, sightseeing, transfers, packages, and car-rentals with instant confirmation. With the launch of FOREREZ Framework, payments will be online through various means like net banking; online credit card payments and vouchers will be created naturally the geographical limitations. A credit line can be opened against an advance deposit or a bank guarantee Cut and pay facility means earn your commission at the time of finalizing booking. also does with Car Bookings, On-line Escorted Tours Bookings as well as Dynamic Packaging. gives you the “Reporting Plus” advantage , which enables you to know your Sales in a particular period of Time , You Outstanding Statement Online , Travel Agency Staff wise productivity on as well as Earning Reports per booking. provides Host to Host Connectivity as well as White Labelled sites to Travel Agencies and Tour Operators looking on for their own branding and Name. provides constant News and Updates on the latest in the Travel Industry and also offers, Hot Deals and New Products every day.
Travel Agents Benefits
Credit limit.
Better rates.
Self-creation of Voucher, Invoices, Receipt and Credit forward to sub agents.
Access to Accounting reports.
Better package deals.
Credit agents get to create Sub-Agents having your own markups.
Offers are available.
Further you can convert your login type from Travel Agent to Whole saler by that you get all services at very low prices and much more offers.
Negotiating best rates
Product management
Technical development
Sales and marketing
Product:More than 290,000 Hotels and Services globally
Clients:More than 7,000 Travel Trade Partners Worldwide
Distribution:Through Travel Agents (B2B platform, API & Call Center)
Inventory:4+ million rooms in 183 countries on 6 continents
Presence:More than 7 countries with office and staff to assist you
Technology:Ongoing investment in Research, Development and Innovation
Profitability:No bars on earning margins
Reservations:[emailprotected] | [emailprotected];