The Best Museums In Chicago

Travelling in Chicago is always a joy, whether it’s a short trip through the Windy City for business reasons or a longer, planned pleasure break for all the family. With so many attractions on their hotel doorstep, visitors will be positively spoilt for choice.

One of the most overlooked aspects of this city is the quality of its museums and institutes; the exhibits lie in store just waiting to be discovered by inquisitive travellers.
Follow this trail of museums while travelling in Chicago and prepare to be wowed by the diversity of their content and the details that provide a fascinating trip in time.

History Museum
As diverse as a one could wish for are the exhibits that lie in the heart of this museum. Over 20 million artefacts have been accumulated since the mid-19th century and reflect the city’s rich seam of life, from paintings to costumes.

The Field Museum of Natural History
While travelling in Chicago, tourists will no doubt head to the Natural History Museum, given that it houses the world’s best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit as part of its dinosaur collection. The museum, which is home to over 20 million exhibits, features some of the most innovative collections from science to culture.

The Art Institute
Located in Grant Park, the institute offers some of the best in iconic art with over 300,000 works, including Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Visitors will be able to appreciate art from across the world, as well as African American art and paintings from local artists.

National Museum of Mexican Art
Those travelling in Chicago may be surprised to find this museum, which enables visitors to immerse themselves in Mexican culture via the rich artistic expressions of a host of specialists from either side of the US border.

DuSable Museum of African American History
Among one of the best interpretative museums in the city focusing on African American history in the US, visitors will be able to gain a unique insight through the collections of a determined art teacher and historian at this outstanding institute.

With more than 15,000 works, ranging from sculptures to historic artefacts, the museum offers new and innovative displays from artists on key events in history. The museum takes its name from Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, a Haitian of African and French descent, who established the permanent trading post in the late 18th century that was later to become known as Chicago.
The Shedd Aquarium
While travelling in Chicago, tourists should take the opportunity to spend a few hours at The Shedd, where they will be left awed by the rich live exhibits on display. Visitors can wander the “deep” and discover the habitats of the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific reefs. There is a fascinating and critical eco-balance achieved in the Amazon exhibit, with a host of fascinating and colour animals. Equally, the Abbott Oceanarium is a fascinating look at the ecosystem vital to the existence of beluga whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins.

Situations That Require An Airport Limo Ride

Most of the times that you go to the airport, you don’t need any kind of special transportation. You can usually take your car to pick up your friends or family. If you’re the one doing the traveling, you can have someone drop you off or pick you up in their own vehicle. If you don’t have anyone who can do this for you, there are always taxis, shuttles, and commuter trains you can use.

However, there are certain situations where personal vehicles and public transportation just won’t cut it. These are special circumstances that require special transportation. Here are 4 situations where you might want to take a limo to the JFK airport.

Leaving Your Wedding
Your wedding is arguably the most important day of your life. Every aspect of that day should be special. As the day comes to a close, do you really want to get into your ordinary sedan? Or would you rather have you and your new spouse climb into a beautiful limo together and drive off into the sunset? Remember, you’re probably heading to the airport to go on your honeymoon, so taking a limo can add an extra-special touch to the end of your special day.

Additionally, taking a limo together allows you to enjoy your first few hours as husband and wife. You don’t need to have one of you behind the wheel, divided from each other by the center console. You can cuddle up together in the backseat of the limo while you drink champagne and just enjoy each other’s company.

Leaving a Party
Whether it’s a bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party, it’s an event that you should celebrate in style. As the evening comes to a close and you and your friends are ready to head back to the airport, you may be a little reluctant to let the fun end. Taking a limo together can extend the party just a little longer.

Rather than everyone having to get in separate cars to drive to the airport, you can all get in a limo together and continue to talk and laugh right up until it’s time to get on the plane. Plus, there’s always the chance that alcohol will be involved in your celebrations, and taking a limo eliminates the possibility of drunk driving.

Corporate Retreat
Sending your employees on a retreat is a great way to show that you appreciate them. Adding an airport limo ride to that trip can make it even better. Your employees will be wowed by this added touch, and it gives them a chance to travel to and from the airport together, letting them bond with their coworkers. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference.

Business Partner
If you run a business, you know the importance of making a great first impression. That first handshake at the beginning of that first meeting can set the tone for the entire business relationship. If you have an important business partner or potential investor coming into town, you should definitely send a limo to pick them up from the airport.

This shows that you appreciate their partnership and that your business is thriving and growing, and that is exactly the kind of first impression you want to make. From the moment they step out of the airport, they will be impressed by your gesture of goodwill, and the partnership will be off to a great start.

Of course, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to take a limo to the JFK airport. Any time you travel can be a special occasion, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself to this type of luxury transportation every now and then.

Business Travel Safety Tips For Women

Business travellers can always use a few travel safety tips for their business trips. Someday, these tips will be useful too. However, when it comes to business travel safety, the tips can be different for male and female business travellers. You must agree that some of the tips might be common. But, with rising number of women business travellers, here are some specific business travel safety tips for women.

Evaluate the Risk.

Most people rush to contact business travel services and book the transportation and accommodation. However, a realistic understanding of the region should be the first priority. You cannot anticipate the ground-zero developments in your business trip without understanding local risks. They can come in any format. Some cities have a high crime ratio. For example – There have been rising number of crimes against women in New Delhi recently. You can plan your business trips such better with such information. You can ask for a more specific and relevant transportation and hotel booking from the business travel services.

Know Important Details.

This is equally important to male and female business travellers when you are travelling to any place for a first time. You need to know some information regardless of your business trip itinerary. Most business travel services remains accessible to support you before and during the journey. But, you need to know few facts yourself.

1. Emergency contact information for ambulance, police and fire
2. Local traditions that you mustnt offend
3. Basic words in a local language

Business travel services cannot extend their best support in such circumstances. You need to be responsible for selected parts of the journey yourself. It has been simplified with the web pages, translator apps on phones and all. But, you must be able to keep this type of information accessible at all times.

If you or your organization has hired professional business travel services, then the most of other mishaps can be handled very efficiently. You can always contact their customer care unit for guidance or complaints. Your transport and accommodation related issues can be resolved. So, as long as you handle the risks and emergencies well, you can expect a consistent support from your travel agency and office to handle these issues.

Additionally, in your spare time, you can invest into a good travel guide to find out accurately more about the local geography and culture. This kind of information is available on travel websites too. However, you will need to select right choice to get accurate information. These details can be pertinent as ice-breakers and conversation starters. But, if you have the trustworthy information, it can be crucial to bonding with potential clients, associates and business contacts too.

Sotc India Tour Packages A Gift From Kuoni Travel India

SOTC India service, a part of the Kuoni Holidays group, offers the best way to take a vacation, alone or with your family or friends. It promises the travelers with the most beautiful trip of their life. The SOTC tours offered by the SOTC India service are available at the discounted prices, thereby proving to be a good deal.

The SOTC India tours often provide the railway booking to the tourists who come to India from the foreign countries to visit the main hubs of India, like Mumbai and Delhi as well as the various other popular tourist destinations in India.

The rail bookings offered by SOTC India offer a comfortable travel to the tourists coming to India. It offers booking in the 1st class and 2nd class train compartments.

The Kuoni Travel with its SOTC tours packages provides the travelers with an opportunity to travel in India while seeing the cities, villages, mountains and rivers. The train tickets are offered at really affordable prices by the SOTC India tour service. Hence, it pays to travel in India on a train, especially as arranged by the SOTC tours service. It truly is a different and certainly a unique experience.

The travel and lodging bookings are also taken care of by the Kuoni Travel services. When it comes to the hotel booking, SOTC India works in collaboration with the best hotels in all the Indian hill stations as well as all the major destinations.

The Kuoni Travel also offers some really good SOTC tours offers at the Christmas as well as the New Year holidays.

SOTC offers a number of wonderful packages that can prove to be a wonderful way of spending vacations in an exotic foreign land, that too at really cheap prices.

The international destinations included in the international holiday packages offered by the Kuoni Travel tour service are Italy, London, New York and Middle East among many other popular international tourist destinations.

The SOTC India tour service offers all the wonderful options as offered by the other popular international travel companies. As a part of the famous Kuoni Travel group, the SOTC tours service offers a wonderful option to have a vacation in India or a foreign country.

Economical Sky harbor airport hotel

Vibrant, Energetic, Inventive, downtown phoenix is the place, where creative people come for extra ordinary things. It is the commerce and cultural capital of Arizona, representing an urban hub of performing art venues, unique restaurant, museums, educational opportunities and diverse residential optional.

The Hojo airport hotel is opportunely located in the heart of downtown Phoenix which is just steps away from many fabulous local Phoenix attractions. We at Sky Harbor Airport Hotel offer unbeatable affordability in Phoenix. When you step through the doors of Hojo airport hotel you can experience the touch of glamorous past and the affluent of decade. Whether you are traveling for leisure or for business this Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Hotel offers convenient access to all the attractions of Phoenix. This airport hotel Phoenix offers variety of room types and services to suit the need of all their prestigious guests. The hotel takes pride in catering to the needs of all the guests with its well trained bilingual staff who are at their toes from the time a guest has checked in till he checks out. Every guest is accorded with warm welcome and complimentary shuttle from the airport to the hotel. The hotel also offers cab facilities within the hotel lobby so that the guest has well planned and hassle free stay in Phoenix.

This Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Hotel offers air conditioned guest rooms that offer complimentary high speed internet access, free local calls, complimentary premium channels, cab facility, free limited parking to the guests and much more. On your stay in this one of the most renowned hotels in Phoenix you can also avail the services of outdoor pool with spa tubs, fitness center to make your stay luxurious and exotic. One can also enjoy the beautiful courtyard of this lavish hotel and spend some memorable time that you can cherish throughout your life. Each of our tastefully decorated rooms guest rooms with world class amenities has been specially designed to keep you engaged and entertained at very economical prices. You can also avail various deals and discounts offered time to time to make your stay pocket friendly for all class of the society.

So if you want to make your way to the striking Sky Harbor Airport Hotel in downtown Phoenix and regale the comforts of home even if you are away from it then opt for Hojo airport hotel and regale its facilities. For more details on this beautiful and lavish accommodation you can browse through our website or call on (602) 275-5746 and give us a chance to serve you and make you feel like home even if you are away from it.

Enjoy Your Holiday With Moncler Rimowa Classic Flight Suitcase

Known to be the Rolls-Royce of luggage cases,Rimowa has been making these travel necessities since 1898.Now,with help from outerwear specialists from Moncler,globe trotters can not only travel with all of their lifestyle essentials,but in style as well.Based on Rimowa’s staple,Classic Flight Case,Moncler adorned the chrome-plated aircraft aluminum outer shell with a brushed metal Moncler logo.Special padded handles feature the exact same details as Moncler’s famous parka jackets as well as a matching address tag.Now,you can enjoy your holiday with Moncler Rimowa Classic Flight Suitcase.

The suitcase’s interior features the same padded treatment,along with accessories compartments for shoes,laundry,toiletry,and other travel needs.Equipped with two TSA-approved combination locks,the Moncler x Rimowa Classic Flight Suitcase will be available at Moncler retail stores across the globe as well as at its online store.Moncler Luggage occupys a very prominent position in the style statement of people.Beige is as cool and classic as it comes.There are innumerable designs and types which are available in market to cater to the need of style demanding people.

Do you want to own so amazing Moncler Accessories?This style of Moncler Rimowa Classic Flight Suitcase 2011 newest style which is cool,comfortable and light.They with elegant turn down collar and furry hat are typical western style,and black is a color of youth and vitality,filling you with zeal and charisma all the cold winter.We are absolutely confident that you will be happy with your purchase Moncler Classic Flight Suitcase from us because each piece is inspected by hand for quality.

Fresh off the heels of their Mykita sunglasses collection announcement,Moncler is at it again for another team up,this time with German luggage specialist Rimowa.The Classic Flight Trolley becomes the subject of this joint venture as the famed luggage features a down-filled lining with various utility bags and multipurpose kits.Capping it off,the trolley features a matte Moncler logo on the exterior,while handles and tag are covered with quilted wraps.

Moncler is travelling-with the new Moncler Rimowa costumized suitcase.The German travel case producer completely reinterpreted its classic cabin trolley Classic flight.The result is a light and functional case, essential in its design,versatile in its usage possibilities.Ultraresistant,chrome-plated aircraft aluminium exterior including a brushed Moncler logo,padded handles and a special Moncler address tag.The Moncler trolley comes with typical padded black laqu interior including a unique set of soft accessories: shoes,Moncler Handbag,laundry bag,utility bag and a small beauty case.Roomy,handy and compact.Perfect,in its dimensions,as air travel hand luggage and with two TSA combination locks.

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Travel Scams

Travel to Go is pleased to bring you this guide to help you avoid travel scams. Around the office we like to refer to it as Travel to Go Scam Watch.

Travel scams are more and more common every year and potential travelers to be alert to some of the most common methods. To help you out, TravelToGo Scam Watch has compiled a list of a few of the most common travel scams.

Lady with a baby: This happens a lot overseas. A gypsy woman will walk towards you with a baby wrapped in a blanket and toss the child into your arms. In the confusion, her partner will grab your purse, wallet, camera, whatever might be available leaving you to care for the doll, or piece of wood, or whatever you just caught.

Spilled beverage or food: This is a variation of the “Lady with a baby” scam noted above. A person will approach you and spill either a large beverage or a tray of food on you. While they are helping you clean up his or her partner will run off with your valuables.

Newspaper in your face: Typically this is done by a group of noisy children. A group of them will run up to you laughing and waving newspapers around in front of your face blocking your vision and disorienting you. As with the other 2 scams noted above in the confusion the other kids will run through your pockets, grab your bags and take off with anything else they can get their hands on.

Money quick change: This one is a particular favorite of cab drivers. You will hand them a 100 and they will pretend to drop it and emerge with a 10 spot (or do the same things but switching a 5 for a 50). It is best to always carry small change with you and to avoid giving out large bills whenever possible. A variation of this technique involves switching out your bill for the same one but this time with a counterfeit bill.

Fake auto accident: This one is another favorite of cabbies. They will stage a fake accident, usually a mild tapping of two bumpers is all. And then they will get in an argument with the other driver and try to convince you that you will all have to go to the police station for lengthy questioning unless you pay a small amount (typically $20 to $50) to get the other driver to leave and forget the matter.

Front Desk Phonies: This is a common one in hotels. Someone in the lobby notes the arrivals of guests and then calls the room shortly after check-in relating that they lost the credit card information and asking for it again.

These tips should keep you from being taken by travel scams in the future. If you think you may have already been scammed in the past, your state Consumer Dept. or Attorney General may be able to help.

If you think you have been the victim of a scam be sure to contact the proper authorities as soon as you can. You can also contact your state Attorney Generals office.

At Travel To Go, we hope you have had — or will have — a great vacation this year! For more information feel free to visit our website by clicking here or go to

South India Travel Packages Are Perfect For Having A Good Time In India

Stunning South India captivates, lures, and improves the faculties, taking you to a glorious visit of dazzling society, design wonder, religious criticalness, and fantastic magnificence. Introducing a perfect mix of sun-kissed shorelines, aged sanctuaries, interesting slope stations, and reviving Ayurveda help, South India is genuinely a pined for tourist end of the line, drawing in footfalls from over the world. Being the house grand objectives, for example, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the inebriating magnificence and appeal of South India will just hypnotize your faculties. Enjoy into an enrapturing knowledge with South India holiday packages that are the most ideal approach to investigate its excellence and bid with south India travel packages.

Captivating Kerala

Positively characterized as God’s Own Country, Kerala India vacations are the fortune trove for travelers from over the world. Dissimilar to whatever other state in India, Kerala presents a perfect mix of sugar-kissed shorelines, extraordinary backwaters, lavish slope stations, aged sanctuaries, fine eating, and reviving Ayurveda help. Houseboats are one of the best attractions of South India vacations that draw in tourists from far and wide. It is additionally one of the best sentimental getaways in India. Probably the most famous spots to visit in Kerala are Kovalam, Cochin, Periyar, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Munnar, Thekaddy, and Trivandrum.

Backwaters of Kerala

The tranquil and outlandish backwaters of Kerala are yet an alternate breathtaking fascination of South India. The best bid here is lavish houseboats that give the best convenience experience in the midst of the backwaters. The noticeable backwater goals in Kerala incorporate Cochin, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Trivandrum, and Kovalam with south India travel packages.

Shoreline Tours of South India

A standout amongst the most mainstream India vacations, South India shoreline tours ensure the most compensating knowledge in the midst of sparkling ocean and breathtaking sun-kissed shorelines. Luxuriate the heavenly sun above or enjoy into exciting water games and shoreline exercises to make your stay much all the more remunerating and huge. South India is the sanctuary of stunning shorelines and pleasant scene that spreads miles over the glorious ocean. Probably the most famous shorelines in South India are Kovalam, Mahabalipuram, Alleppey, Varkala, Marari, Marina, and Lakshadweep.

South India Wildlife

Experience intriguing untamed life getting it done with India tour packages! South India is the home to a few incredibly famous natural life asylums and characteristic holds that draw in tourists in quest for exploit and enthrallment. The top natural life ends of the line in South India are the Periyar, Bandipur, Nagarhole, and B.r. Slopes.

Journey Tour South India

South India is additionally the place that is known for multitudinous antiquated sanctuaries and spots of love that present rich religious criticalness and structural magnificence of India. No big surprise, South India holiday packages incorporate the top journey ends, for example, Tirupati, Mysore, Bangalore, Madurai, Mahabalipuram, Kanyakumari, Ooty, and Rameswaram.

Kerala Spa Package

A real fascination of South India is the act of the antiquated investigation of solution, Ayurveda. It gives comprehensive treatment and helps to upgraded prosperity and restoration.

Different Forms Of Tourism

With the introduction of e-commerce or online business, tourism products have become one of the most traded items on the internet. Today, it is easy as ever to buy an airline ticket, a tourism package or even planning your own trip from where you sleep to where you eat and shop. There are even websites that help you plan your own tour or you can buy directly from the separate hotels and airlines to do it without the intermediaries. As it has grown more convenient to plan and go on a tour, there has been an up market trend in the tourism all over the world over the last decade.

Most of the top visited countries are on the European continent along with the United States and China. Since most of the tourists are people with high level of disposable income, having a popular tourist site greatly benefits the country’s economy. With this fact know, many countries offer cheaper and simpler way of travel within their country and even a set policy for tourists. Along with that, the development of technology in transportation, such as making a bigger and faster airplane, resulting in many low-cost airlines along with easier access to buying tickets online made many different types of tourism more affordable and more accessible. Though there has been set backs at certain tourist attraction sites due to terrorist threats and environmental issues, the tourism market still stands as one of the strongest market in the world.

Today, with the easier access to travel, many different types and forms of travel emerged. Though it still carries the traditional form of traveling to a different place, the usual purpose of site seeing has become more specialized. There is something called an Eco-tourism where people travel to seek out a new way of life, mostly pro-nature type of life, where they will be more helpful towards the environment. Another type of tourism is Medical tourism. There are many different reasons behind this type of tourism.
Most of the medical tourists travel because they are seeking a cheaper medical treatment along with some sightseeing as well. Most of this is due to the different medical insurance policy around the globe. People from countries that offer public health care insurance go to countries without public health care since they get what they pay for, but people from countries without health care travel to get a cheaper and affordable treatment along with a better regulatory system.

Other tourism trends include celebrity tourism, where tourists will do leisure activities which involve showbiz events and some popular film sites, educational tourism, where people travel to gain knowledge overseas about the different cultures and ideas to gain more insight. Some people go on what is called an adventure tourism where they hire a local citizen to see how the locals view the tourist sites. With all the different types and methods of travel, it seems like it only gets better for the travelers each day, so why not go online and check out what is offered to you. You might find something just for you.

Very romantic place In Hotel Breaks Ireland

If someone is looking for a very special place to stay in Ireland, then ones can consider hotel breaks for spend vacation. Ireland hotels are famous for their hospitality and service. We all know that Ireland is a country full from natural beauty, that place is full from amazing landscapes, mountains, lakes and beautiful rivers. By spending some time in this natural beauty you can give your mind freshness and peace. Accommodation facility provided by Ireland hotels is awesome.

Some Ireland hotels provide golf course, fishing facility also, where you can spend your time. Ireland is a agriculture land so there is many types of food available with this sea food provided by some restaurant and hotels is very good, you will not forget taste of that in whole life. Hotels of Ireland also provide exercise classes and spa treatment and for kids there are water parks are also available. One important thing is mainly all major hotels are very close to city center and for traveling both bus and railway networks available.

For honeymoon couples this place is perfect, there are so many beautiful landscapes and lovely lakes where you can spend some time with your partner. In Ireland there are also some castle hotels, in past they were forts but afterwards they made hotels for tourists, these hotels are really royal. There you can enjoy royal facility with king size bedrooms. You can book these hotels online in advance. In these old castle hotels you can enjoy traditional Irish food with Irish traditional music.

Nightlife of Ireland is also exciting; there are numbers of pubs and bars, where you can spend some time with your friends. Irish wine is also tasty; you should definitely take that if you go there. There is no need to fear for budget, you can get room as your budget. Rooms are available in different grades from 2-5 star, so you can choose according to you need. You can enjoy boat ride there also and can look some natural beauty on the ferry. To spend some time in the lap of nature and for the peace of mind, you can visit Ireland and should spend some time in Ireland hotels.