Ensenada in Baja Mexico

Ensenada is located in northern Baja – close enough that cruise ships come here from southern California for weekend cruises. Ensenada seaport was first discovered in 1542 by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, and over time it became a haven for many ranchers and gold miners. Ensenada gradually grew to become a major shipping port for agricultural goods, and it is the third largest city in Baja. In 1888 the first winery was opened in the region by the Dominicans, and today the Ensenada region accounts for over 90% of Mexico’s wine production.

When you disembark from your cruise ship, you will need to take a short bus ride into town. Walking around town, you will find most of the shops located on Avenida Lopez Mateos, where the majority of hotels, restaurants and bars are located. Just a block closer to the water at Avenida Riviera is the Riviera del Pacifico, which was a luxurious resort hotel and casino in the 1920s which was frequented by many wealthy Americans and movie stars – especially during Prohibition. It has been restored as a community center, now called the Centro Social, Civico y Cultural de Ensenada. For a peek into the wine-making industry of the area, you can visit Las Bodegas de Santo Tomas on Avenida Miramar, where you can take a tour, enjoy a wine tasting, or dine at the restaurant or caf.

Just south of town you can catch sight of La Bufadora, a sea geyser that splashes up to 75 feet in the air. It is on the south side of the cliffs of Punta Banda, a peninsula which juts out into the sea. The force of the waves puts on quite a dramatic show, and you’ll find many kiosks selling food and craft items along the way. You can take a tour to see La Bufadora, or catch the public bus from downtown Ensenada.

Planning a Gluten Free Day Out

If you or a family member suffer from coeliac disease or other conditions that make you gluten intolerant, it is worth setting aside some time to plan a safe, gluten free day out which will not limit you or leave anyone starving due to a lack of access to gluten free food. Spontaneous day trips can lead to unpleasant situations such as not being able to order a suitable meal.

Start the day with a filling breakfast to keep your energy levels up so you do not have to stop at a roadside cafe with a limited selection of foods. Gluten free porridge works a treat. Sprinkle on some seeds and nuts, and swirl in a dollop of honey for a healthy, hearty treat to prepare you for a day out. Alternatively, toast a few slices of gluten free bread and top off with your favourite jam or savoury topping.

Nowadays, many cafes and restaurants will either feature gluten free dishes in their menus or be able to offer a gluten free alternative upon request. This makes it a whole lot easier to spend the day outside your home as you needn’t worry about not being able to find somewhere to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even bakeries and tea rooms are likely to offer at least one gluten free cake or pastry so treat yourselves to elevenses or afternoon tea.

If booking a table in advance, which is advisable, particularly at weekends, let the staff member know about your special requirements and they will ensure the kitchen is prepared in advance with gluten free products stocked and ready for your arrival.

Sadly, some places have been slower to respond to the needs of gluten intolerant foodies. This is particularly true in small villages and towns with limited supplies. Also, some foreign countries are less aware of gluten intolerance.

Alternatively, in nice weather it is always lovely to have a picnic in the great outdoors. Fortunately, there is now plenty of gluten free food which comes in convenient packaging to slip into your picnic basket or backpack.

Oatcakes make a nice alternative to bread and come in pocket-sized packaging. Bring along some homemade dips like hummus, taramasalata, salsa or guacamole and fresh, pre-prepared vegetables to dip into the sauce for a light, refreshing but energising snack. For a little something heavier, pack some lunch meats but be careful not to keep them outside the ice box or fridge for too long in hot weather. This applies to the dips too.

Eating Healthy at Restaurants – Important Facts You Might Not Be Aware of

As obesity levels in America rise to obscene levels, more and more individuals are cutting back on restaurant dinners and opting for more home cooked meals where they have control over the ingredients they put in and the portion sizes. This is because of the growing knowledge that the foods served in restaurants are high in sodium and fat content. Serving portions are also excessive, which almost always assures you that dining out can add pounds to your frame. Those on a diet know that eating at restaurants can wreck havoc on their weight loss efforts that they shun it like the plague.

But let’s face it. You can’t avoid the restaurant. At some point in your job or career, you will be called upon to arrange a business meeting in a restaurant. You will have to meet clients in a fine dining establishment so you can close a deal. You and your family will have to celebrate birthdays or special events with dinners out. You will be invited by close friends to eat out and you can’t put off these invitations forever.

Thankfully, healthy restaurant dinners do exist. The key is knowing which foods to order and which ones to stay away from. Now you can put back the joy in eating out back into your life with this list.

Grilled chicken or beef are healthy restaurant dinners. Compared to entrees that are fried or served with cream sauces, grilled meats are definitely healthier alternatives. To cut back on the calories, you can ask that your order be grilled minus the oil or butter. You can also share your meat with your friend, particularly if the serving is too large for you. Even if the serving is just enough, you can still share your portion to prevent excessive caloric intake. To balance the nutrient intake, make sure you order vegetables, and rice to meet your fiber and vitamin and mineral requirements.

Salads area also healthy restaurant dinners for as long as they do not have the fat toppings like bacon, crispy chicken, croutons and huge chunks of full fat cheese. Also, choose vinaigrette dressing over mayonnaise-based dressings and ask that the dressings be given to you so that you can dress it yourself. Be careful not to apply too much.

Soups are inherently healthy food ideas. But not all soups are healthy. Choose one that is made with chicken, beef or vegetable broth over those with cream. Paired with a salad, soups should give you a healthful dinner. Japanese miso soup is particularly nutritious. Together with soups, appetizers and side dishes complete your healthy restaurant dinner options. Steamed vegetables and shrimp cocktails are just some examples.

When it comes to dessert, skip the blueberry cheesecake or the chocolate ice cream. You can simply order fresh fruit in season. This way, you don’t unnecessarily add calories to your midsection or worry about ruining your diet. And when we say fruit, we mean plain fruit, not strawberries lathered in thick chocolate sauce.

The Benefits of Leadership in Business

In the modern world of business, more and more proprietors are realising the importance and benefits of implementing leadership development programs for both management and employees themselves. One of these programs is the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Executive Management, which cultivates a comprehensive assortment of strategic leadership and senior management skills.

Leadership is arguably the most critical and influential element of governments, organisations and businesses. Despite its importance, leadership is a difficult skill for team members who have little experience in managerial roles or are newly promoted to a high rank within their organisation. Developmental programs provide leaders with the tools, confidence, information, and skills to impact and inspire their followers, allowing companies to run smoothly and competently with experienced confident leaders at the heart of the organisation.

Constant analysis of such programs has produced proven evidence that courses such as the ILM Level 7 cause participants to become more committed and dedicated to the enterprise they work at along with developed skills of informed decision-marking, critical thinking, research, improved communicational methods, and motivational techniques to allow the team to aspire to its complete potential. In conclusion to this, individuals are able to understand the overall operations of the company with greater perspective resulting in a more efficient workforce.

Another benefit of leadership programs is that they allow leaders to develop clear visions through creating mission statements, objectives and action plans. A mission statement is essentially the reasoning behind the companys existence, and usually is only two or three sentences in length. Objectives are the smaller steps which help accomplish the mission statement, and further on action plans are the detailed steps that allows accomplishment of the objectives or goals.

The leadership development course is personalized to delivering the skills improvements that your organisation needs. Benefits of our transformational leadership advancement approach comprise:

Improved personal presence, charisma and seriousness
Increased emotional intelligence
Better change management skills
Improved ability to thrive under pressure
Growth in confidence, forcefulness and humbleness
Improved trust-building, communication and listening skills
Awareness of corporate harassment and how to evade it
Increased awareness of diversity
Improved creativeness
Inspirational dependable leadership that gets the job complete

The greatest advantage of the ILM Level 7 however is the high level of flexibility which permits participants to custom build a qualification most relevant to themselves and what they wish to achieve. Applicants are able to choose from a miscellaneous variety of optional units to build their qualification, whether it is simply leadership development to managing corporate risk the ILM Level 7 Diploma can be entirely tailor-made.

Rambo’s impossible hangover on Surin Beach in Phuket, Thailand

There was a big commotion at Surin Beach yesterday.

Lighting stands, cameras, film crew and 2 huge trucks almost blocking the main road.

What was going on?

Sadly, I have no idea.

Everyone I asked was being very secretive.

But it looked suspiciously like a Hollywood movie shoot.

More and more big-budget films are being shot in Phuket, Thailand these days.

Since Leonardo de Caprio filmed “The Beach” on Koh Phi Phi, we’ve had “The Impossible”, “Rambo IV” and “The Hangover Part 2”.

And there have been rumours Angelina Jolie will be filming in Phuket soon.

So maybe she’s here already?

If so, I’m not surprised the producers chose Surin Beach.

It’s always been popular with ‘A’ Listers.

Some of them own villas at the Amanpuri, where properties have price tags over US$ 10,000,000.

And there is a long waiting list of eager buyers.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a movie star to own a property in Surin.

At 6,000,000 Baht (US$ 194,238) – this brand-new 1-bed condo is a really good buy

It even has an ocean view…

Plus, you can spread half the cost over 3 years.

But I only have 2 left at this price and they will go fast.

If you need something a bit bigger – this 2-bed condo on Surin’s beach road may fit the bill…

It’s in a 5-star resort with communal pool, restaurant and bar.

The beach is just 100 metres away.

And at 15,900,000 Baht (US$ 514,730) you’ll get a good return on your investment.

Or maybe you’d prefer an ocean view villa?

This 4-bedroom place is on the market for 72,000,000 Baht (US$ 2,330,000)…

It’s on one of Surin’s top estates and has a living area over 800m2.

If you are coming to Phuket and want to look at some property, why not send me an email or give me a call?

I don’t bite and people do say I’m “not full of crap like most estate agents”.



Cool Sites And Fun Sites – With AllSiteCafe, There Will Always Be Something To Look Forward To

All Site Cafe is the ultimate online destination for anyone who would like to spend their time on the internet wisely and in such a way that does not leave them bored. Cool Sites on All Site Cafe is a feature that this website is known for. Whether you are looking to play some fun and addictive games or simply understand and learn to use new software program, you will always have the opportunity to do so through this website. A comprehensive list of fun sites enlisted on this website means that you can bid adieu to boredom and introduce a brand new way of spending your time online.

The entire website is divided in such a way that it is bound to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Whether you prefer surfing the net for educational content pertaining to computer software or simply love playing games and enjoy playing new ones each time, you will find a wealth of resources, cool sites and fun sites on All Site Caf. Besides, the website also consists an exhaustive list of links connecting you to food sites and scary sites to give you your fair share of adrenaline rush.

All Site Cafe offers cool sites and fun sites and also ensures that the many website links that have been enlisted on their website are active and not broken. This is done by constantly updating the website every 4-6 months. Therefore, you can also be assured of the fact that all the content that you will come across on this magnificent website will be original and new with lots of fresh websites to look forward to. This guarantees the fact that there will always be something to look forward to when you go online the next time.

In addition to the massive number of links listed on their website, there is also a countdown list that takes into consideration the different links that website visitors should take note of when they wish to get access to cool sites and fun sites.

Under Free Stuff, Free Web Tools and Super Cool Gifts, you can expect to find a wealth of resources that will help you enhance your online experience at absolutely free of cost. You can use these tools and free gifts online as well as offline and this in turn, promises an exciting free time and a wise way to spend the time you take for break from studies or work.

All Site Cafe is not just a website for entertainment during those heavy hours that drain your energy but they are also very informative and possess the ability to teach you something new, one link at a time.

Therefore, one of the best things to do is check out the cool sites and fun sites on All Site Caf and be assured that online surfing will never be the same again.

Gourmet Coffee Beans – My Odyssey Into the World of Coffee Beans That Truly Taste Divine

I have always been a lover of coffee. But like almost all regular coffee drinkers, I never knew that there was something out there that was a lot better than what you find at the local supermarket. It is true that in the last ten years or so, I had evolved from buying ground coffee to purchasing real coffee beans, and then grinding them just before using them. Then I advanced from a drip coffee maker to a devoted user of the French Press coffee maker.

My giant leap forward came several years ago when I was first introduced to the wonders of roasting one’s own coffee beans by a friend. He himself had tasted coffee made with freshly roasted beans about ten years ago at an upscale coffee shop in Richmond, Virginia. After having been a regular customer at the cafe, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to finish a university degree in business. Before he left, he bemoaned the fact to the shop owner that he would be soon without the benefit of his great coffee. The owner told him that that was no problem: he could start roasting the coffee beans himself. That is exactly what my friend decided to do-he became a home roaster.

He bought a brand new home coffee roaster for about $80, then ordered green coffee beans online, and proceeded to carve out a path that he was to continue to the present day-that is of enjoying the world’s greatest coffee in every cup he drank.

When my friend first introduced me to the idea of home roasting, I was not prepared to spend about $80 on a home roasting machine. He then informed me that certain popcorn poppers would do almost as well.

That’s when I decided to check Walgreens, a nearby pharmacy, for such a machine. I found Kitchen Gourmet, a rotary style air popper there for about $9.

I must admit that it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I accomplished my first roast. I placed the popper next to the kitchen sink and about three and a half minutes later, the coffee beans were done, roasted to a beautiful medium brown color, just awaiting to be ground and brewed for the most perfect cup of coffee that you can imagine.

Several years later, I am ready to take the next step in this bold adventure: to introduce to the world the exhilaration of roasting their own beans; or if you’re not prepared to take the plunge, to at least buy freshly roasted beans imported from all over the world. You are going to give your palate the treat of its life! Order the world’s best tasting gourmet coffee beans. You may buy these fresh roasted or green online now. Do it now! Start out on your own adventure in savoring the world’s most popular beverage.

Restaurant Menu Covers

When you go to a restaurant, the very first thing that creates a huge impact is always the menu card (apart from the ambiance and interiors of course). Clean menu covers portray a very professional image of a restaurant/hotel/caf. So, if youre into the restaurant/caf business, you should consider getting an impressive menu cover to boost up sales and popularize your brand image.

Classy Menu Covers with Leatherette and Metal Corner Tabs

Whether you want Deluxe Restaurant Menu Covers with leatherette or fabric binding, clear panels and metal corner tabs, or the economy restaurant menu covers with Cafe style menu covers, economy priced, and polished clear menu panels, were very much up to the challenge to provide you with the very best.

We also offer stock and custom sizes, so youre not limited to choose from only the standard sizes. We are also experts in making case-bound menu covers for formal dining, and the fine dining menu covers with finished and turned edges to match the looks of the most luxurious dining rooms.

If you wish to try something new, probably the flexible Leatherette Menu Covers may suit your needs. On the other hand, you may also try out our 100% pure leather menu covers made upon of cured genuine animal skin, mixed with black imitation silk moir, latex and inner lining.

Showcase your Business

For those whore interested in showcasing their business identity like trademark logo or an elegant picture of dining room recessed into a small window, the case made menu covers with window cuts on the front cover are ideal options.

Moreover, the table top card holders are also quite popular these days, which allow you to display a number of cards at a time, and promote all your business offerings at once.

Our Offerings

Heres a quick listing of all our services

Deluxe Restaurant Menu Covers
Fine Dining Menu Covers
Leatherette Menu Covers with clear inside pockets
Case Made Menu Covers
Leather Menu Covers.
Flip-Top Menu Holders
Padded Menu Covers with Clear Inside Pockets
Protective Padded menu covers
Picture Window Menu Covers
Case Made Menu Covers with window cut on front cover with your logo
Menu Holders
Tabletop Menu Holders displaying featured drinks/special delicacies

Protect your Menus

Furthermore, you may also consider Crystal Clear Vinyl Menu Jackets that protect your menus and help them retain the fresh look for years together. You may also like menu covers sealed to clear inside pockets that give stronger hold and extra protection to the menu sheets.

Wine List Covers

Using the same menu cover for your regular menu and the wine list is never a good idea. We suggest that you keep 3 separate menus, for appetizers/snacks, main course, and drinks/cocktails/mock-tails/shooters. So, you can also try out our latest wine list covers and captain’s books too.

Additionally, you may also consider gift certificates, which can help increase your sales significantly.

Vacation at Siesta Key Nation’s #1 Beach

Experience the beauty of Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, has been voted the number one beach in the country. So what makes this beach so great? Siesta Key is located on an eight mile long barrier island known for powdery white sands. The moment you step onto just one of the many beaches, you will be amazed.

Siesta Key has something for everyone. Along with enjoying the beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful sunsets, you can enjoy sports both on the water as well as off the water. Check out Siesta key Sports rentals. At Siesta Key Sports rentals you will find a large variety of bikes including, Childrens, mountain bikes, tandems, and beach cruisers. They also have scooters and kayaks as well. Looking for more adventure? How about Siesta Key Parasailing, or fishing charters like CBs fishing outfitters or Siesta Charters.

Looking for some relaxation? Mandala Med-Spa is definitely worth checking out. If you are looking for something different from your usual spa experience this is the place to go. They offer Indonesian massages and facials. They also have permanent make-up and many other wonderful treatments.

Dining on Siesta Key is a great experience. For breakfast I recently visited Lelus Coffee Lounge. I love their unique menu. I tried the Costa Rican, which is two eggs your way with Lelus homemade Cuban style black beans & rice, & sweet fried plantains, served with Lelus fresh green salsa and coconut concoction for the plaintains.

Another great choice is The Garden Caf, known for their healthy egg white specialty omelets and scrambles. I tried the flower child egg white omelet with Sonoma goat cheese, portabella mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh herbs & guacamole. Another great option is the sweet potato pancakes.

For lunch or dinner you cannot go wrong with Claytons Siesta Grille, enjoy favorites like Mahi Mahi fish tacos. Grilled flour tortillas with chipotle crema, cabbage, cilantro, jicama slaw, feta cheese and chile garlic sauce. I love the Coconut shrimp with Orange horseradish marmalade, & whipped cream cheese, as well as the seared crabcakes, with tropical fruit chutney, jicama slaw,& roasted pepper coulis.

Siesta Key Oyster Bar is another great choice. I love their unique menu choices like, wild island Mahi-Mahi with mango sauce or Siesta Beach extravaganza which includes, crab cake, blackened grouper, jerk shrimp and scallops served with yellow rice.

Need some Grownup time while visiting our beautiful beaches. This is where we come in. Elite Family Care provides reliable, safe, and caring babysitters so that you can enjoy your time with peace of mind. Our ELITE sitters are prepared to entertain your children with books, games, and other age appropriate activities. Our sitters are nationwide background screened, CPR & First Aid certified, experienced, and love children. We match a sitter to your family based on the ages of your children.

For more information on Siesta Key, call or visit the website for the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce.

Some New Bathroom Ideas For YouIf You Need A Change!

Many People do not realize that Bathroom decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult to accomplish, or cost a ton of money. Why not consider the following easy-to-do and very creative ideas below? These are designed to get you started on your new bathroom decorating project. It will be fun and when it is done, you will LOVE your new bathroom!

The Minimalist Approach
Many times, the bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the house. You can begin by decorating with only a couple of choice items. This may be all that you really need to transform the space into something exciting and new. You can choose from sleek and stylish new fixtures, with clean lines, and a simple shower curtain, to small framed mirrors, and interesting towel holders or racks, to make an inviting room in a small bathroom.

The Romantic Approach
If you want to create a much more romantic look in any bathroom, all you have to do is use lots of various textures in beautiful rich colors. If you are willing to spend a little extra money on some really nice fabric; you can make a shower curtain and window curtains. Then you can add some nice, luxurious, thick, fluffy towels and bathrobes, plus a few vases with gorgeous, live flowers or maybe a potted lavender plant. You can also accent the counters with scented soaps or multi-colored glass pebbles. You might even try an aromatherapy oil burner with some soothing scents to make it a romantic and relaxing spa-like environment!

he Simple Country Approach
If you would enjoy a simple country feel in your bathroom, you can simply decorate in dusty blues or neutral colors. You can then add a caf style curtain or valance in a gingham print for your shower in addition to a few inexpensive pieces of framed art on the walls. You can get new prints at a discount department store, or you can even buy old photos in old frames at a garage sale. Framing paper doilies with wallpaper scraps can add a charming “old-world” country look to your bathroom as well. You can get creative with old and odd pieces of yester-year just like in some of these restaurants such as Cracker Barrel.

Whatever you decide, it is easy to give your small bathroom, or even a large one, a much needed “make over” and transform it into a new and exciting, yet relaxing place of creativity in your home!