St Lawrence Houseboat Rentals

St Lawrence houseboat rentals will offer you a vacation afloat. Be the master of your helm with houseboat rentals. Experience the mystery amidst the 1000 Islands of the St Lawrence River on your own houseboat vacation.

Explore the international waters of the St Lawrence, from Lake Ontario to upstate New York. St Lawrence houseboat rentals offer the most unique vacations ever. Its crystal clear waters offer the best scuba diving outside the Caribbean. From Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean is a 1200 mile journey. Along the way you cruise through the Thousand Islands, where there is an estimated 1800 plus islands.

Want a fishing vacation! You can on a St Lawrence houseboat. The St Lawrence is great for fishing. A wide variety of warm water fish species including muskellunge, walleye, smallmouth, largemouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, crappies, and bullheads, are at home in this seaway home. Imagine sliding along on your houseboat with your line already in the water and landing a large mouth bass or a big northern pike. You decide your catch of the day. This is way better than a few hours fishing charter to do some trophy fishing. On your rented houseboat you can fish for days or weeks and eat your catch right on the boat. Just be sure you have the right fishing licenses, depending on what country waterway you are on at the time. This can be explained when you get your houseboat rental.

St Lawrence houseboat rentals are almost like having a floating condo. Houseboats come fully equipped with every amenity imaginable, even hot tubs. Some of the better houseboat rentals are even offering gas credits to off set the rising cost of gasoline.

Houseboats are designed to either have a romantic vacation for two or large enough to take the whole family. You could be the Robinson Caruso family exploring the Thousand Islands on the St Lawrence River, swimming in the water, mooring in a hidden cove, scuba diving or just cruising and fishing.

With St Lawrence houseboat rentals, you decide your destiny. These vacations are at a premium and are hard to secure after the winter season. You need to book early to get a houseboat rental. The Thousand Islands are a single vacation alone. There is so much to see and do along the St Lawrence it is almost impossible to grasp all there is to see and do in one single vacation. Quite often the same people rent these houseboats over and over from year to year.

Sylhet Land Of Boundless Beauty Part 2

Places of Attraction near the town:

Gate of Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal

Mazar of the Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (R): Among the several places of historical interest in Sylhet are the mazars of these two Sufi Saints. It is easy to travel to the mazar of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) from any part of the town in a rickshaw. Swords, the holy Quran and the robes of the holy saint are still preserved in the mazar. Thousands of devotees of different creed and cast come everyday to visit this place from far away places.

Shah Poran (R) mazar

The Mazar of Hazrat Shah Paran (R):The mazar of Hazrat Shah Paran (R) is located at a greater distance from the town. It is said that he was the son of a sister of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) and was born in Yemen. After the conquest of Sylhet, he established his khanqah at Khadim Nagar and started spiritual ascetic practice there. Everyday thousands of people come to visit the mazar to pay their respect and honor for this Sufi Saint.

There is an ancient mosque by the side of the tomb of the Sufi Saint in this mazar. After some modernization 1500 Muslims can say their salah in a body there.

Sylhet shahi Eidgah

Shahi Eidgah: It was built by Mughal emperor Aurongozeb in the 17th century. It is one of Bangladeshs largest and oldest Eidgah. About 100,000 people can say their Eid salah together here. The turreted walls surrounding the outer side of the mosque gives it a unique look.

Kean Bridge and Ali Amjad clock tower

Keane Bridge: The Keane Bridge is a famous landmark of Sylhet. This iron bridge was built in the 1930s over the river Surma and was named after the British governor of Assam of the time, Sir Micheal Keane. Although the bridge is old, it is heavily used till date.

Ali Amjads Clock Tower: Nearby the Keane bridge this clock tower is located. Its about 80 years old. This clock exhibits the great architectural taste of the people of that time.

Chandi ghat at Surma River

Chandni Ghat: It is the bank of river Surma. In the daylight it is beautiful. And at night its beauty is astonishing. If anyone is staying in Sylhet, it is a must to see during the night time when the river adorns itself with amazing beauty.

MouriChand government college hostel

The Gour Gobinda Fort: Gour Gobinda was the Hindu ruler of the region before the arrival of the Muslim reign started along with the arrival of the Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (R). It is one of the earliest ruins exhibiting the history of Bangladesh. Tourists come here to see these ruins and get an idea about the lifestyle, architectural and engineering excellence of the people of that time. The fort stands as an evidence to the fight put up by the kings army in the war.

Murarichand Government College is one of the most attractive places to visit near the Gour Gobinda fort. It is situated on a hill top.

Temple of Sri-Chaitannya

Temple of Sri Chaitannya Dev: The ancient temple of Sri Chaitannya Dev is another spot of attraction to the tourists. It is about 500 years old and was the ancestral home of the famous Vaishnya saint. It is located about 45km south-east from Sylhet town. A fair is organized on the full moon day of Bangla month Falgun every year. Thousands of devotees from home and abroad attend this fair.

Haripur Gas Field at Sylhet

Haripur gas field: It is about 22 kilometers from the town. Visiting this place can give the tourists some good experience about our gas fields.

Magurchara Gas field ruins:Magurchara gas & Oil reserved field was blown up while digging some years ago and kept on burning for 3 months upto a height of 500-feet. A lot of burnt around the ruins carry evidence to the disaster.

Sylhet Tilagarh Eco park

Tilagarh: This is a natural tourist spot. Small and big hills are all around the place. There is tea-gardens, poultry farms, dairy farms etc on the hills. For an exposure to the lifestyle of the local people this place can be visited by the tourist.

Some other places you should not ignore to visit during your stay in the town:

Shah jalal bridge at Sylhet

Shah Jalal(R) Bridge
Osmani mueseum
Osmani Medical College and Hospital
Sylhet Polytechnic Institute
Shah Jalal(R) University
Theme parks
Tea gardens

Other Places to visit around Sylhet:
Lawachara Rain forest
Haripur gas field

Shopping: There is a large number of malls open for shopping in the town. Zindabazar is the shoppers paradise as most of the malls are located here. Handmade textiles is the main attraction here. For trendy Manipuri fabric Lamabazar would be the right place.


Places to shop:
Al Hamra
Blue Water
London Mansion
Manipuri Bazar, Lamabazar.

While visiting this place one should be careful about pick pocketing as the place is very crowded.

Coupon Quest – Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tours

Need Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter promo codes or coupons? Believe it or not, the companies that operate the tours have the best ones. Some up to 35 percent off! Here’s how you find them and secure that discount price.

The key to getting the best deal is to understand the very odd relationship between tour operators and the middlemen who represent them.

Middlemen are a diverse bunch and include travel agents, hotel concierges, and in-market ticket re-sellers. Tour companies make deals with this group because it gets their product out to more people.

The agreement is straightforward: Brokers get tours at wholesale prices and must sell them at a suggested retail price. In actuality, the broker is free to sell the ticket at the highest price he can get as long as he doesn’t go below retail.

As far as marketing is concerned, brokers can pretty much do what they want within reason. For example:

1. Bundling the tour with other offers like food, entertainment, and timeshares.

2. Promising special seating (impossible – helicopter seating is dependent upon weight).

3. Persuading you to purchase a more expensive tour (means more commission).

4. Add their own service and handling fees.

How do you avoid these pitfalls? Purchase your tour direct from the tour company, which has a real financial stake in making sure you are happy with your flight.

Papillon Helicopters is an excellent example of a tour operator. It is recognized as the largest Grand Canyon sightseeing company on the planet. It is also renowned as offering the highest-quality tours at the lowest price. Here’s proof from their website:

1. North Canyon Tour. Basic South Rim flight. Leaves from Grand Canyon Airport. Flight takes you to the North Rim and Back. Lists for $169. Web promotional price: $133.

2. The Majestic. This is the upgrade version of the North Canyon. Fly aboard a state-of-the-art EcoStar 130 (stadium seats, Fenestron quiet-flight technology, 25% larger cabin). Retails for $191. Sells online for $158.

3. The Grand Canyon Deluxe with Helicopter. Leaves from Las Vegas. 45-minute flight to Grand Canyon Airport aboard a fixed-wing Vistaliner aircraft. Lists for $458. Web promotional price is $360.

4. South Rim Bus w/ Helicopter. The other option for Las Vegas travelers. Bus departs in the morning and arrives at Grand Canyon Airport before noon. Retails for $289. Sells online for $190.

No broker I researched comes close to Papillon’s online deals. Similarly for Maverick and Sundance, the other big companies that form the helicopter tour market triumvirate. It’s clear to me: Tour operators want your travel dollar. Buy from them and you’ll be rewarded with deep discounts.

Before you book, here are some quick facts you should know about South Rim helicopter tours:

– Departures leave from Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ, located just south of the National Park’s main gates.

– Tours run year round including holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

– Take a morning flight. Gives you time to reschedule due to weather. It’s also when you get the best visibility.

– Typical South Rim flights start over the Kaibab Plateau and beeline into the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest part of the Canyon, before looping back at the North Rim.

– Flights last around half an hour.

– Charter flights are available.

By reading this far, I can assure you that you know how to find the best promotions on South Rim helicopter flights.

And remember: Buy direct from the tour operator and book it online. Let these basic steps guide you and you’ll get a quality helicopter tour at a ridiculously low price.

Stories Hot But Laugh

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2. Rena took a tissue, wiped her boyfriend’s clear mucus. “Because of you, until out of your teeth,” says the boyfriend. “Sorry to say, so you catch the flu,” said Rena.

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4. Girl: “… Uuh Say! you really long time anyway out? I’m tired … tired of yaw. – Guy: “Sorry to say, were his teachers give first task.’vet been here long?-

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8. After long haggling, the price agreed upon. Rose said, “Want not use a condom?” I, “Sure, let’s not scuff the casing?”

9. “Say, them rather quickly dong pedal boot, already got yaw want …” said Rani. “Huff Say … yes, I was already hard pedal boot yaw.” Answered Tom while struggling. “Look out, there are small children to cross,” cried Rani panic.

10. Rani sunken mouth to suck it so desires, and sure enough, shortly after the liquid is thick and sweet it spilled into his mouth. “Oh, delicious candy blaster.”

Why Work From Home With The Freedom Travel Group

If you love the idea of having a secure, supported home-based business, but thrive on customer service and human interaction, then you should become a travel agent from home with us at the Freedom Travel Group.

Home travel agents are the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry, with hundreds making a successful career out of it each year. Whether youre planning a career change, or have spent years running your own high street travel agency, we offer all the support you need including full training and the latest travel software to make your business a success.

If you become a travel agent from home with us, the benefits are numerous – the biggest one being that we are a division of Co-operative Travel. Running a home travel agency as a lone agent is never recommended there are so many ways you could trip up, and its unlikely youll get many clients who are prepared to place their holiday arrangements in the hands of an independent theyve never heard of.

Co-operative Travel is one of the largest and most respected independent travel companies in the UK. This is why, when people see the name on a website, theyre happy to go ahead and book their holiday there. As a new trader, this gives you an instant advantage over your competitors.

We at the Freedom Travel Group dont charge expensive application or start-up fees, and ABTA membership is free. The only cost is a monthly charge based on your commission. If you would love to become a travel agent from home, doing it with us is the best solution.

Genesis 950 – The Best Green All Purpose Cleaner

Looking for the best all purpose cleaner and stain remover?

Genesis 950 is a green, surfactant based cleaner that uses science to break down and remove stains.

Typical household cleaners contain bleach, ammonia, soaps or other chemicals designed to remove stains. Some are marketed to specifically target a type of stain, whether it be for carpet, stainless steel, tile or grout. As a result, consumers end up with a cabinet full of different cleaners, each designed to do something different.

Genesis 950 eliminates the need for multiple products and does so without using bleach, soaps or harsh chemicals. As a surfactant based cleaner, Genesis 950 works with water to make a stain water soluble. When a stain becomes water soluble, it can then be broken down and rinsed clean from the surface. It also works on multiple surfaces. Whether you are cleaning carpet, tile, concrete, upholstery, or any other surface, Genesis 950 works to remove the stains. Instead of having a cabinet full of cleaners all targeted for different cleaning needs, you have one cleaner that does it all.

Because Genesis 950 works so different from other cleaners, the uses for it are endless. Genesis 950 is sold in various sizes for retail consumers ranging from a pint to a 5 gallon container. It is sold in concentrate form. This means that you are getting straight cleaner. You mix it with water when you use it depending on your cleaning needs. As a result, you are saving money in the long run. For example, the recommended cleaning ratio is for Genesis 950 to be mixed with water at a ratio of 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. Using this breakdown, a 1 Gallon container of Genesis 950 can essentially be broken down to 7 gallons of cleaning solution! What other cleaners will give you 7 gallons of cleaner for $42???

Genesis 950 is perfect for pet owners. Unlike other cleaners, it removes not only the stain, but also the odor. When used in a machine, the mixture of 950 and water can make pet stains water soluble. This allows the stain to be broken down and lifted from the surface. While it is cleaning the stain, it is also deodorizing the area, killing any bacteria responsible for foul odors. Because it is free of harsh chemicals, it leaves behind nothing to harm or cause illness to your pets and family.

Carpet cleaning is another use for Genesis 950. Professional carpet cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars. With Genesis 950, a 2.5 Gallon cube costs $60 and provides more than enough to concentrate to clean an average size home. Simply add the concentrate and water to any home cleaning machine and make your carpets look professionally cleaned. Restore stained, dirty carpet! Remove dirt, grime, food and drink stains, and odors.

Car enthusiasts, mechanics, and auto dealers love Genesis 950 for the garage. Because it is such an effective cleaner, and so gentle at the same time, it can be used to clean vehicles and engines without damaging the paint, fabrics or engines. It can be used on both the interior and exterior of a vehicle with amazing results. As an interior detailer, it can be used on cloth, carpet, leather, plastic, stainless and chrome fixtures. Use it to remove stains from spills, eliminate odors inside the car and to make your vehicle look and smell like new. The toughest nooks and crannies present no challenge when cleaned with Genesis 950.

Under the hood, use Genesis 950 in a power-washer to clean engines. Genesis 950 can break down grease, oil and tar. Properly cleaning engines on vehicles helps to eliminate buildup and rust that can shorten the life of your car.

No other cleaner is as versatile as Genesis 950. It can be used on virtually any surface and can clean the hardest stains. Here are a handful of reviews done by Bloggers on Genesis 950:

Organic Sunshine
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Why Book A Place At The Airport Parking

There is hardly any traveller who wants to be late at the gate because of intense morning or evening traffic. Its also unlikely that someone might want to wait for a taxi for a long time after a long-haul flight. Fortunately, travellers arriving and departing from Bristol can benefit from convenient parking at Bristol airport. With more people travelling by plane it might be tough to find a vacant parking lot but now it can be booked online. The article explores the benefits of airport parking.
Airport Parking

Why Book A Place At The Airport Parking

To have complete peace of mind on holidays or business trips one should take time to plan all the details of the upcoming trip ahead of time. The chances are that important things may go unnoticed in the preparation mess so its better to have everything arranged by the departure day. Planning a trip which is supposed to run smoothly requires time and consideration. Many travellers start with looking for good deals for flights without giving much thought to transportation issues and parking at Bristol airport in particular. Having found a flight which comes at affordable rates travellers move to the next step accommodation booking. With a great number of offers ranging from cosy B&B to luxurious hotels its difficult to choose the most suitable one without handy online booking tools.

They allow sorting hotels by different categories so it takes travellers less time to select a room at the most suitable price. Since hotels can be sorted by availability dates there is no need to double check with the hotel administration whether its possible to move in on the arrival day. When boarding passes and hotel addresses have been printed out its time to make one more booking to ensure a place at the parking at Bristol airport. The good news is that it can be done from the comfort of ones home as the booking procedure is almost the same. To get a quick quote and book a place one only needs to indicate arrival and departure dates and time.

Safety is another issue which motivates many travellers to pre-book a parking space. Leaving a car at the airport travellers can count on enhanced security measures: CCTV cameras, barrier controlled entrances and exits, 24 hour patrols. At the same time car owners can benefit from discounts unavailable for those who arrive to the parking at Bristol airport without a prior reservation. All parking facilities are situated in a short distance from the airport terminal so car owners can reach it walking or take advantage of convenient transfer services. Travellers who are tight on time can benefit from the meet and greet service which allows them to drop off and pick up their cars at the terminal. Parking facilities operate24/7 which makes travellers more flexible about check in and check out dates.

Due to a great number of travellers airport parking lots may be overcrowded on certain days. Thanks to handy online tools one can book the parking at Bristol airport in advance to arrive at the gates in time while others are still circling trying to find a vacant parking space.

Travel And Tourism Management May Never Be Saturated

Tourism management deals with the procedures of providing the better service to the tourists. Like that of other service providers, it also is concerned with finding, selecting, and tailoring proper service for the right individual or family. While getting involved in tourism studies, one will definitely understand that true skills and experience are required to determine best service for a client according to his/her choice or taste. A tourism professional should arrange a trip in such a manner that the tourists will be satisfied as much as possible. Offering the right deal in accordance with the capability and wish of the tourists is the primary responsibility of the tourism professional.

Without a minimum conventional education, entering the field of tourism management is impossible. A very basic type of job can be availed without any training in the arena of tourism management. But, to get a well position in the industry, tourism management courses are really helpful. A course in the field will provide a qualification which can easily be recognized by the experts in the industry.

The courses in the field of travel and tourism management will offer all various tools to make you a master of the travel and tourism industry. But, only passing a course is not enough to succeed in the arena. A real passion is of utmost importance along with keen love for adventure. The candidate should never be tired of travelling. To become completely involved with the industry, more and more visits to unknown destinations have no substitute and a tourism professional should relish the zest of adventure personally.

There are good career prospects for the deserving candidates in airlines, transport and cargo companies, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies etc. The easier licensing policy to the foreign airlines and the resultant joint venture between indigenous and foreign airlines has removed many drawbacks in the communication network. As a result, the number of domestic and foreign tourists has increased many times more in the last few years. As this industry is at the first phase of growth, there is a lack of trained and qualified professionals. Thus there are a lot of employment and promotion opportunities.

The travel agents are required to gauge the requirements of tourists and professionals to arrange for them the best possible arrangements for travel. Travel agents also work to promote various travel packages of resorts, cruise lines, and specialty travel groups. A typical travel agency may have four departments travel, tours, accounts, and cargo.

Tours management is concerned with travel and destination management. The work is related to the packaged tours to different destinations both in India and abroad. Planning, selection, and arrangement of accommodation, transport, food, and entertainment are principal areas of work. Making reservation, planning for the itinerary, sending representatives and guides with the tour groups are accomplished by the tour operators.

The job of a guide is both thrilling and challenging. If you are a graduate, and have a good aptitude in history and learning language, then you may consider becoming a guide. The following are the basic qualities of a guide good communication skills, good customer service, amicable personality, easy wit and promptness in decision making, ability to handle pressure. With all these, a diploma in travel and tourism will make one indomitable.

Swinger Travel – An escapade for avid swingers

The swinger lifestyle has caught the fancy of several married and unmarried couples. However, due to societal disapproval of this kind of lifestyle, there is a growing need to express sexual liberty with a swinger travel to the exotic beach cruises and spa resorts.

Swinger travel is incomplete without the natural lush set up and commune lifestyle. Most of the swinger resorts welcome people with extrovert behavior. People enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and realize their sexual desires. These travels are extravagant vacations at resorts and spas, and attract people from different parts of the world.

Swinger travel agents choose white or pink beaches surrounded by mangrove lagoons and deep blue ocean waters. A picturesque Mexican Caribbean resort has extensive sets up a perfect swinger evening. The most popular swinger travel destination is Hedonism 2, Jamaica. This swinger travel destination belongs to pleasure seekers.

It is not only about swinging it is about soothing your mind, body and soul in a perfectly comfortable environment. These naturalist destinations provide amazing facilities to the travelers. You’ll be provided with well furnished rooms, spas, Jacuzzis, bars, discotheque, fitness center etc. Hence, you can also pamper your body and enjoy the sexual activities in a highly comfortable environment.

Nowadays, you can book your tickets for the swinger travel through an online travel portal and get them delivered at your doorsteps. So, go through various swinger packages provided to the swinger couples and plan an erotic vacation to fulfill your sexual pleasures.

How to Book a Swinger Travel You can book your swinger vacation by following the below mentioned steps:

Talk things through with your partner well ahead in time. Some people claim that they are comfortable with the idea until they go through with the deed. Make sure that both you and your partner are okay with the idea of your spouse or partner showing sexual inclinations towards others.

Make a list of the places that you would like to see and various fun things you would want to try. Although it would be a swinger holiday, you can still make the best of a trip to Europe. If there is any particular place or city you want to see, such as Paris or Rome, only if the odds are good would you can find a destination in the area.

Go through a copy of Swingers magazine and check out the pages. The advertisements on these websites show a variety of resorts and getaways where swingers visit. They even advertise conventions for those interested in living the lifestyle. Find one particular resort where you and your partner would like some intimate lifestyle.

Call ahead to make a reservation and clarify if any questions are unanswered. This is the time to ask about clothing restrictions, amenities at the resort and the type of people that frequent the area. Double check your resort and room confirmation before ending the conversation.

Book your flight and pack your bags. Packing for swinger travel is extremely easy. Plan a swinging vacation or holiday once you get the preliminaries out of the way. As soon as you find a destination, get your things together and looking forward to the trip.

Buy Travel Insurance Before Traveling Abroad And Protect Yourself From Various Risks

When you are travelling abroad, you cannot anticipate what perils you might have to encounter during the trip. In the case of a sudden medical emergency at the destination, which leads to hospitalization and which can result in medical expenses how will you cope with the situation? You need travel insurance to help you out. Buy travel insurance right before your trip to cover for various types of risks that can happen on the trip.

The Benefits Offered By Travel Insurance

The cost of a basic travel insurance policy is very nominal and it offers a variety of benefits that will help you out when faced with a sticky situation abroad. Here is a look at the many benefits of taking the policy:
In case you land up with any medical problems, the policy will pay for the expenses
Losses incurred when baggage, travel documents or travelers cheques are lost will be compensated by the policy
In case of trip delay or cancellation it will pay for the expenses arising from this situation

These are the key benefits that you can get from the policy and there are lots more. For example, if you need some emergency financial assistance, the policy will help you out. In case of legal expenses arising from third party liability, the policy will pay for the losses. Hence, travel insurance protects you like nothing else. There is simply no way that anyone can be prepared for risks that happens when travelling or staying abroad and travel insurance is the only solution to such risks. You can get coverage for not just yourself, but also spouse and two dependent children.

How To Find Policy Cost And Get Coverage?

You can easily get travel insurance quotes by visiting the insurance companys website. Select the plan that you want and if you prefer certain add-ons look into them as well. Fill the appropriate details into the online calculator and it will show up the cost. Some of the various plans that you can look into are individual family, student, Schengen and multi-trip. You should also look into the exclusions of the policy before signing up. Proceed to fill the online application form and submit to the website. You will get policy documents in just a couple of hours. The policy documents will give a toll-free number that you can contact in case you need to make a claim. They will be sent to your email id. Period of coverage for the policy can be just 2 days for up to 182 days, which can also be extended to 365 days.