Grand Canyon National Park Choppers – Do These Over the Spring Time Holiday Period

It’s Spring Break season again, and that means it’s time for a well deserved getaway to soak up some fun and good weather. If you want to do something other than lay on a beach this year, then think about going to the Grand Canyon and taking a helicopter tour.

You can take one of these tour out of Las Vegas or from Arizona. The tours that depart from Vegas offer tours of the West Rim, while the Arizona tours all go to the South Rim. If you will be spending Spring Break in Vegas and want to see the North, South, and East Rims of the Grand Canyon, then you’ll need to buy a tour package that includes a plane flight to the South Rim where you can transfer to a chopper for the rest of the tour.

Las Vegas Air Tours

The Grand Canyon helicopters that fly out of Vegas also pass over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. That’s adds an extra bonus to your Grand Canyon air tour. The Las Vegas air tours are also available in air-only or landing versions.

The landing tours are a lot of fun, especially the ones that descend into the canyon and land at the bottom. On the floor of the canyon, you can enjoy a champagne picnic near the Colorado River. The landing tours come with optional upgrades too, such as a boat ride along the river that allows you to see the beautiful rock walls and formations along the river basin.

Some of the landing tours set down on top of the rim instead, so you can visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is a glass bridge that allows you to walk out over the canyon and look down 4000 feet to the ground below you.

The Arizona Air Tours

If you want to take a helicopter tour of the South Rim, the helicopter portion of your tour will begin at the South Rim, even if you depart from Vegas. The basic tour goes from there to the North Rim and back. The tour includes thirty minutes of air time and lets you see some spectacular scenery.

You can’t take a landing tour at the South Rim, but the tours there are still worth doing. The deluxe tour that lasts fifty minutes covers 75 percent of the entire Grand Canyon National Park. You’ll see all the land between the South and North Rim and all the way to the eastern border of the park. If you take this fun air tour over Spring Break, you’ll get to see more of the Grand Canyon in an hour than most people will see in their whole lives.

If you’d like something a little different, you can book a South Rim tour that includes a half hour helicopter tour with a two hour Jeep ride through the canyon. It’s really fun because you can see famous landmarks from the air and from the ground too.

Book Your Helicopter Tour Early

Spring Break is a popular travel time, so you should expect Grand Canyon tours to sell out fast. Try to buy your tour at least two weeks ahead of time and even more than that if you can. In fact, you might as well buy your helicopter tour right after you book your hotel room, so you don’t forget.

Booking your tour online is the way to go because it is so convenient, and it allows you to see all the available options in one place. Plus, when you buy your tour online from the tour operator’s website, you can avoid paying a travel agent, and that means you’ll get the lowest price possible.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this article will give you some ideas for your trip to the Grand Canyon over Spring Break. Touring by helicopter is the ultimate adventure experience. If you want even more adventure, add a landing tour to a West Rim trip or a Jeep excursion to a South Rim tour.

Don’t forget to book your seats as early as you can. Spring Break is underway and tickets are already being sold, so book now and get the tour you want.

Tips from the Author

The writer is a big fan of the Grand Canyon and recommends reading these reviews before going here for great prices on the best chopper trips available today:

Tired of the classical side of travel agencies in France Ola reinvents Travel

Ola Voyages offers its customers as collaborators solutions that make tourism easier, cheaper and more modern. First specializes in travel to Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil, Ola Voyages has gradually expanded its destinations to five continents. Whether you want to make a tour to Cambodia, a trip to Japan or Mexico ” la carte”, Ola Voyages negotiate for you the best rates with airlines and developing partnerships with local hotels. In this way the agency handles its own on-site monitoring of proposed trips.

Moreover, in the autumn 2010, telephone counselors available to answer all your questions, from Paris, but mostly on the spot … for the price of a local call! Indeed, Ola Voyages has established a telephone network operated by the Internet in their first destinations offices in Latin America. It is already possible to contact advisors travel to Peru, Chile and Mexico. Other destinations will follow, and it will soon be possible to ask questions about your trip to Hong Kong, Brazil, Namibia … to people who live there and are best placed to answer you. Exactly the same as if you were speaking directly to a travel agency in Argentina or Vietnam…

It’s easier, cheaper, and avoids the unpleasant but all too common impression of an “assembly line” journey.

Ola Voyages, it is also a different philosophy from most travel agencies in France. Willing to offer you travels, in the Philippines and Laos as in Argentina or Peru, which will leave an unforgettable memory and give you the urge to leave, Ola emphasizes the active participation of its customers, site users . Everyone is invited to give his opinion on his last trip to Venezuela, propose Circuit ideas in Cambodia, tell the discoveries made during a trip to Chile …

On the other hand, concerned with issues related to environment and social equity, the travel agency emphasizeq on partnerships with NGOs and local cooperatives, so your trip to Brazil or the Philippines, by example, will have a positive impact on people who live there. For customers Ola VOyages is also an opportunity to make a tour to Vietnam or travel to Japan enriching human experience.

The site, clear and ergonomic, centralizes the fifty-seven destinations offered by Ola Voyages and invites you to choose your own using an interactive map. Once you have decided on a trip to Indonesia and Peru, a fact sheet informs you of the particularities of the country and offers several hotels in different cities. Want to know everything about the Aztecs prior to traveling to Mexico? Need some weather data before making a first trip to Vietnam? A doubt on the most favorable dates to make a trip to South Africa? Want to know more about what you eat during your trip to Brazil? All information is there, no need to seek other sites with the information you need before you go traveling in Indonesia or Argentina. The map, whose precision increases on demand, give a more concrete idea of the destination. You can also view your trips, and “follow” the path of your tour in Laos for example. This is very useful when embarking on an adventure as a trip to Japan or a circuit in Viet Nam without knowing the region.

Reducing margins, limiting intermediaries and offering products manufactured less than usual, Ola Voyages is a true concept. A separate system, which aims to simplify travel and make it more enjoyable for passengers and a mini-revolution in the world of travel agencies in France and on the Internet.

Travel Safety 911

A safe trip is not impossible given that a traveler familiarizes himself or herself with possible scenarios to watch out for in a trip. Hassle free trips are expected from travel providers by travelers who avail of their services to go abroad. Travel safety remains to be a priority because accidents can strike at any moment regardless of the reputation of the travel provider and this article will prepare people for that.

It may be ignored but travel safety actually starts when a person packs his bags before the trip and it is best to have a clear list of what items to bring along. A traveler can avoid from being targeted by thieves by refraining from packing certain items that may mark him or her as an affluent tourist. Travelers should refrain from taking expensive items to detract possible theft attempts when they travel.

When traveling, travel safety can be attained by bringing only what a trip may call for say a few clothes and knick knacks and nothing else that will not be utilized for the duration. By packing only what is needed, travelers need not worry about handling or mishandling any items and can focus more on the more important things say travel documents for example. Lost bags are primarily due to people leaving their belongings even for a short period of time when they place them down to rest for a bit after lugging them for so long.

Travel safety for when carrying valuable items is to pack the items well and place them in concealed areas of the luggage. Distribute papers, cash, cards, and other documents within a bag in the different pockets available and do not make the mistake of placing them in only one wallet. Avoid from taking along too many valuables to maintain the ease and convenience of any trip.

People with eye conditions would ensure travel safety by simply bringing with them an additional pair of glasses. Also, travelers should never bring too much medicine when traveling and a significant amount that will last the trip will do. To avoid any problems with customs personnel, take medicine along in their original labeled containers.

Travel safety for drugs with narcotics is to attain a doctor’s note that can prove that these are needed by the traveler. Any concerns with regard to the legality of a drug in places of travel would require adequate research. It is also possible to simply call the consulates for this kind of information.

Travel safety for people is also bringing credit cards and traveler’s checks in line for cash. This can actually reduce theft problems where travelers can easily contact banks for the notification of an event. Having passport pictures and a copy of the information page can help a traveler if his or her passport is misplaced.

Having tags with a name, address, and contact number can make all the difference with lost luggage during any kind of trip as these simple tools can help airport authorities track down lost luggage and easily return them to their respective owners in the fastest time possible. Travel safety here lies in the protection of the personal data on the tags that can be partly hidden in some ways because although the information that is listed on the tags is necessary other people irrelevant to the purpose do not need to have easy access to every bit of a traveler’s personal information. Also, maintain usage of a good quality safety lock for all bags.

Telephone cards can work to a traveler’s advantage for emergency situations and even for simple family conversations. Access codes are needed for the proper utility of the telephone cards as these are generally required before calls can be made internationally and it is an important fact for travelers to be aware that each country has its own access code number. Travel safety is something required from people traveling anywhere and to do so is to simply follow some guidelines down to the last note.

Hue kites – High-flying culture

Hue ancient city had been the convergence of many pastimes such as making poems, playing cards in huts, and listening to Hue folk music. However, these entertaining activities just bring fun to joiners. Meanwhile, flying kites make everyone happy. People who fly a kite become a server meeting the happiness and admiration of onlookers. Hue kites came into being for hundreds years ago. They have been a featured Hue culture. Flying a kite is one of the most long-lasting recreational activities in Hue, attracting a large number of participants from children to the old people. It is not clear about the exact time when kites were born. It is said that, flying a kite was a game of children in countryside, and then the game spread and became popular in Hue royal citadel. For a long time ago, the royal class in Hue used to hold kite festivals in some big events. Since then, kites became more colorful and diverse in shapes. These kites are made of various materials by skillful artisans. The visual and performance art reached a high level. To make a kite flying high, artisans must have a skillful, ingenuous and talent technique. The process of making a kite undergoes several steps from choosing bamboo to make frame of kites to decorate them. Each kite is an artwork which is the combination of many factors such as art, architecture, aerodynamics, and folk experience. Artisans do not fly a kite and let them free in the sky, they will control to create a lively and flexible kite depending on its theme. Hue kites are characterized by different beautiful shapes such as butterfly, phoenix, dragon, frog, horse- and harmonic colors. Each kite has its own beauty, size and visual art. The most interesting thing of Hue kites is the performing art. Kites’ performances are seen as on-air puppetry art in Vietnam. Hue kites do honor Vietnamese kites at domestic and international kite festivals in Vietnam. In 1992, in the framework of Vietnam – France cultural festival, Vietnamese artisans were firstly invited to France to perform flying kites, which attracted all onlookers. In Vietnam tours to Hue, travelers not just have a chance to visit majestic Hue royal citadel, enjoy court cuisine, and court music, but also have an opportunity to explore Hue culture through vivid kites. Recently, there are Hue tours to explore kites. The exploring kite tours in Hue lasts about one hour. Travelers will be introduced by artisans with basic stages to make a kite. Travelers can join some of stages in the process, which brings an interesting feeling to them. Also, in this tour, travelers will have a chance to explore the history of kite art in Hue. Kite is an artwork, and artisans are architects and artists who ensure all kites to fly high. Many travelers coming to Hue are interested in Hue kites. They learn to make kites and bring them home as unique souvenirs. Flying kite becomes an appealing cultural sport. At present, there are many craft villages in Hue making kites, which are attractive and featured tourism services. In Vietnam travel, tourists will have chances to explore not only puppetry, water puppetry, but also air puppetry. Let’s come to Hue in summer to enjoy a flying kite performance in front of Ngo Mon Square or on beaches in Hue to feel the beauty of Hue kites. Author Bio: Nguyen Manh Dung is manager of AloTrip International Limited includes all web pages under or forming part of the domain name or any other AloTrip branded web pages. They provide travelers all necessary information about travel in Vietnam as well as Indochina. Besides, them three official websites , and will offer tourist all needed services and procedures to have a perfect journey.

Tutors Should Focus on Critical Thinking

Tutors should focus on critical thinking instead of preparing students for subject-related tests and exams. I know this statement will be met with a great deal of skepticism, and for good reason. The current structure of schooling promotes subject knowledge. Nonetheless, I will endeavor to explain my point of view.

In most schools today, there is an overwhelming emphasis on subject-related content. Students find their level of intelligence quantified by marks achieved on an assignment or test relating to a subject . Students who are able to memorise and recall information better than their peers generally score higher grades. This approach to instruction is what can best be described as the traditional model.

The traditional model has persevered the test of time. However, there are new approaches to teaching that challenge the traditional model. Inquiry-based learning and social constructivism are two such approaches to learning that provide a fresh new perspective. These new ideas are thought to be more efficient because they seek to involve the student more heavily in their learning. You can read more about this beyond the classroom critical thinking and take a look at a research paper on the subject.

The premise is, if you can increase student engagement and invest the student in their learning, the student will want to learn, and will do so with an increased level of zeal. Think about a hobby, for example. Most people have hobbies because on some level they find the hobby satisfying. Taking this concept forward, a model for teaching and learning that incorporates a student’s desires is far more likely to be effective.

The type of reasoning we provided above is classified as qualitative analysis. The logic seems sound, but as we know with fallacies, logic isn’t always so clear cut, or lack of a better word, logical. A better way to prove the above is to provide quantitative analysis.

In a research study I conducted in 2011, I took a sample size of 85 students and sought to quantify the effects of a new teaching and learning style. During the semester I did my best to incorporate inquiry-based learning, social constructivism and differentiated instruction. As a testing method, I asked students to reflect on the class and engage their critical thinking minds.

After collecting approximately 25 critical-reflective responses from all students, scoring them for their level of thinking and accuracy, I ran the numbers through a simple linear regression. I made the following observation:

R(squared) value equalled 0.711.

This means that 71.1% of the variability in the final course grade is associated with the final reflection grade. “WOW,” I thought. Is you are not following, let me explain differently. In the realm of statistics, 71.1% correlation is extremely favourable. At this percentage, it is hard to refute that one variable does not influence the other variable. In this case, students who were capable of engaging their critical thinking minds went on to achieve higher grades in the course.

Changing the way teachers interact in the classroom is not an easy task. Newly trained teachers are accepting these newer models in great frequency, but veteran teachers appear to resist change. If you are a student or parent considering tutoring, ask potential tutors if they are away of these new teaching and learning models.

Tutors who can help a student focus on critical thinking, in addition to homework support, will likely be far more effective than those who do not. Reflective thinking is one way to promote critical thinking. It is easy to do.

If you do not have a tutor, you can help your child with this by asking them to reflect on their homework. For example, did you notice any tricks or exceptions in your math work? What did it look like? Write the rule down to remind yourself next time. Why do you think the question was worded like that? These are a few questions to ask to get them thinking.

A good tutor will help with homework. A great tutor will help the student make connections with the work and their lives. An awesome tutor will inspire the students to learn, ask questions, and lead them to independence. Tutors who help develop a student’s critical thinking abilities will be more successful. The numbers support this statement.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christopher Binns is the owner and operator of Certified Tutors of Canada and Tutor Direct. Both companies provide access to In-home tutors and online tutors to help students achieve their academic potentials. Christopher Binns is the creator of the OPIR Framework, a process where tutors implement multiple intelligence theory and learning strategies to create independently successful learners.

A Coffee Lover’s Best Comrade – The Coffee Travel Mug

A travel mug can be much greater than some shoddy piece of plastic decomposing within your cabinet. Please do not buy an inexpensive gas station travel mug! There is plenty to think about before you just toss hard cash out the window. Don’t be suckered in by the many junky plastic mugs polluting the shelves of every convenience store on the block. If you just buy whatever from a local grocery market you may own a new item for the trash can rather than a valuable coffee vessel. Follow through this article and you’ll know very well what to look for to find a top quality coffee travel mug.

If you keep reading, you will find some helpful pointers to help out in your hunt for the just right travel mug.

Location, location, location. Will you be hauling it around at work, or using it in your car? If you will be using your mug at work, you possibly will desire to consider buying a mug with a nice wide foot, so you don’t knock it over on your desk.

As the name suggests, a travel mug is usually used on the move. If you will be drinking coffee in your car then you must consider your cup holder. Cup holders are the disgrace of many an vehicle. Some can hold everything you chuck at them, while others can only hold a 12 oz soda can. Make certain your cup holder can accommodate whatever mug you select, particularly if it has a handle. If you like to have a mug with a handle consider how low the mug will fit in your car’s cup holder. If the handle attaches too low on the mug it may not rest properly in the holder. If you insist on buying a travel coffee mug with a handle then you can always search for a mug with a handle located high on the mug.

Quantity, quantity, quantity. Do you plan on putting your bladder through a daily marathon, or are you a sipping type of person? Remember, that a big coffee mug is a burdensome coffee mug.

Some like it hot! Do you like your coffee to remain smoking hot? If you are a slow coffee drinker you will beyond doubt desire a double insulated travel coffee mug. The less surface area a mug has the better job insulation can perform. Squatty mugs that are insulated, or double walled usually will keep coffee hot for longer than a tall mug. Short and fat mugs may keep coffee hot the longest, but they may not fit your car’s cup holder.

Now consider what your mug is built of? Do you enjoy stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, or all three? You can’t go wrong with stainless steel, and ceramic adds a good insulating factor. Double insulated stainless steel travel mugs that are stainless on the inside and out are very nice, but combining ceramics and steel is awesome. Stainless steel looks pleasant and it lasts. Purchase the appropriate mug and you can hold on to if for a long time.

The next thing to consider is the mug’s lid. The lid is really the thing that makes a travel mug a travel mug. If you will be using your travel mug in your car you will desire a lid with a slip slider, or other device to keep hot coffee from splashing out and onto your lap. I never buy a mug with a loose swivel shut off. Those things are infamous for leaking. Swivel slides habitually become loose and leak coffee everywhere. I would obtain a mug with a firm fitting slip slider.

Next you will desire to consider how the lid attaches to the travel mug. Most travel mug lids have a lower piece that fits inside the mug. They are held with rubber gaskets. If you drop your mug, one of these types of lids may come off. The most desirable lids are screw on. Those puppies will not go anyplace. It is relatively arduous to obtain all stainless travel mugs with screw on lids, but if you search high and low you will probably find one.

Lastly, you must take appropriate care of your travel mug if you desire it to last. Practically all double insulated mugs are not dishwasher safe. You must wash your mug by hand. Make sure you don’t soak it in water either. Double insulated mugs consist of an inner and outer shell that is glued together with a top ring. If you soak it long enough water will leak into the inner walls and wreck your mug.

Casita Trailers For Sale Online And Information On Why A Casita Travel Trailer Is For You

Travel Trailers by Casita are popular due to being aerodynamic, gas efficient, lightweight, and made of rigid fiberglass. You can buy a Casita travel trailer direct from the the manufacturer as they sell directly to the public. The travel trailers for sale are space-age two piece fiberglass shell construction.

Casita Trailers are great because of the choice of siding instead of frame construction. The trailers are easily repaired and cleaned due to this fact. Risk of rust and normal wear is lessened due to this design innovation.

The all fiberglass bottom pan reduces rust problems and under carriage water leakage. Sealed wood flooring is another great feature in a Casita Trailer. Road moisture and dust problems are decreased with the fiberglass bottom pan.

The heavy duty steel frame improves underbody strength and protects the travel trailers from road and rough terrain. Casita also installs heavy duty suspension mounts on their travel trailers for sale. No need to worry about tough terrain with a Casita Trailer because they come with a rubber torsion suspension bar. If you like a travel trailer that’s maintenance free, the independent suspension provides this as a feature in travel trailers for sale by Casita.

Interior condensation is prevented with a highly insulated interior. This keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer in a Casita trailer. Additionally, the insulation reduces outside noise levels.

Lightweight, fiberglass interior furniture in every Casita trailer decreases warping and makes the trailer easy to maintain. The lightweight nature of the the travels make them able to be pulled by even the lowest horse powered automobiles. Easily hook up any vehicle to a Casita trailer.

Low wind resistance when towing and low cross-wind resistance is achieved through a great aerodynamic design in a Casita travel trailer. Towing and stability on the road is increased by Casita’s aerodynamic designs. This leads to a safer and more efficient travel trailer towing experience.

Other great features of a Casita trailer for sale are approx. 50 cu. ft. of Storage Space; Large Screened Windows; Potable On Board and City Water Hook Up With Water Heater.a Spacious Private Shower and Toilet; choice of Sleeping Accommodations; and a complete, Usable Galley As Standard Equipment.

A Casita trailer is one of the best lightweight travel trailers for sale. In a new or used travel trailer for sale by Casita Trailer company, you’ll find all the latest and convenient features and amenities. If you’re looking to travel by automobile and want to save money, travel trailers are the way to go and Casita Trailers are some of the most well-known in the industry.

Travel Is Always Fun In A Group

Travel, anything that comes in mind, it is like exploring more. Its all about knowing places that you have never visited before, meeting new faces and experiencing thing that you have never tried before. Generally people do that during vacations; for few weeks holidays, or on a tour. All the people whole love traveling is same. If anything differs then it is about pushing away the limits and exploring mire. How people choose depends on them.

When people think about tours, they are likely to imagine bus filled with travelers who get out of a bus, take a photo awhile the tour guide provides a brief description about the sights importance, again get back to bus to reach another location.

As a matter of fact, tours come in all sizes and shape. We think of tours that is bigger rather than little day trips. But even the little ones are best and get counted. Regardless of considering a tour, its important to appreciate each individual role in groups while travelling.

What are Group Tour and travel Packages?

Group Tour packages are usually pre-arranged tips. Tour packages usually include services related to travel such as transportation and accommodations. It also consists of the travel plan that is inclusive, which will include special guides, meals, sightseeing, etc. Normally tour packages are put by an independent operator related to tour. They are made available to clients or customer through different travel agencies.

What is the importance of tour package?

Simply going to tours is not as beneficial as purchasing a package of the tour. It generally delivers good value and is the best form of travel. With tour package you are more likely to not spend more time alone or with agencies to put pieces of travel together. Sometimes, it can be confusing too, unless you shop wisely and read brochures carefully.

Why Travelling is beneficial?

Nowadays people are likely to be more attracted to travelling by getting some time out of their busy schedules. People travel for different reasons. Reasons may be long listed such as recreation, holiday to visit family or people, religious pilgrimages.

Travelling basic motives are exploration, discovery, getting to know different cultures and making personal life better. Travel can be national, international or religious.

What is the importance of group travel tours?

Most companies that are operating tour packages are based on large coach. Larger groups can probably offered by a good value for money. It is because the organizers costs that are usually fixed can be spread among the large group of travelers as a result individually everyone gets benefited. Meanwhile, when there is small group it usually provides a friendly atmosphere and flexibility.

What is the importance of Tour Guides while travelling?

The most efficient feature of a good travel is getting a tour guide so when you travel you also explore more and get a conveying knowledge. Thus, for a tour guide important qualities are balanced combination of interpersonal skills and subject knowledge. In other words, the tour guide should be able to convey his visitor what he/ she is talking about in such a way that visitor lack no interest while listening and there is better imparting of knowledge.

Benefits of planning your Dubai tour with Dubai travel agency

Dubai one of the fastest transforming business and tourist hotspot of the world is attracting millions of Visitors from every corner of the globe every year. Apart from phenomenal development of real estate and beeline of multinationals, another factor contributed significantly towards this transformation that happened in just one decade. This is the way through which dubai travel agent marketed Dubai internationally. Now, be it for vacationing or for a business trip, Dubai is a destination to reckon with. If you are planning to visit this amazing metro of Middle East, these agents will materialize the plan in a cost effective manner and without any hassle.

Be it booking your ticket, arranging accommodation or sightseeing, all the aspects associated with your Dubai visit become hassle free when you entrust it to a Dubai travel agency. They offer both inbound and outbound services. It means, they help people who want to visit Dubai and also the people who want to go other destinations from Dubai. There are several travel agencies in Dubai offering both in-bound and out-bound tours and packages. The best part of these agencies is the packages. These agencies prepare multiple packages keeping the budget of different income group. No doubt, the facilities available in one package vary from the other. But, there are some common facilities in each package.

Dubai is not all about sky scrappers. You can also have a chance to witness the rich art, literature, culture and natural beauty of the city with help of your Dubai travel agent. Must visits in Dubai are Dubai museum, Copacabana (the heaven for night birds and party lovers) and The Souks (the shopping paradise). The most notable thing about any reputed dubai travel agency is the hospitality they show to their customers. Personalized approach for all the customers is the best thing about these agencies. All most all leading travel agencies of Dubai have their own website. You can book your package after comparing multiple packages online. The payment gateway of these websites is highly secured. Hence, you should not be worried about any online fraud or scam. In a nutshell, these agencies drive away the worries from your Dubai trip and fill it with only fun, excitement and an unfading experience for ever.

Author Bio:

Myself webmaster of we provide real information about dubai travel agency and dubai travel agent. Click here to get the detailed information about >> International travel agent

What Cause Constipation In Adults

Constipation is a condition when the person finds it difficult to expel the solid waste of the body. It refers to a difficulty and infrequent bowel movement.

People who are suffering this kind of symptom find it extremely hard to pass the dry, hard stool out of the body. Thus, defecation tends to be very painful and causes a lot of discomfort. Constipation may result from a variety of causes.

The following are the known causes of constipation.

1. Lack of fiber in the diet.

Most individuals are into eating meat, dairy products, eggs, and refined sugar that are high in fat but low in fiber. Fiber is one important factor of a balanced diet that helps prevent constipation.

A fiber-enriched diet can help speeds up the passage of stool throughout the rectum. There are two kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance that slows down digestion.

It helps delay the emptying of the stomach and makes one feel full that eventually controls increase in weight. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, is considered gut-healthy fiber due to its laxative effect.

It adds bulk to the diet thereby preventing constipation. This fiber does not dissolve in water, but it tends to pass through the gastrointestinal tract to speed up the passage of food and waste through the intestine. Insufficient fiber in the diet definitely causes constipation.

2. Lack of physical activity.

Exercise helps increase intestinal muscles contractions, thereby helping to expel solid wastes. It is also important in relieving stress, which is known to contribute to constipation.

Lack of physical activity is considered to be one of the reasons why constipation is common in older people. Elderly tend to move lesser and slower for they easily get tired moving. The less they regularly move, the more prone they become to having constipation.

3. Medication.

There are a lot of medications that most individuals take that could cause constipation. Examples of medication are antacids that contain aluminum hydroxide, antispasmodic drugs, antidepressants, anticonvulsant drugs, iron supplements, diuretics and painkillers.

These medications include constipation as its side effects. Most of the mentioned medications tend to make the body eliminate more fluids than usual. The more fluids expelled. The lesser fluid supplied to the intestine, which eventually cause dry, hard stools.

4. Milk.

Dairy products, including milk can cause constipation. Milk contains less fiber, especially processed ones. Most of the commercial milk contains more fat and less fiber, which thereby causes constipation.

5. Irritable bowel syndrome

This is also considered as spastic colon and typically exhibits changes in bowel function. If a person experience irritable bowel syndrome, he may have abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, excessive gas, bloating, and constipation with alternating diarrhea.

6. Life changes and routine such as pregnancy, aging and travel. Changes in lifestyle may cause constipation.

One is pregnancy.

Constipation during pregnancy may be due to a lot of factors. The factors include mechanical pressure on the bowel due to the increasing size of the womb, hormonal changes, and changes in food and fluid intake. In some instances, pregnant women develop anal fissure, painful hemorrhoids and anal stenosis.

These conditions produce severe pain when defecating, which eventually triggers a reflex spasm along the muscles of the anal sphincter. This spasm may delay bowel movements and decrease the urge for intestinal opening just to avoid anal pain.

Second, the aging process.

Older adults are more likely to have constipation due to poor diet, insufficient fluid intake, lack of exercise, medications side effects, poor bowel habits, prolonged bed rest and habitual use of enemas and laxative.

Third, traveling.

When a person travel, the search for a comfortable restroom hinders one to act to the urge of having a bowel movement. In addition to that, the tendency of having a low fluid intake and eating mostly on fast food while on travel is more likely. This may result to insufficient hydration and not enough fiber in the diet and eventually develop constipation.

7. Abuse of laxatives.

Habitual use of laxatives leads a person to gradually produce dependency on these certain medications. In certain instances, an individual who is into use of laxatives may eventually require increasing amount of laxatives only to defecate.

There are instances as well that the bowel becomes insensitive to laxatives, which leads the person not to feel the urge to move the bowels, even with the use of laxatives.

8. Ignoring the urge to defecate.

Specific examples are avoiding the use of public restrooms and avoiding the urge due to being preoccupied. Ignoring the desire to defecate may initiate a cycle of constipation.

After some period of time, the individual may stop feeling the desire to move the bowels. This eventually leads to progressive constipation. It is best to answer the urge to defecate to prevent developing of more serious problems.

9. Dehydration.

Liquids add fluid to the bulk of stool and to the colon, which makes bowel softer and defecation easier to be expelled out. When a person is dehydrated, the body tends to release more fluid than normal, which results to less fluid allocation in the intestines and in the formed stool.

When less fluid is amounted to the needs of the intestines, the possibility of having constipation is more likely.

10. Diseases and medical conditions, such as stroke.

Disease that involves neurological disorders, metabolic and endocrine disorders, and systemic conditions that can affect organ functions may likely cause constipation. Disease of the brain and spinal cord includes stroke, Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

Metabolic and endocrine conditions include diabetes, hypercalcemia, hypothyroidism and uremia. Systemic disorders where constipation can most likely develop are lupus, scleroderma and amyloidosis.

11. Colon and rectal problems.

There are a number of diseases that can affect the function of the muscles and nerves of the colon. Such diseases inclined an individual affected to have a symptom of constipation.

These diseases include diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitic, Chagas disease, scleroderma and even cancer that have tumors that block the colon.

12. Problems with intestinal function.

This usually involves intestinal obstructions. Mechanical compression and interference with the normal bowel functions can occur if an intestinal obstruction is present.

Some known intestinal function problems are scarring of the intestine due to inflammatory bowel diseases, inflammatory adhesions, intestinal cancers, abdominal hernia, intestinal twisting, an existence of swallowed foreign bodies that are hardly expelled, intussusceptions, where one part of the intestine is drawn into the other part, and postoperative adhesions.

This is a long list of possibly scary causes of constipation, but with proper diet and hydration coupled with exercise, constipation can be managed well.