Travel Trips For Kenya

For many a trip to Kenya is a dream of a lifetime. Just thinking about the amazing sights is enough to make you want to hop on the next plane for Nairobi. But there are many considerations to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable. Here is a list to keep in mind.

Passport &Visas

A passport is required for any international travel and Kenya requires most foreigners to obtain a visa before officially entering the country (Commonwealth country citizens do not need a visa, however). Visas are available at Kenya’s international airports and main border crossings; one can also obtain a visa beforehand in one’s home country.

Tourist visa are good for up to 30 days and if you’ll be leaving the country and then returning (many people cross over to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro or trek the Serengeti) be sure to get a multiple-entry visa so you can return to Kenya without problems.


There are no required immunizations to enter Kenya except from countries where Yellow Fever is present in which case you will need to bring your immunization card showing an inoculation. From Europe or the United States nothing is required.

That being said, medical professionals highly recommend:

2.Hepatitis A
4.Yellow Fever
5.Polio (update)
6.Tetanus (update)

Malaria is a risk and Kenya is the home of a strain resistant to chloroquine. When receiving anti-malarial drugs, be sure to specify that you are visiting Kenya to get the right treatment.


Kenya is a tourist friendly country and for the most part one will find the people friendly and welcoming. That being said, many areas in Africa are poverty stricken and Kenya is no different. Most foreigners attract locals selling goods and those looking for a handout. Simply stay calm and one can oblige or politely decline and be on your way. One should not be out alone at night whether in the city or the country.

In terms of good rules for traveling to any foreign country, one should keep a copy of one’s passport and keep it in a safe place. Also as a precaution, one should not carry a large amount of cash nor wear jewelry that would attract any attention. If carrying a camera or video equipment, be discreet and be aware of surroundings at all times. If it is necessary to carry a large sum of cash, invest in a money belt of other hidden wallet system.

If renting a car keep windows and doors closed and locked while driving, especially in the cities. Driving at night is treacherous as many cars and trucks are missing headlights and the roads are extremely rutted and filled with potholes.

Travel Seasons

For a trip to Kenya you want to plan the dates carefully. To get the most out of a trip and to get the best chance at seeing wildlife, try and visit during the dry season. During this time the animals cluster around key waterholes so viewing is easier. If interested in seeing the great migration of wildebeest in the Rift Valley, the best time is late-July through September.

So with some careful preparation and planning, one can truly get the most out of a trip to Kenya. From the Massai Mara to the island of Lamu, Kenya has a lot to offer the adventurous traveler.

Some Great Tips To Plan Your Adventure Travel

It positively would not be an embellishment in the event that it is said that it is hard to discover any individual who is not keen on traveling! There are numerous individuals who likewise discover extraordinary joy in ‘adventure travel’ and take it as delicately as a nighttime walk. As the name itself demonstrates, adventure travel is a trip that gives an irregular and energizing knowledge to the traveler looking for adventures. There are an extraordinary numerous sort of encounters that fall under the classification of adventure travel – social adventures, campaigns, natural life adventures, and dynamic adventures to name a couple.

One who wishes to go on an adventure travel might absolutely have an agreeable picture of what sort of adventure he plans to tackle. You can arrange it all alone however it can take a great deal of time and a considerable measure more befuddling than you can envision. To make things simpler and to make the travel agreeable, the best alternative would be to approach a decent travel agent. The rush and fervor that you would get on your trip will be various and the trip all the more charming.

You can discover a few adventure travel agencies prepared to serve yet the shrewdness lies in picking an expert travel agent or organization. Proficient direction helps the traveler get individual fulfillment.
There are a few reasons which talk for a decent adventure travel agent or travel organizations. A decent agency is one which arranges everything flawlessly for the traveler. They typically mastermind a visit pioneer who is very much aware of the spot, the traditions of the individuals and any particular issues connected with the zone, if any. There are a large number of us who will be traveling alone in light of the fact that we are not able to discover a decent sidekick. In such cases, looking for the assistance of a decent agent will furnish us with instant traveling buddies. A decent agency goes for the individual fulfillment of the travelers that come to them. Numerous travel agencies attempt to bait clients by offering discounts; however discounts now and then mean cutting on the administrations advertised. Shoddy excursion bundles would just deny you of solace which is typically given to the traveler. A decent travel agent is dependably there for the traveler in the event of an issue or if something terrible happens.

Looking for the assistance of the adventure travel master spares a ton of time and cash since they attempt the plans like transportation, early bookings on discounts in lodgings and resorts, local and global travel. They additionally give the obliged help travel permit and visa applications. In short, they coddle everything the needs of the traveler.

The expert foundation of the adventure travel agent empowers the traveler to get a thought whether the agent is prepared well and can make his trip a charming, exciting, agreeable and energizing one. An expert agency has its work force prepared in business administration and tourism or their staff must pass a course with the Organization of the Ensured Travel Agents.

Excursions are something that practically everybody appreciates. Not just in light of the fact that it considers rest, unwinding and an opportunity to restore additionally in light of the fact that a few get-aways, for example, adventure travel, can be thrilling. Adventure travel is just beneficial and agreeable however in the event that it is arranged legitimately. It is critical to use the assistance of an adventure travel agent when arranging your get-away with the goal that you can evade any issues or troubles once you are really on an excursion. Don’t let your excursion be ruined, call a solid, reliable adventure sports company today!

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Crater Camp the Ultimate Klimanjaro Climb Experience

So you think that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro might not be quite difficult enough. Want to get away from all the crowds on some of the busier rates. Well if you have experience of trekking at altitude already and have the time to acclimatise properly then sleeping in crater camp may be just what you are looking for. This is one sure way to experience the ultimate adventure and bring your Kilimanjaro climbing expedition to a spectacular close.

So why opt to stay in crater camp. First as I say above you really do get away from everyone else. Whenever we have had clients stay in crater camp they have always been the only one’s there and this is the most amazing wilderness experience.

Most trekkers think being in the crater is what it would feel like if you were walking on the moon! Ignore the zero gravity part, but the entire atmosphere and ambience that is created in the region is really quite similar to what it would be like on the moon.

Second you have time to tour the crater and visit the still smoking fumarole at the heart of the crater.The ash pit will definitely remind you of the Star Wars barbed hole in the desert sand. Most people don’t know that Kilimanjaro is dormant not extinct and at the centre of the crater the volcano still smokes.

Third if you go to the Western rim at sunset the views watching the sun go down are amazing. Nearly as good as the views you get the next morning at the east rim watching the sun rise. And of course you won’t have to join the midnight scramble to reach the rim for dawn as you are already on the roof of Africa waiting.

And that brings me to the fourth great reason to stay in the crater which is that you can do the summit climb in the day having had a full nights sleep.

So what are the downsides of this option. Well most importantly you will be sleeping at nearly 5600m so the risk of altitude sickness is quite high. This is why we only offer this option on 9 day climbs following the Machame route with lots of time to let your body adjust.

Then there is the fact that temperatures in the crater vary greatly during the day. While in the daytime it can range from pleasantly warm to swelteringly hot, as soon as dusk falls, temperatures plummet down well below freezing (-15 to -25 degrees C).

But if you are up to facing these problems and can bear the rigors of climbing Kilimanjaroto this height, you are really in for a treat. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a fantastic challenge. Sleeping in the Crater on Kilimanjaro is the ultimate challenge.

About The Author Paul is founder and Jt Managing Director of Private Expeditions, the high altitude trekking experts who specialise in taking clients safely to the world’s iconic trekking destinations: Kilimanjaro, Everest base camp and Machu Picchu. For more articles visit –

Swinger Travel – It’s all about an erotic travel experience

Swinger travel is like heaven for the couples who swap their life partners, or their fiances, girlfriends for they have all fun in an excellent manner.

Swinger Travel provides couples the opportunity to have fun in an erotic way with food, parties and swapping and even some of the travel endeavours provide the option of being nude during the whole time period of the swinger vacations that these couples go on.

One can enjoy all night while being in one’s natural state and people generally prefer to go for such cruises as they can enjoy the erotic leisure and pleasure in a luxurious way.

Swinger travel comes out to be good for those people who are open minded. Hence, they meet people having the same wish of exploring their sexual tendencies. One needs to a good communicator as it helps in sharing what two individuals can have in common, and this ensures the desired results shared in an act of good and sensational love making.

Swinger travelling adventures is being liked by couples (married or unmarried) and they can have all the fun that is to be experienced from swinging. There are cruises and resorts that provide such travels.

Swinger Vacations helps in exploring of sexual fantasies and with the mutual assent of other individuals, one can even have the pleasure of enjoying the urge of swapping and exhibitionism.

Swinger are the perfect vacations for all those who want to enjoy and fulfil one’s sexual desires, however, these vacations also include other enjoyable escapades like scuba diving and water skiing.

If one wants to have the pleasure of enjoying such vacations then one would be requiring essential information and this information is present on many sites with the information being about destinations, cruises etc.

Swingers can book tickets online which are delivered at their doorsteps. People can also read the experience of other couples who have been to such vacations by reading the blogs that are present on these websites.

Swinger resorts provide liberties for having fun and enjoyment and also enable the swingers to meet all of their sensual needs and sexual pleasures. Swinger travel to most of the destinations and bear the exclusion of clothes that makes them free from the tension of packing. One can try his/her hands out at soft, bisexual, group sex and swapping.

Book Cheap Iberia Airlines Ticket

Services Offered by Iberia Airlines

If you are looking for an airline that not only offers you comfort journey but also a sense of security along with the best connections and fare than Iberia airlines is the best for you. Iberia airlines is the largest and national carrier of Spain with its headquarter and base in Madrid. Iberia airlines operate both domestic and International airlines from Madrid and Barcelona airports. With the merger with British Airways in 2010, Iberia airlines and British Airways became the third largest in terms of revenue and are also able to expand their network by few notches more. Iberia airlines enjoys code share agreements with airlines like Air Malta, Avianca, Bulgaria Air, British Airways, British Airways Limited, Com air, Czech Airlines, El Al, GolTransportes Areos, Interjet, Korean Air, Meridiana Fly, Royal Air Maroc, Ukraine International Airlines, US Airways and Vueling Airlines. Iberia is one of those airlines that provide very decent and honest services to the travelers and that is the only reason why it is rated among the most preferred European carriers among travelers to fly with.

Book cheap Iberia airlines ticket

Today whether you are high flyer or a budget traveler, everybody loves to save that little extra on your flight bookings. So if you are the travelling to Asia, Americas or the Africa, there is one airline that not only provide you good and comfortable journey but also is light on your pockets as well. There may be numerous flights you can find online everywhere and that is why Air Travel Experts UK brings to you their state of the art online booking engine that not only helps you finding the cheap airlines tickets for a particular month but also let you choose and book at the very same time. So if you are the one looking for cheap Iberia airlines ticket, log online and book the ones that just for you!

Package Tourism

A popular form of travel package tours are fully organized tour where in the tour operators arrange for the whole trip in advance. This type of tourism is possible for large groups though some operators cater to small groups as well.

Tour packages usually offer pre arranged transportation and accommodation. But many packages offers extensive services like conducting sightseeing or wildlife watching in company of guides and manager. The services are determined by the costs and offerings.

The package tours may include to and fro air tickets as well. There is no harm in booking extensive package trips since the organizer benefits are passed of to the tourists. The packaged tours are safe and enjoyable hence the popularity. This kind of travel is most preferred by inbound tourists from foreign countries.

Top rated tour operators who conduct tours in large groups of fourteen to sixteen member are more in demand. They are usually landing agents for large tour companies based in the parent country. The tour is virtually conducted by the operator of the country to be visited.

The service providers and accommodation hotels get business in bulk in packaged tourism. They pass on the cost benefit is provided to the operator who in turn reduces the travel costs chargeable. Hence packaged tourism has made tour affordable.

Customized group travel packages are also feasible through established organizers. The tourists design their own itinerary, accommodation and transportation preference and forward it to the company. The company then conducts the travel so designed and gets a commission.

In all forms of packaged travel financial security and safety is there. Most of the trips are conducted by professional managers and guides hired by the company. This makes tour efficient, safe and interesting as many employees offer interactive interpretation of the offerings. Hence it is advisable to travel in groups tours for holidays.

The trend for holiday packages has witnessed a recent upsurge. Both predefined and customized packages are in demand. Most of the tourists are booking packages offered by popular organizers and companies all over the World.

Find Cheap Air Travel Options For Your Next Holiday

There are so many options for finding cheap air travel that to pay full price these days would be a crime. Many people spend the bulk of their holiday funds on the airfares and so finding a cheap flight is a great incentive for having remaining funds for your holiday. If you can take the time to search out low cost options for your air travel you may find you can upgrade to that fancy suite at the hotel of your dreams so why not give it a try?

You need to make sure you have in mind exactly what you want, the destination of course being a big factor. If you are flexible enough to choose the destination based on the cost of the airfares then the only things you need to have in mind are what kind of weather you are interested in having for your trip.

Do some research check out where the low cost travel options are currently, perhaps you have some areas that are currently hot and are offering excellent travel options and as said if you are flexible with your destination then you have almost unlimited choices.

So once the destination is decided you can begin your search to find the cheapest price. You need to ensure you give yourself the time to do this, if you are interested in a quick result you are more likely to end up paying more than you should be for your flight tickets. So take your time, and find as many different options as you can, not only with airlines but in the way you reach your desired destination. Sometimes a direct flight is all everyone looks for what about including in your holiday the travel from place to place you may find this works out cheaper for you and you of course get to take in more areas in the one trip.

An important part of finding the right ticket at the right price is the ability to be flexible with the dates you can travel. Often there are price differences relating to weekend or holiday periods and if you can work around those dates to obtain a cheaper price then you will be better off in the long term. It may mean extending your holiday by a day or making it a day shorter but if you can save a great deal of money doing this then perhaps this is something you should be considering.

Some airlines will offer you options such as no meals and these often reduce the costs of your travel. You also need to look at domestic travel options if your final destination involves an internal flight within the desired country. Perhaps again mixed in with your final destination you purchase your air tickets to the main hub of the country but then source other travel options from that point on. Just something more you can include in your range of options when seeking out the best prices for your trip. Everything you save on your airfares will be more money you can spend on the holiday once you arrive.

Make sure when you have found your chosen air travel option that you have read all the fine print information that comes with that particular airline or indeed with that particular flight. Especially if you are booking a long way in advance for your tickets to save on costs only to find that should there be a reason to change your dates you are not able to because the ticket does not give this option.

You should also make sure that you check details such as luggage limitations for the airline itself you dont want to get cheap air travel only to find out you have huge excess baggage charges and sometimes, especially with internal or domestic flights that can happen.

So you have some hints to get you started, what are you waiting for? Your holiday is out there waiting for you to come and get it so get that cheap air travel sorted, save up the spending money and get on your way to your great low cost holiday.

Explore How Traveling Is Uncomplicated With Leather Travel Wallets

Traveling can be very difficult at times, and you want it to be as easy as possible. A travel wallet can make things much easier, especially if you plant to do any traveling out of your own country. There are so many wonderful wallets to choose from in a variety of colors of leather in styles for men and women. The following will help you find out why it is better to travel with leather travel wallets.

If you are organized in life, it seems to run much more smoothly, and the same will go for your trip. Having all of your documentation in one place can help you have a more pleasant trip experience with a great deal less stress. Checking in at the airport will be easy because you have a great wallet, and you will have everything ready when asked.

There are so many different types of travel wallets available, that you may spend a long time before being able to choose. The first thing you will probably want to decide is if you prefer a very thin wallet or if you prefer extra security in closing. There are some beautiful wallets available both ways in the finest grain leather in the most vibrant colors.

The thin wallets for men will be very comfortable either in the pants or breast pockets. Women may not be as particular about the thickness as they are the security of maintaining everything inside. In the case of added safety, they have lovely zippered, or heavy snap closure wallets that will keep everything secure and nothing can come out until you choose to take it out.

If you are really into security, look into a particular wallet that has a hidden compartment to carry boarding passes, etc. These are called hidden wallets and they also in come in exquisite leather styles. They appear to be regular wallets, and you may never know that it is a travel wallet.

It is time for you to think about shopping for that wallet that will help get your organized for a trip. Think of how much less stress it will be for you to have all of your documents together in one place. There is a wallet out there that is just for you.

Quinny Travel System- The Right Travel System For Parents

Travel systems are of great utility to parents who have small babies and desire for some mobility. Mobility is always a casualty when babies are small, because one would end up disturbing baby and also perhaps also have some hassles in terms of ensuring safety and security of the baby. Babies are quite susceptible to motion as well as car sways, which is why one has to be quite careful with every move. One of the best ways to ensure that kids are transported in safety and comfort the use of Quinny travel system has become quite the benchmark in travel systems around the world.

The Quinny travel system may be a little expensive, but it brings about a world of convenience as well as comfort to parents who want to travel with kids securely. This is because these systems are quite advanced and bring about the advantages of the modern technology and design that go into making a quality Quinny travel system. While these may be a little costly as compared to other travel systems, the wide range will indeed boggle your mind and leave you amazed at the variety that is possible to locate. There are so many people who have no qualms in paying a little extra to get these quality travel systems.

The Quinny travel system brings the best of light weight comfort and great deal of flexibility due to superior design and wonderful styling that are so characteristic of these systems. The material used is special aluminum which is so very light as well as quite durable. These also have special swivel type wheels for greater comfort and ease of pushing the travel system around the park or the mall, wherever you choose to travel with bonny baby. If you ask any of the happy customers of the Quinny travel system, you will get rave reviews as these are generally happy and satisfied customers that you would encounter.

Quinny travel system is available in various versions as well as price points. This is one reason why one can go online and see the various systems and the options that are available. There are many sizes available too and a host of colors that you can choose from, for your best travel system pleasure as per your unique taste and sensibilities. It’s not a bad idea to pay a little extra when you can buy yourself some comfort.

Travel can be fun-filled and Rejuvenating Experience

Since the market generally caters to the needs of the consumers, the whopping number of travel companies and travel guides speaks volumes about the need for traveling. With 195 official countries in the world and each having its own unique culture, customs and traditions, traveling is a surely a way of increasing ones awareness of the lives of other people.

The main benefit of globe trotting is knowledge and awareness. However, people may travel for different reasons and those bitten by wanderlust only need an excuse to travel. Besides business, people may like to travel for leisure during holidays. They may like to move away from the crowds and din of city life to a more calm and quiet place such as hilly regions. They would like to travel just for fun and recreation or for exploring new places.

The billion-dollar tourism industry is am ample proof of how much people like to travel. Travel has its own charms for the nature lovers. Many of us can boast of staying in the lap of luxury but there are very few who can boast of staying in the lap of nature. Traveling gives the nature lovers a chance be surrounded by mist and clouds, hear a nightingale sing or build a sand castle on a seashore.

While discussing the reasons why people love to travel we cannot ignore the food lovers who like to sample the cuisine from different parts of the world.

The growing threat of global warming has lead to the emergence of the new concept of ecotourism. Ecotourism can be described as a nature-based tourism that helps in safeguarding the interest of our fragile planet. The eco-traveler visits natural areas while taking care not to affect the integrity of the ecosystem.

So generally speaking people travel for the following reasons:

* Business

* Leisure

* Exploring different places

* Sampling the cuisines

* Soothing their tired souls after hectic schedules.

* Being close to the nature

Besides these reasons there is another unusual reason and that is the curative effect of travel. An incident that proves the therapeutic effect of travel is about a man who had only one year left to live due to an incurable heart disease.

Instead of spending his time in misery he decided to go backpacking with his wife. In the absence of the stress of his demanding job and the daily grind of life the mans health improved to the extent that he became normal.

Such incidences show how taking out some time to travel to some peaceful place can heal the body, mind and the soul. However, in order to make most of the healing effect of travel or to make the most of it, it is necessary to leave all the worries behind.