Egypt In Early Stages Of Travel And Tourism Boom

Globalization has changed the face of economy and Tourism is officially an industry and officially a factor that contributes to national and individual income. Egypt has always been the center of global intrigue due to its rich history. In 2010 alone, Egypt received somewhat around 15 million tourists and the revenue through this peaked to $12.5 billion. Statistics have revealed that almost 12% the country’s workforces were employed by travel sector during its peak time. In fact, tourism caters to almost 11% and 14.4% of Gross domestic product and foreign currency revenues respectively.

When Egypt Tourism was in its early stages, almost a million tourists visited the country in 1951. After 1975 with better visa conditions and processing, the number of tourists visiting the erstwhile kingdom of pharaohs saw a major spurt. Tourists from numerous European and North American countries and new countries like Austria, Denmark, etc started visiting heavily owing to the establishment of embassies. In fact, the Egyptian government also included tourism in the Five Year Plan which featured:

1.Upgrading of the hospitality section through improvement of state-owned hotels and easier funding options for private hotels to develop Egypt Tourism
2.Improvement of infrastructure for easy accessibility through Road, rail and air means to the major tourist and coastal spots
3.Establishment of colleges and institutions for hospitality and tourism management education courses

The highest number that has been recorded in Egyptian Tourist industry is 14.7 million which was in 2010. However, due to the political upheaval since then, the number has declined. Slowly Egypt is working its way back into the global Travel scene and is finally back on among the best 100 countries to visit at 85th position.

The country of the pharaohs offers millennia-old monuments and the mystical Nile Valley and these destinations have made Cairo famous among explorers, adventurers, archaeologists, Filmmakers, Academicians, etc. Principal destinations include Great Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza pyramid complex, Aswan and Luxor (Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, etc). The Karnak Temple Complex and Cairo Museum are another world famous spots that attract people all year long. Sinai Peninsula (Non-ISIL region), Ain Sokhna and Alexandria are also famous as the laidback, relaxed vacation location.

In the southwest of the capital city of Cairo, a complex of ancient monument is present that comprises the Egyptian royal mortuary along with numerous sacred structures and the pyramids. These are often collectively called the pyramids of Giza and were once counted among the Seven Wonders of the World. Saqqara located in sought of the capital is a large, ancient burial ground with oldest pyramid with standing steps and mastabas.

Those interested in a coastal getaway should surely visit the Sinai Peninsula that has a beautifully relaxing flora and highly rich marine life with extravagant coral reefs. The Mount Sinai also called the Jabil Musa that surely worth a visit and seaside resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba, Dahab and, Nuweiba have seen quite a development and receive numerous domestic and international tourists.

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