Festivals of Edinburgh Fringe and London Music

Lot of functions adorns the streets of Great Europe and each of them reserves its own importance in the season. The Edinburgh Fringe is one of the great festivals which is meant not only for kids but for the whole family. More than 2000 shows are scheduled for each year which includes kids comedy, childrens theatre, clubs and workshops. Each child has his own preference and interest to celebrate the event with joy and splendor. You can watch little tots to teenagers gather in the theater to watch the shows evenly. Alices Wonderland and her adventures is an all time favorite for many children. You have Baby Loves Disco where famous DJs are engaged in dancing disco and also lot of chill out zones and fun are available there.

The kids can enjoy the popular electric circus on each Sunday afternoons which is meant for only kids of ages 1 to 7. Visit the comedy club for kids where lot of dramas and theatre events are presented in various clubs. If you want your child to engage and take part in workshops, you can enroll them in drama workshops held for children of ages 5 to 14. Flamenco for kids is another special event for kids where they gain experience of great music enriched with costumes of flamenco. Even the toddler of 6 months are not spared without music and dance and you can take them to monkey music which offers variety of songs and music with games.

You have different range of music festivals in London where live music events are held each summer. Groups belonging to students, business men, tourists and music lovers throng the theaters and parks in which music events are organized. You have several free concerts at popular places like Hyde Park, Kew gardens and Green Park and the like. The events begin from early June and it goes on till August and the climate is pleasant and warm favoring huge crowd. You have ranges of music events like pop music, rock music, punk and more concerts during the music summer season in London.

For attending evening concerts in the Tower of London you can log on to the website for knowing the show timings and tickets. Each day huge gathering can be seen in the Hyde Park area for hearing to good music and enjoying great evening. You can find lot of fans dressed in rich costumes, many vendors selling their products and tea-stalls and caf shops for catering to the interest of the public.