Memorable Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is a point where the east meets the west, a spectacular horizon between the distant past and the protruding future. However, there are more places in Thailand other than Bangkok – places that could provide better and more stunning experiences to travelers who wish to see the true face of the nation.


Here are some of the suggested destinations outside the capital city:

1) Ayutthaya
As the former capital of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, magnificent ruins of temples and other archaeological wonders from the 18th century are abundant in the area. The place undeniably exudes this authentic vibe of Thai heritage which will surely astound any traveler who will see. Photography buffs & historians will surely love it here for most places in Ayutthaya have a respective story to tell.

2) Kanchanaburi
The most attractive place in Kanchanaburi is the Death Railway. Formally known as the Burma Railway Bridge, it was built by prisoners of war during the World War II. A lot had died during the construction of the bridge, and they are now remembered with a memorial and two museums. Yearly, a carnival is also set in Kanchanaburi. It boasts of a pyrotechnic presentation to commemorate the bombing of the bridge. Nature is exemplary here.

3) Ko Si Chang
Between Bangkok and the Cambodian border lies the beautiful island of Si Chang. It is a terrific summer destination for those who do not want to meddle with the crowds in other more renowned Thai beaches. Ko Si Chang is quiet and peaceful; and the way of life there is truly simple. People would surely find solace in the area.

4) Hua Hin
As it is easily reached from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a typical vacation spot for many tourists and locals. It is a beachside community that features different kinds of unique attractions which people would surely love. It is commercialized enough to cater the needs of the tourists; but efforts to retain its small-town vibe are exerted by the government.

5) Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
No trip to Thailand will ever be complete without visiting the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which is just a few meters away from Bangkok. In this market, travelers can ride boats to shop for their favorite flowers and vegetables. This experience will expose people to a more vibrant and interesting heritage of Thailand. Not to mention, it’s fun too!

There is no denying that many people travel to Bangkok because it is one of the most unique and most beautiful places in Southeast Asia.

These are just five of the top attractions in the outskirt of Bangkok City. There are a lot more places to see, which can only be discovered by availing even cheap flights to Bangkok. It’s surely going to be fun!

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