Outdoor Travel 4 Steps

Outdoor sports essential equipment for the outdoor travel, especially important, but for the specific equipment required in the outdoor areas, according to the requirements and purposes of the outdoor travel, therefore, I do a basic overview of the outdoor hiking camping equipment before traveling. Many people think that big risks of outdoor sports, but the statistics show, outdoor hiking camping risk factor is far less than the riding public transport. Well prepared is the key.

Which kind of equipment is suitable for:
Generally speaking, you need a big backpack, a pair of non-slip foot care hiking socks, hiking shoes, sleeping bags, moisture mats, tents and other equipments. Without such equipments in the field you do not have a warm home, live in fellow’s home? No matter whether can live in fellows home, but usually there is no human habitation in field. So, there is no equipment, how to participate in? There are 2 ways: 1. Purchase. 2. Hire.

With the basic camping equipment, you also need to prepare two-day wild food, jacketed kettle and stove. Eating hot rice is more comfortable than eating of cold bread and drinking cold water in the wild.

If you climb a few hundred meters of the small hill, a small backpack and water rations, a pair of hiking boots is also enough. Of course, playing to a certain extent, climb altitude snow-capped mountains, rock climbing, downhill, the equipment required is also different. If more sports want to a play, such as cycling, swimming, fishing, etc., corresponding to your own needs to choose your own equipment, the best.

The first step:
Just want to experience, don’t know whether to play in the future. At first to buy a sleeping bag and pad moisture, a pair of good hiking shoes. Well, if you just want to experience, you can travel to participate in activities and then rent a backpack, rub someone else tent.

Step 2: In the future you will occasionally participate .Then you should consider buying a backpack, a tent. Of course, buy a pot would be better.

Step 3: You like outdoor activities very much; you have been trapped in experience to the outdoor charm. But last time it rains, wear disposable raincoat, be designated by the branches broke, which makes the body are wet, those donkey Why not clothes? Oh, they have clothing that is called assault; it seems that they themselves must engage in a set. Since after regular play, then buy it. There are small things, what sweat underwear, Fleece pants, ah, walkie-talkies, egg cartons, small fast hang dry towels, alpenstock, kettleAnyway, think of what to buy. After the outdoor trips also can be used.

Step 4: The hiking camping is not so interesting to you now, a little want to climb the snow-capped mountains. Congratulations, you finally going bankrupt! Oh, a joke, to this point, it is shows that you do not need others to recommend equipments. Sleeping bags, tents, mats, clothing and what had to add, have to change the low use of anti-cold in the snow on the job. The high altitude boots, crampons, ice ax, the main lock, quickly hung like equipment and get ready, it is the time to spend money.

Other aspects:
Have a good physique.
Take good care of the ecological environment, pack after pack up, do not litter and away from the field. Environmental protection is the virtue of every outdoor enthusiast.
Calm state of mind (there is a saying: the journey is not all the time you spent in a pleasant, sometimes you will find it very hard, encounter drift scoop heavy rain is normal, we can not change nature, only change our attitude, frankly to face it! not afraid of hardship, helpfulness, dedication and team spirit.)

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