Travel Guide To Halong Bay In Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderful and beautiful country with the perfect combination of outstanding natural and cultural beauty. A must-see destination on your vacation Vietnam is serene and alluring Halong Bay, also written as Ha Long Bay. Designated as a World Heritage site, Ha Long Bay has literally thousands of limestone islands that rise majestically from the sea. Legend has it that the impressive landscape here was the figure of a giant dragon that descended into the deep sea during the accent time. As your boat sails through the shadows and light between the many islands, you will be aware of the mystical yet soothing and tranquil feeling.

The best way to explore picturesque Ha Long Bay is on a cruise and there are many types of cruises available here to cater for every schedules and budgets. Some of the cruises include a tour into one of many giant limestone caves (grottoes) that have been formed here over literally thousands of years. Some of the most popular caves here to explore are Hang Dau Go, Bo Nau and Hang Hanh. You will often encounter small fishing boats that come up to the boats to sell seafood. This is an ideal opportunity to try out the fresh local seafood, cooked right in front of your eyes.

A magical experience for Vietnam vacations is to stay overnight on a boat, especially if its a moonless night. Any movement in the water sparkles thanks to millions of microscopic bioluminescence here in Ha Long Bay. When you are anchored down and relaxed, the cruise staff will be more than happy to share the local folk stories with you, especially about the dragon.

The tourist boats often stop at some of the many islands in Ha Long Bay. The largest island is Cat Ba and the majority of the island is occupied by steep and looming vertical rocks. The majority of residents of Cat Ba are traditional fishermen. During recent years, tourism has really opened up as a new source of income for the people that live here. The eco system in Cat Ba island is very special with a large national park that is home to many types of animals such as the wild boar, Francois monkeys, hawks, hornbills and many assorted other animals. The park also features a diverse range of tropical forests, coastal mangrove, freshwater lakes, off shore intriguing coral reefs and attractive powdery beaches. Visitors can also take a guided tour through some of the caves to arrive at the mountain peak. More adventurous visitors can also trek the 18km hike that runs through the park and there is an option to camp overnight. Cat Co beaches are also close to the Cat Ba village and is a ideal place to relax. Other well known islands in Ha Long Bay include Deu Reu and Tuan Chau, which you can also explore easily.

With so much to see and do, travelers should plan several days for their visit to Ha Long Bay.

How To Choose A Safe Cruise To Halong Bay

There happened an accident of cruise sinking in Halong bay in February 2011 , which affected enormously to the local tourism.
Despite this devastating accident, Halong Bay and Vietnam remain a very safe destination. According to one report, 2.3 million tourists traveled to Halong Bay in the first ten months of last year. There were no accidents at all in 2010.
There comes millions and millions of wonderful feedback about trips to Halong bay and surely tourists will continue to contribute its fame.
Vietnam Adventures, a local travel agency who have worked more than 10 years with cruises to Halong highly recommend travelers some tips for choosing a good cruise or travel company who offer Halong Tours
– Choose a cruise which is not really budget. A program for 2 days 1 night may which costs from 50usd and upper is reasonable. The terms of luxury is not really accurate with some travel agencies inside the Old Quarter of Hanoi.
you get what you pay
– Only book the cruise with travel agencies whose tour guide and boat are well-licensed.
– For those, who do not have good images of overnight onboard, an trip that offers overnight in Cat Ba island is a perfect alternative.
– Recommended Cruises:
Luxury Cruises:
Emeraude Classic Cruise
Paradise Cruise
Jasmine Junk
Ginger Junk
Violet Cruise
Valentine Junk
Red Dragon Junk
Bhaya Cruises
Prince Junk Cruise
Princess Junk Cruise
Indochina Sails
Paloma Cruise
Lagoon Explore
Huong Hai Junks
Phoenix Cruiser
Halong Emotion Junk
Bai Tho Junks
Victory Star Junk
Hai Long Junk
Victory Junks
Columbus Cruise
Cheaper Options:
– Imperial Cruise
– Marguerite Cruise

How can you ensure a safe trip to Halong bay with us?
– We provide you a mobile phone for every single trip inside Vietnam.
– We do check with Halong Administration & boat crew for every single stay onboard of yours