Explore The Best Of Malta With The Travel Guide For 2015

The islands of Malta have always been a popular destination for travel. It is a melting pot filled with different rich cultures, pristine beaches and attractions that make it a popular place. This island is perfect for that weekend getaway, family outing or even the romantic getaway. So what are the different activities you can do in Malta? We give you our travel guide for 2015 so that you can now explore Malta and discover its best kept secrets first hand.

Maltese Culture

The Malta islands have been influenced by several ancient and rich foreign cultures. Till today, this rich blend of culture has attracted a lot of visitors today. You will find a perfect blend of the Phoenician, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Turks, French and English cultures each with different attractions here. When you explore Malta, you will find some of the famous attractions that include St. Pauls Cathedral, the Ggantija temples, the Basilica of TaPinu amongst many more.

Malta festivals

Influenced by its multitude of cultures, you will find plenty of colorful and vibrant festivals held all year around on this island. Each of these festivals has a unique theme that pays homage to its origins, thereby providing a diverse insight. Some of the popular festivals include the Valletta Carnival, Malta Jazz Festival and Malta Arts Festival. With streets filled with lively floats, bands and dancers dressed in vibrant attires, the Valetta Carnival is a popular festival attracting a lot of visitors.

Malta Beaches

The beaches of Malta are best known for their pristine waters and various water sports activities which is suitable for any diverse taste. You can choose from golden sand, red sand, rocks, blue lagoons and even inland seas. Go on a boat trip to the famous Comino’s Blue Lagoon for an amazing experience with the azure waters here. Alternatively, you can find various different cafes or snack bars on the smaller Malta beaches. Most of the water sports and activities here include swimming, deep sea diving, windsurfing, jetting, water skiing and parakiting. Additionally, there are a few beaches that are children friendly and safe, for those who are travelling with their families.

Hotels of Malta

No trip to Malta is complete without a stay in its various hotel accommodations. Some hotels and resorts include self service, luxurious amenities, spa therapies and even in house dive sites. You can explore Malta and its hotels to choose the one that will suit you the best. You can select the hotels with a view of the peaceful lush surroundings in Gozo or the lively waters near the bay or Malta beach areas. You can also choose a hotel accommodation located in particular areas like St. Julian, if you want to take advantage of the nightlife that thrives here. The Bugibba region also has a lot of shopping and entertainment ventures.