Worldventures – Don’t Join Until You Read This!!

Why WorldVentures? This is the question that many ask me when they inquire about what network marketing company I am with.

There are many reasons that I chose a network marketing company in the travel industry and many more key points that caught my attention with WorldVentures.

A good friend came to me and asked me to take a look at her travel MLM company. I immediately told her I had tried network marketing before and didnt want anything to do with it. After avoiding her for a bit, her persistence paid off. I trusted her but the idea of vacationing more with my family and friends peeked my attention more and I finally took a look at WorldVentures.

What I saw in the presentation immediately got me excited. The products just made sense! The questions I asked myself were, would I rather pay wholesale or retail for my vacations? and do I book travel online or know anyone else that does? Both of those questions were no-brainers. So, basically it boiled down to having access to hundreds of wholesale vacations, getting paid when people booked travel on my travel booking site and building a residual income just by helping others do the same. OK, Im in!! But, wait, whats the catch? The kicker was, once I found out how well the company was doing and how fast it was growing, I realized there was none.

There are many factors in my decision to join forces with WorldVentures and I will highlight the main ones that stuck out to me.

1 ~ Product Travel and Vacations. I dont have to convince anyone to go on vacation or want to save money. Most people want to vacation more and save money doing it but they dont know how! Also, we naturally talk about our vacations, so its easy to share because we already do it anyway. The product stands alone even without network marketing and that was critical in my decision!

2 ~ Industry Travel is the largest industry in the world and is expected to double over the next 10 years because of the Baby-Boomers retiring. What do you think they want to do in their golden years?

3 ~Timing – WorldVentures is about 5 years young and still in pre-momentum. Meaning, they are past the point where most MLM companies fail in the first 2 years of business. Also, about 11 countries just opened and huge market share is available. Know anyone in USA, UK, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Singapore, Israel, Cyprus, Sweden, Germany, Malta or The Netherlands? If you do, these regions are wide open!

4 ~Leadership – Co-founders, Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue have a proven track record of success! Plus, the addition of Dan Stammen, network marketing legend, as the chief marketing officer solidified it for me. Dan built a sales team which created over 660,000 customers for a New York Stock Exchange listed legal services firm. He has brought his marketing expertise to WorldVentures and built an online system for reps to build their business.

5 ~Training Awesome training system run by Marc Accetta. Marc helped take another MLM go to #1 on the INC 500 list and has brought the same training system to WorldVentures. I thought it was going to be a RAH-RAH session but instead it was nuts and bolts to help build the business.

6 ~ Compensation Plan – A binary system consisting of only 2 teams. This means that you could end up with someone on your team that someone else puts underneath you! When I saw how this worked I was blow away because it is so powerful and helps build the team as a whole!

7 ~ No Monthly Fees All I had to do was sell 4 products and my products and business were free. What?? No monthly overhead?? I know, thats how I felt! Most people will quit MLM because they are spending more than they are making. Help 4 people save money on a vacation and your fees are waived!!

8 ~ Industry Reputation They are the youngest company highlighted in Success from Home 2xs in 3 years and Your Business at Home in the first year. Not too bad for a company only about 5 years old. They received awards from Carnival Cruise Lines and Funjet Vacations and recently I heard that SEARS is now using the travel booking technology to book travel for their corporate website (Hmmmmchoosing WVs booking engine over the other big travel .coms.. kind of shows how well it performs if SEARS would opt to go with it)

So, all in all, the above highlights are the main reasons I chose to join WorldVentures. Not to mention the the integrity behind the company as a whole and always giving back. Whether its raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters, creating a mission trip or helping change a childs life though their new Manifest Foundation, they seem to always have the right purpose in mind!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the people are cool and fun! WorldVentures is a company that offers vacations, FUN and the possibility to earn money helping the people you care about do the same! Works for me!!

Explore The Best Of Malta With The Travel Guide For 2015

The islands of Malta have always been a popular destination for travel. It is a melting pot filled with different rich cultures, pristine beaches and attractions that make it a popular place. This island is perfect for that weekend getaway, family outing or even the romantic getaway. So what are the different activities you can do in Malta? We give you our travel guide for 2015 so that you can now explore Malta and discover its best kept secrets first hand.

Maltese Culture

The Malta islands have been influenced by several ancient and rich foreign cultures. Till today, this rich blend of culture has attracted a lot of visitors today. You will find a perfect blend of the Phoenician, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Turks, French and English cultures each with different attractions here. When you explore Malta, you will find some of the famous attractions that include St. Pauls Cathedral, the Ggantija temples, the Basilica of TaPinu amongst many more.

Malta festivals

Influenced by its multitude of cultures, you will find plenty of colorful and vibrant festivals held all year around on this island. Each of these festivals has a unique theme that pays homage to its origins, thereby providing a diverse insight. Some of the popular festivals include the Valletta Carnival, Malta Jazz Festival and Malta Arts Festival. With streets filled with lively floats, bands and dancers dressed in vibrant attires, the Valetta Carnival is a popular festival attracting a lot of visitors.

Malta Beaches

The beaches of Malta are best known for their pristine waters and various water sports activities which is suitable for any diverse taste. You can choose from golden sand, red sand, rocks, blue lagoons and even inland seas. Go on a boat trip to the famous Comino’s Blue Lagoon for an amazing experience with the azure waters here. Alternatively, you can find various different cafes or snack bars on the smaller Malta beaches. Most of the water sports and activities here include swimming, deep sea diving, windsurfing, jetting, water skiing and parakiting. Additionally, there are a few beaches that are children friendly and safe, for those who are travelling with their families.

Hotels of Malta

No trip to Malta is complete without a stay in its various hotel accommodations. Some hotels and resorts include self service, luxurious amenities, spa therapies and even in house dive sites. You can explore Malta and its hotels to choose the one that will suit you the best. You can select the hotels with a view of the peaceful lush surroundings in Gozo or the lively waters near the bay or Malta beach areas. You can also choose a hotel accommodation located in particular areas like St. Julian, if you want to take advantage of the nightlife that thrives here. The Bugibba region also has a lot of shopping and entertainment ventures.