Luxury Hotels in Florence with Feel Like A True Royalty

There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful cities to visit around the world is Florence. Florence is the capital of Italy and is known for its great role in the Middle Ages, as well as the renaissance period. This wonderful place attracts millions of tourists every year and has provided a lot of beautiful Luxury Hotels in Florence for them.

One of the most elegant and exquisite Luxury hotels in Florence is the Relais Santa Croce. This hotel provides great luxury and modern comforts in a highly ideal balance. It is equipped with the most elegant and sophisticated furnishings that will surely make your stay here really unforgettable. Relais Santa Croce is also home to some of the most hospitable staffs and crew that are more than willing to attend to your every need.

This hotel also have an on site restaurant that offers sumptuous delicacies that will surely satisfy your appetite for good food. They also have a WiFi access that is available in the common areas of the hotel.

The Westin Excelsior Florence, like the other Luxury Hotels in Florence also offers nothing but the best hotel accommodations. This hotel is ideally located around the famous Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery, and the Pitti palace. They offer an on site fine dining that serves delicious foods, plus they also have another great fine dining near their hotel. They also have a high speed internet access for guests who want to surf the net while enjoying the other luxuries offered by the hotel.

The hotel also offers a stunning view of the wonderful Tuscan countryside and other lovely landmarks of Florence. The whole spectacular building is a 15th Century palace that was once home to a noble Florentine Family. Staying in this hotel will really give you the feel that you are a real queen or king not only because of the royal design of the building but also because of the great service of the attendants.

Another hotel that belongs to the fine collection of Luxury hotels in Florence is the Villa la Massa. This hotel has 37 sophisticatedly decorated rooms that are all equipped with state of the art facilities. They have access to the 18-hole Ugolino golf course nearby; there is also a tennis club that is only 500 meters away from the hotel. Aside from all the facilities near the hotel that you can enjoy, Villa La Massa itself offers great service and superb hospitality that will make your stay here really memorable.

Visit Siena, one of the best European destinations

The beauty of Tuscany, Italy, is well known to people from all over the world, and this has manages to transform it into one of the most popular tourist destinations. Thousands of tourists come here annually, to spend some time away from the big city life and enjoy the natural landscapes. Siena, the capital city of the province of Siena, is located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany, and represents its historical center, being a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides its impressive architecture and history, the city is also famous for its art, museums and cuisine. The locals are preoccupied by tourism, agriculture and handicrafts, which is why agriturismo Siena has become one of the main source of revenue. In addition to the city center, the surroundings also offer picturesque views. Agriturismo Monteriggioni has become very popular, because people come here to see the ancient wall, built as a fortress in the Middle Ages, during the wars between Siena and Florence. These places have a lot to offer, and they deserve to be included on your travel list, in case they are not already there.

The town is situated on a natural hill, which helps it provide its tourists with amazing views on the surrounding locations, plain grain cultures and amazing color mergers. In Siena, agriculture represents more than an activity – it is actually the locals’ way of living, because all their resources are invested in this practice. They put time, money and passion in their cultures, so this represents a unique character feature of those who live here. People are welcoming and friendly, and these two defining characteristics have helped them transform their residence town into a genuine destination, competing with big European cities or famous beach resorts. It is all a matter of tastes, and those who are fed up with the bustle of a big city consider agriturismo Siena the best holiday option. If you want to come to this picturesque place, you have plenty of accommodation possibilities, and you will me surprised by the luxury and modernity, which strongly contrasts with the traditional architecture and medieval aspect of the city. You are free to choose between luxurious apartments, traditional villas or intimate cottages – all the services are reaching a high quality standard, so that you can spend here the time of your life.

Once you come to Tuscany you will definitely want to come back, and those who have already seen its beauties can confirm that its atmosphere is something that cannot be put into words. A visit to Siena, the hill town, can be compared with a ride in the time machine: you will be transported back to the Middle Ages, because the whole atmosphere will make you think about a medieval knights’ story. The main square of Siena hosts one of the most beautiful churches in Europe, the grand cathedral, has a simple yet fascinating architecture, and you are likely to spend hours admiring both its exterior and interior. Take time to travel to this incredible region, and you will not regret.

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