Find the right trekking agency in Nepal before you travel

If there is any place in the world that is worth trekking it would be the mountain ranges in Nepal. The scenic view is said to be one of the best in the world and the trek is said to be unbelievable. There are many locations around Nepal that give you such excitement and there is no doubt that Mustang is one of them. The Mustang Mountain is said to give you the thrills of a lifetime when climbing and has been open to people for trekking for years. So if you are an adventure freak, Mustang trekking should be on your bucket list. Get the right deal when you plan right There are obviously many operators for tours and travels in this area but not all of them give you the best possible deals. You would be better off talking to a trekking agency in Nepal that will give you better deals with your group size. The smartest thing to do is to choose a package that is for larger groups or people. The advantage is having better deals on a per head basis. You can even try getting discounts because you are taking a bigger booking. You will also be able to get a good deal on the hotel stay and accommodation. Most of the trekking agency in Nepal gives freebies with big packages too. Try to find the best deal.

Research well before you travel There are many ways for you to complete your travel to Nepal. At the same time, you also want to be double sure on the different practices when you are travelling. So you need to find the right clothes to carry, the right equipment to have with you and so on. So keep a check on the weather before you travel. It will help you understand get off and arrival points with ease too.

Choose what to wear With the climate bound to be extremely cold you would be better off wearing sweaters and water proof jackets. Also try to keep warm fitting clothes so it is easy for you to bear the cold temperatures of Nepal. You would also need to choose the right shoes to wear when you are Mustang trekking. Make sure you wear water proof shoes that are at least till the shin. Thick cotton socks would be a good help too when you are climbing the mountains. Keep a few basic supplies when you are travelling like lighters and match boxes. Also keep bottles of water along with energy bars to keep you charged at all points of time.

Keep those insects away You are bound to get bit by a few insects on the way when you are trekking so make it a point to always carry a tube of mosquito repellent when you are travelling. You also have a lot of creams that will take care of rashes and burns. Make sure you keep them with you too. A few torches and batteries are a must too.

Tips To Avoid Food Poisoning While Travelling In Nepal

This, unfortunately, is in no way going to guarantee that you dont get sick if you follow my suggestions step by step, but it may stop you from getting a bad case of Dysentery or even a mild but embarrassing case of Diarrhoea. I myself have been caught out in Nepal a few times before following the steps below, and it wasnt local food that got me the first and the worst time, it was my passion for chocolate croissants that had me in bed for two days, and very ill for the following week or so. Light cases have come at me when eating dried Buffalo meat, salted and hung in the open doors, and unfortunately, its just as easy to develop an upset tummy just from feasting off plates that have been washed in untreated water. Here are a few tips to make the dreaded bug a little less potent and certainly helps me out when travelling.

Water Worries: Its very simple, just dont drink the stuff out of the tap at all if you have a weak stomach or youre just worried. Use treated or boiled water to brush your teeth, and try not to get too much in your mouth when taking a shower. It may sound over excessive but the best precaution is over doing it.
Trekkers Miracle: When asking many seasoned trekkers how they stay healthy while trekking through the Himalaya and dining at local teahouses etc. They often say that having a bottle of coke with all meals is a good way to kill off any bacteria that may be slipping past the radar and into your stomach.

Hand Sanitisers: Fabulous invention, the hand sanitiser that does not require water, is a great way to make sure those germs you have picked up, from perhaps patting a cute puppy on the road to touching untreated water. Remember in Nepal most dogs will be carrying some form of parasite or another. In most cases food poisoning does occur from simply eating with dirty hands.

Ice and Cold Food: Although these days most tourist restaurants will use treated water for their ice, its probably better to just avoid ice all together, even in your alcoholic beverage. If you want to drink, then drink bottled beer, or coke and your spirit of choice, no ice. Cold food on the street is pretty much a big no no, if its not piping hot or cooking on the spot then dont put it in your mouth! Also make sure your salad has been washed in treated water if youre going to eat it.

Peel able Fruit: Another wise choice for untreated water washed fruit, if you can peel it, then you can be more sure you are peeling the possible bacteria off, things like bananas, dragon fruit, oranges and lychees, try to avoid apples unless you wash them yourself with treated water or peel the skin.
Treatment when its too late: Most people take something like Imodium with them. In actual fact, this can block up the bacteria along with your embarrassing problem and drag it out longer. Go and see your doctor and ask whats best for you, most Doctors will give you an actual antibiotic that will get in and solve the problem not trap it. But remember your Doctor is the best person to decide whats best for you and the above information in merely a guide to possible avoidance to these unwanted travel nasties. Also, drink a lot of treated water and hot water, keep hydrated and wash it out at the same time.

Last but not least, if youre not sure about where to eat, or what to eat, by no means should you avoid eating great local food, after all its all part of the travel experience. A good travel company that is actually based in the country is a great way to go, as they should be able to suggest fabulous and clean local eateries and restaurants. Another good way to tell is if the restaurant is full of locals, it generally means the food is delicious.