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Travel Agency Online Mequon

Welcome to Salentine Travel! For almost 25 years, Salentine Travel has provided a rich depth of travel knowledge and exemplary customer relationship skills to our clientele. And with over 50% of our business coming from repeat and referral clients, getting travel right is of prime importance. We are glad youre here, visiting our site and learning about all we have to offer! Salentine Travel is one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the Midwest US and is female-owned and operated. We are Travel Agency Online in Mequon that provides luxury travel. We have Virtuoso travel agents to assist you and you can travel booking in Milwaukee. We specialize in providing a broad range of travel services for the luxury and family travelers like we have beach vacation in Riviera Maya. Besides traditional travel services, Salentine Travel focuses on tours, cruises, group and custom designed vacations.
Our mission is to make sure that our customer service and your travel experience is satisfactory, no matter what the travel reason. Our broad clientele is a testament to this mission, and we are pleased to service you:
The Affluent: With the growth of the mass-affluent market-space growing over 20% per year, Salentine Travel is poised to meet the demands of this growing segment. Led by baby boomers moving into peak earning years through retirement, two-income families and economic growth, more travelers will select luxury-category trips for their next vacation.

Families: Greater numbers of families are traveling to more diverse locations. Nearly 50% of Salentine Travel clients travel as a family. Working with suppliers that include the airline, transfers and all-inclusive properties, family travel is easier and more affordable.
Corporations: As a multi-billion dollar global industry, corporate incentive travel is an important focus of Salentine Travel. From pre-trip concept and site selection to providing destination group management and post-trip analysis, Salentine Travel provides a broad range of experience to top group destinations.

Salentine Travel has been honored as the top agency in several categories.
We were named #2 Travel Agency by the Milwaukee Business Journal. Our staff has vast and varied experience. Michele is a member of the Islands Magazine Advisory board. Sarah and Jamie were named the top 30 agents under 30 years old by a national publication: Travel Agent Magazine. Louise and Marlene are certified from Master Card World Elite and are the top performers in this very exclusive program. Sandy used to live in Isreal and is an Eastern Europe and Jewish Heritage specialist. Lynn has managed our fulfillment division and produced over 110 million in airline ticket sales annually. Myself, I am on the technology and marketing boards of Virtuoso. Salentine Travel has a large independent program and offers special rates and exclusive amenities, we have a staff of over 30 – Wisconsin luxury travel.

We are also members of the most exclusive travel consortia called Virtuoso. I like to compare Virtuoso to the American Express Platinum credit card. American Express members pay an annual fee of $400.00 to access to exclusive rates and value added amenities for 350 luxury hotels. At Salentine Travel, we offer you over 900 hotels with no annual fee. We also have exclusive offers with cruise lines, airline and private guides all over the world. The value is in the exclusive relationships.

Again, we are pleased you are visiting Salentine Travel. We specialize in creating the perfect vacation or corporate travel for you, to your specifications. Please contact us anytime at 1-800-962-8747 or visit us at We look forward to working with you! . At Salentine Travel, we would like to remind you to Live Well and Travel More!

Best Vacation Destinations in the World

Would you like to take some time off? If so, you should definitely visit some of the best vacation destinations in the world. Thanks to this, you’ll surely recharge your batteries. Read this article to get to know a few incredible vacation destinations. Here they are:

1. Mexican Riviera Maya

Mexican Riviera Maya is a very popular among tourists region in the Mexican Caribbean Coast. It offers one of the most beautiful vacation places in the Americas: cities like Playa del Carmen, charming small towns like Tulum, resorts for the affluent like Akumal. If you’re longing for white sand beaches with crystal-clear water, Riviera Maya is for you. The weather is perfect almost all year round, so you don’t have to worry about sunshine and temperatures.

Another advantage of this place is that it’s reasonably priced, especially when you think about quality/price ratio. Moreover, it’s easy to get there from the United States, so it’s perfect for a weekend getaway. If you love the tropics, Riviera Maya is a must-visit place for you. It’s very difficult to find such destinations close to the US which are both inexpensive and still well developed.

2. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a southern province of Thailand. It’s frequently visited by tourists from all over the world because of hundreds of picture-perfect tropical islands. Phuket has a great climate for vacation: it’s very hot and humid throughout the year. Since it’s one of the most popular among tourists vacation destinations of Thailand, most people speak at least basic English there (which is frequently a problem in other less popular with tourists regions of Thailand).

Thailand is a very budget-friendly country, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money while taking some time off, Thailand is surely a good idea. Bear in mind that first you need to have money to fly there, but once you arrive- enjoy $2 meals and very nice rooms for 20 bucks!

3. Hawaii

What do I have to say about this place? It’s one of the most well-known vacation destinations in the world. You can’t find many places such as Hawaiian islands on our planet where one can be sure of perfect weather no matter when you go, when one has access to all most important tourist facilities and be able to fly home for a very low price if you wish. If you are a fan of the natural surroundings, you’ll love Hawaii. If you can’t live without water sports, you’ll love Hawaii. If you love the tropics, Hawaii is also a great place for you. It would be difficult to find people who wouldn’t like to spend some time in Hawaii if they were offered an opportunity to do it!

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