Rv Tailgating At Nascar Races A Primer

Daytona, Talladega and Watkins Glen, those names run through the dreams of NASCAR fans as racing season opens. They know theres not only great racing to be enjoyed at NASCAR tracks, but non-stop tailgating fun, as well. Those fans lucky enough to travel by RV have a leg-up on the competition. Heres a primer on how to plan a full season of NASCAR RV tailgating.

Choose Your Favorite Tracks
For a winning season of NASCAR RV tailgating experiences, start by choosing your NASCAR itinerary for the season. Besides local and regional racing, NASCAR features three national racing series Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series. They also have a sanctioned racing season in Canada and Mexico.

You might also have a favorite driver or two that will help you decide which races to follow. Drivers like Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon have built loyal throngs of fans who line the stands every time they race.

If youve been following NASCAR racing for years, you probably already know which drivers youd like to watch and their scheduled races. Newcomers to NASCAR racing can look at the NASCAR website, and then decide how many races youll travel to attend. An important tip: order tickets early! Many NASCAR tracks, even those holding nearly two hundred thousand fans, have been known to sell out during the more famous races.

NASCAR Tailgating Traditions
Every NASCAR track has unique attractions, and theyve created RV camping and tailgating traditions at each. Daytona International Speedway, for example, offers NASCAR fans five different RV campgrounds within sight of the speedway. During races like the Daytona 500, thousands of NASCAR-loving RV campers bring out their best tailgating recipes and enjoy a non-stop party over race weekend.

Bristol Motor Speedway in the hills of Tennessee, Infineon Raceway near Sonoma in Californias Wine Country and Alabamas Talladega Superspeedway with its convenient infield RV camping are just three of the tracks that are known for great RV tailgating possibilities.

To get the latest in RV camping and tailgating information, and to learn tips such as what can be carried into the grandstands, go to each individual tracks website and follow the links to their fan guide. Also, find out which RV campgrounds require reservations and be sure to make yours early for this race season.

Plan Your Tailgate Party Menu
Now, lets talk about food! That is, after all, whats at the heart of every great tailgate party. The convenience of an RV kitchen can make all the difference in whether your NASCAR tailgate party crosses the finish line first. Think about which of your favorite recipes could be easily eaten at the trackgrilling brats and burgers, cooking a batch of your famous chili or roasting veggies in foil are all tailgating traditions.

Food Networks website offers dozens of tailgate party recipe ideas, everything from Uncle Bubbas Wings to Deviled Crab Potato Skins. The Tailgating.com blog also features favorite recipes from hundreds of tailgate party aficionados.

Remember, if youre traveling to the track by RV, you wont be limited to a hibachi outside your mini-van. Youll have well-designed kitchen appliances perfect for preparing a meal on the road. Theres really no better way to host a tailgate party than in the shade of a great RV!

Pack Up the RV
Youve chosen your RV roadtrip itinerary that includes time at your favorite NASCAR tracks. Youve selected your very best tailgate party recipes, bought the groceries and planned for kitchen utensils and party ware. All thats left to do is pack what you need and head for the track.

If you dont actually own an RV and will be renting one for the trip, check your RV rental vendors pick up and drop off times. Leave time to become acquainted with your rental motorhomes kitchen before leaving the rental location. Doing a little planning up-front will make your NASCAR RV camping and tailgating experience much more enjoyable.

Its going to be a great NASCAR racing season! Dont miss the excitement; start making your plans now for at least one weekend of race-car-watching-tailgate-partying fun this year.

Motorhome Vs. Travel Trailer

Motorhome or travel trailer? If you are venturing out to buy your first RV, or maybe just an upgrade, you have probably already asked yourself that question. There are many advantages and some disadvantages to both. Mostly you need to decide what you want to use your RV to do and where to go and your decision should not be a difficult one.

A motorhome can offer you a little more mobility than a travel trailer. If you travel extensively or are a full-timer a motorhome has more of what you are looking for. In a motorhome you will always be in your home even if traveling down the highway. Passengers always have full access to beds, kitchen, bathroom, and couch. However, 5th wheelers, when parked, have a much larger living space because of their slide-outs. Most travel trailers and 5th wheelers have slide-outs that almost touch when in travel mode. They open to allow a large and comfortable living space when parked. Motorhomes that have slide-outs are a bit confining when on the road.

External storage room is another important decision factor. 5th wheelers and Class A motorhomes generally have large external storage compartments but other trailers and Class C motorhomes generally lack such large storage areas. Maintenance of your RV is going to be less with travel trailers and 5th wheelers. Motorhomes have a few more systems, which means more things that could malfunction. Also, if you have engine trouble with a motorhome, your whole home is stranded. With travel trailers the towing vehicle can be exchanged or replaced. Another small, yet important, contrast is height of motorhomes vs. travel trailers. Trailers are closer to the ground, only 1 to 2 stairs, whereas motorhomes are about 3 to 5 steps above the ground.

The comfort levels of motorhomes and travel trailers are tied if comparing them while both parked. However, while in-motion and during travel a motorhome takes the cake. Travelers can use all the amenities of the motorhome while in motion. A travel trailer with slide-outs may not even be accessible while in travel mode.

Price, which is one of the most persuasive decision factors, is not as easily generalized to motorhomes vs. travel trailers. An average motorhome is generally going to cost more than an average travel trailer but there are many exceptions. There are so many different amenities, luxury levels, and sizes to both categories that price is always circumstantial. Of course, the larger the travel trailer you get the larger the towing vehicle will have to be, a crucial factor to keep in mind.

Last, but not least; safety factors of motorhomes vs. travel trailers. Due to the fact that drivers and passengers are protected by the steel frame of a truck around them, travel trailers are ranked higher in crash protection. However, it is also true that travel trailers are more likely to be involved in crashes. It is fairly common for travel trailers to jack-knife in the road or become overturned. Motorhomes are not too often involved in crashes except sometimes problems with their vehicle in tow.

Buying A New Or Used Jayco Travel Trailer For Sale – What You Need To Know

Jayco Travel Trailers are said to be America’s most livable RVs. Is this true? Quite possibly. Developed back in 1968, the company has been making and selling travel trailers for a long time and have perfected the art. In fact, their patented technology and process for fold-down camper trailers is still in use today in their Jayco Campers.

Jayco has become a leading brand in the travel trailer and camper trailers industry. They do also produce top quality 5th wheel trailers and lite weight trailers. The other vehicles that round out their inventory are state-of-the-art motor homes and toy haulers. Jayco travel trailer models include the Eagle, Jay Flight, and Super Eagle. The Jayco Jay Feather trailers make up the lite weight trailer department. Jayco currently offers 3 models of pop up camper trailers for sale – the Baja, Select, and Jay Series pop up tent campers.

As I’ve said, Jayco has become one of the best known names in camper trailers; this does have much to do with their patented fold-up design. One great thing about the design is no dirt or rust builds up even over years of ownership. On the high end, there’s the Select and Baja models. If you need more options and have more of a budget, the Jey series may fit the bill. Whichever you choose, all the jayco camper trailers have floor plans that are family friendly. Before you visit one of Jayco’s many dealers, definitely go to their user-friendly website and do some research on pop up campers and and camper trailers for sale. This way, you’ll save time and money and know exactly want you want before going into the brick and mortar store.

For those that need a more robust solution for their travels, a full park / travel trailer by Jayco is what you need. Jayco travel trailers include the the popular Jayco Eagle travel trailer, the Jay Flight, and the Super Eagle. The Jay Flight series includes the G2 and the Jay Flight Bungalow. Whichever model you choose, you can customize each Jayco Travel Trailer or pick from their many floorplans within each travel trailer series. If you need the best amenities and even a built in LCD TV, check out the Jay Flight G2 or a fully loaded Jayco Eagle or Eagle Lite. You won’t be disappointed as their trailers are some of the best in the business.

Jayco has made a travel trailer for the weekend warriors and small families that don’t need all the options and amenities offered by the bigger models – the Jayco Lite Weight Series. Those looking for an affordable, simple, and light weight trailer solution should check out the Jayco Jay Feather, Jay Feather Sport, Ex-port, and EXP. Basically, a smaller package with many of the same amenities of its bigger heavier counterparts. These lite weight trailers are great entry level RVs to test the waters to see if trailer life is for them; before upgrading to a bigger trailer with more options.

If you’re looking for an RV of any type, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with Jayco Trailers. Whether you’re looking for a tent trailer, camper trailer, or new or used travel trailers for sale, Jayco has many options for you! So is Jayco travel trailers the most livable RV?

Used Travel Trailers For Sale Now At Their Lowest Prices, Here’s How To Find Them

It’s easy to go out and buy a brand new RV if you have lots of money to spend. Many of us, though have found used travel trailers for sale at far better prices. Right now is an excellent time to be searching for a used RV, because many owners are having to sell to save money, or to gain a little extra to help their financial situation.

Always start searching for the ideal RV in your local area. If you are lucky enough to find one, you will save on traveling and transport costs. Look in your local newspaper or search Craigslist on the internet to see if there are any used travel trailers for sale. Craigslist has a search page for each city. If there are none in your area and you are impatient to start RVing, you may need to broaden your search to other nearby cities. Sometimes the extra drive is worth it for the best RV deal.

A word of caution when buying an RV from an owner. While some owners simply want to get rid of the vehicle regardless of the price they get, most want the highest price possible to complete their financial obligations, buy a new RV or to improve their general situation. You may still get a better price than from a dealership who has put their mark-up on the RV, but is it the best that you can get?

Your lowest price option will be to find a used travel trailer for sale at an auction. Lately, there have been many RVs and other vehicles that have been repossessed by banks and credit unions. Auctions can be held by the state, county, marshal, sheriff or any other governing body. These RVs are not selling for a profit, only to cover the bank’s, or other institution’s, losses, therefore you are bound to find a bargain. Every month there are many auctions held in every state. You are much more likely to find a good RV at an auction, than waiting for a suitable one to appear in the classifieds.

Your only dilemma is to find the best auctions in your local area. Sometimes auctions are advertised in the newspaper, but there are many more available. They can even be online auctions. The easiest option is to become a member of a website that will give you access to different databases of auctions. They offer varying membership prices for monthly, yearly or lifetime sign-ups.

Your search for the perfect used travel trailers for sale is almost over. Sign up with a good website, choose a promising auction in your area, and have fun getting the best deal possible.

Rv Rentals Try Before You Buy For Your Next Vacation

According to a recent study, RV trips remain the least expensive type of vacation when comparing vacation costs for travel and accommodations. PKF Consulting, an internationally recognized consulting firm with expertise in travel and tourism, recently found that “typical RV family vacations are on average 26 to 74 percent less expensive than other types of vacations studied.”

“Affordability is a key reason why RV travel appeals so much to families,” says David Humphreys, president of RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association). Humphreys also suggests that, “there are other key reasons to travel by RV. RVs are a comfortable, convenient, stress-free way to travel, enjoy the great outdoors, and spend quality time with family.”

Many people rent before buying to see if RVing is right for them before making a purchase. Also, since many only want to use an RV once or twice a year they do not see the need to invest their money for purchase, insurance, and maintenance of an RV. Vacation seekers who live far from their destination and have limited time find it worthwhile to fly to for example to Seattle from California and rent an RV for a vacation on the coast of Washington or a visit to beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Before renting an RV, consider that there are a number of different types of RVs to rent each with pros and cons depending on preferences and your specific travel needs. When most people of RVs they often think of Class A Motorhomes because they are the top dogs on the road. They are big and have just about every creature comfort for that home away from home feeling. Think big screen HD TVs, inside-outside stereo systems, stainless steel appliances and even jetted bathtubs for relaxing after a hard day on the road. Some models are up to 40 feet in length and can sleep up to eight people. Of course, as you can imagine, one of the cons of renting this class of RVs is the cost. But if luxury on the road is what you seek then make sure to check out what’s available for rent from your local RV Rental company for Class A Motorhomes.

Class C Motorhomes are smaller, scaled down versions of Class A RVs with just as much sleeping room but range in size from 20 to 30 feet. In order to fit the kitchen, living room, bathroom and sleeping areas into this size motorhome the space is used much more wisely and consequently less luxury and more practicality. In this RV Class, you may have do without the master bathroom with the jetted tub.

For those looking more for a camping experience consider the rental of Travel and Folding Camper Trailers. Travel trailers may be as small as 10-feet long or as big as 35-feet long. Many feature a slide out to quickly extend the unit’s living space. Travel trailers must be pulled by a separate tow vehicle. Although tow vehicles will need a load distributing hitch and sway control, most full-size sedans, vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks are capable of towing even the biggest trailers. Folding Camping Trailers are the least expensive type of RV. Commonly referred to as tent trailers or pop-up trailers, folding camping trailers are designed to be lightweight with many of the comforts found in a basic travel trailer. Folding camping trailers can easily be towed by mid-sized car and even compact cars except for maybe Yugos and Geos. Basically a folding camping trailer is a large, expandable tent on wheels.

A nice compromise between the motorhome and the camping trailer is the Fifth Wheel. Many RV renters like this type of RV because you can disconnect the trailer from your truck or towing vehicle and use the car for day trips without having to haul the RV during your excursion and still have the amenities and space of an RV as your living space. Fifth wheels can sleep up to five or six and range in size from 20 to 40 feet. Make sure to check with the campground you plan on staying at because some restrict the size of RVs to 35 feet. Fifth wheels usually come with cooking appliances, refrigerator, heating, air conditioning, shower, and water tanks. In addition with side outs Fifth Wheels can have just as much or if not more living space as their Motorhome counterparts.

Whatever the occasion or destination, consider renting an RV to get you to your next vacation adventure.

The Benefits Of Owning And Using Rv Trailers

There are numerous benefits that come from procuring, owning and using RV trailers. Of course, a certain time comes when we just want to go out, have fun, bond with the members of our family and friends while visiting nice place and undertaking sightseeing tour.

However, some people will opt to do all the above under the comfort and convenience of a hotel room. Anyway, even if you are in this category of persons, keep in mind that there are many more benefits to gain from using travel trailers that you will not get with hotel rooms, room service and bed and breakfast even with all the luxury they afford.

For one, there is no greater way to undertake economy tours than to use RV trailers. This is because you can be certain that you will be a much lesser percentage of the total cost of your tour in recreational vehicle trailers in comparison to some of the other accommodation options that are at your ready disposal.

With regard to this, you will be able to eat home cooked meals while touring other places. In the same way, you will enjoy the advantage of doing your own laundry for free in case your vehicle is in the line of travel trailers that are fitted with washing machines and dryers. Needless to say, it is also possible to spend as much time as you want in your travel trailer without fearing that every extra day adds to the expense of your vacation.

Apart from the cost, remember that RV trailers are way more convenient than hotel rooms or bed and breakfast. This will come into play when you discover that you can do practically anything you want in your recreational vehicle. For instance, you can host as many people as possible in your travel trailer without fearing that someone will find out and add to your overall bill.

Similarly, with travel trailers you do not have to leave your pet behind just because you are afraid that you will not be allowed to come with a pet into your hotel room. This is especially convenient for those of us who would not want to leave our dogs, cats or other pets with neighbors we do not know too well.

Additional convenience arises when you discover that you will cook your own meals in travel trailers without having to order room service or go out to expensive restaurants for pretentious morsels of food. You can cook and eat anything you want in RV trailers. Actually, remember that this will cater for your special dietary needs while greatly reducing the cost that the same food would have cost you in a hotel or a pricey restaurant.

To conclude, remember that there is a lot to gain from owning travel trailers. In fact, you can be certain that you only need very little money to afford vacations away from home. This is one of the greatest things about RV trailers. With regard to this, you can pack up groceries and supplies and set off on your vacation. You will also do anything you choose to make your vacation the ultimately memorable experience.

Plan Your New Trip In A Travel Trailer

If you have always wanted to travel the road for either long or short distances, it is time now to plan one with your own or rented travel trailer.Commonly referred to as a caravan is not old fashioned or for the older generation, but something that is also trendy if you look at it differently.

If you have never been that friendly to air travel, but always wanted a long journey and visit far away places you can hit the road with your travel trailer. There are two types commonly found today one from the RV or recreational vehicle industry and the other from the mobile home industry.Both can be easily towed behind you car, jeep or any travel vehicle of your choice; the purpose is to provide you a space to sleep with comfort and safety like that of your own home while you are on a journey.

Choose the one that suit your needs

The most important aspect of a travel trailer is to provide you the comfort and protection that a tent will not, while you are traveling far away distances. If you are moving homes, or on a vacation / holiday, or even a road adventure, a travel trailer can help you overcome the usual worries of getting a motel or inn for resting, especially when you on unfamiliar roads. Possibility of having their own home and sleep in the comfort of their own mattress, by avoiding the hazels of finding a motel or hotel especially places where there in none in the vicinity or area. Today most of the travel trailers are categorized as a type of RV along with fifth wheel trailers, motor homes, pop-up trailers and truck campers. Choosing firstly depends on the number of people intending to travel with you; things to keep in mind our age (especially if there are toddlers or smaller / younger children), distance, facilities in the trailer and the weight of luggage you will be carrying.

Length of the trailer

Keeping in mind the market for small tours, hence they are usually smaller about 18 feet or 5.5 meters in length, making them the lightest of all travel trailers today. Little bigger than a tent on wheels to travel trailers for a large family with rooms for each person accompanied with furnishings and elements to closely resemble a home.

Important thing to remember while traveling on a travel trailer is the rules of each country for trailer campers; some countries especially in Europe have designated trailer camp sites and some even levy a tax or charge for camping. Travel trailers are more common source of traveling in countries like North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and less popular in other parts of the world.

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