Best Dog Crates To Use For Camping With Your Pet

Many people assume that using the good old ‘dusty rusty’ will due when it comes the best dog crates to take on a long or even short camping trip. The shock sets in when tares in upholstery happen from sharp corners they are not used to cramming into the family SUV or the crate slipping off of the dog crate tray while straightening the curves down that pothole filled gravel road. There are things to consider before you find yourself mending your faux leather or scrubbing stains.

Camping offers its own unique set of criteria when it comes to choosing the best dog crates. Many dogs see their crates as a safe haven from the over stimulation of new experiences and will want their crate to be roomy and comforting. Some dogs may not be used to being crated and will need only the bare essentials when circumstances demand it.

Factors to consider when searching the many types of dog crates for sale
One major consideration is what size dog crate you will need for the particular dog you will be taking on your outdoor adventure. Concerning the journey to your campsite, large dog crates in general tend to need more planning up front even if they are not in the picture as much once you arrive. Some things to think about when deciding on small or large dog crates are does the size make your dog comfortable, how much time your dog will be spending in the crate, and is the crate manageable overall in weight and fold ability.

Features included in a crate are much more of a consideration when traveling. You will be dealing with the crate so you must decide if the features you find important and comfortable are included. Are there multiple, easy entry points? Are the corners rounded on potentially damaging placements in your family fun mobile? Does the crate have a secure and easily cleanable dog crate tray? For shy or nervous dogs, do you need a dog crate cover?

Lets pick some good options
So now that you have decided to leave the old crate at home, how are you going to choose the right camping travel dog crate for your loving pet companion? First and foremost would be portability. You will thank yourself later if you have an easily collapsible dog crate. Most all crates could possibly be toted as a folding dog crate. Yet if you have ever tried the sixteen steps to accomplish this, on the side of the road, while everyone else is waiting you will know just what I mean when I say collapsible not merely foldable.

So what are the best dog crates for camping in particular? We know now it needs to be collapsible but should it be one of those soft dog crates, metal dog crates, or plastic dog crates? It is widely accepted that the plastic crates are mainly used for travel and many times feature prominent handles as well as easy cleaning. The wire dog crates are usually meant for static use and the soft sided dog crates are your premium travel versions. If you are looking for comfort and portability, then the soft dog crates that provide ample room and a cleanable material are your choice. If you need a more rugged option, then a plastic crate with the bells and whistles to make your job easier will do the trick. The wire ones may provide more ventilation but are simply cumbersome on an outdoors trip.

To find any of these options at great affordable prices you need only search the vast selection at Look through the myriad of options today to find the best dog crates to use for camping with your pet.

Aladdin Mugs Progressing From Classic To Modern

Once upon a time Aladdin mugs were the favorite of the frequent traveler. They were sold mainly at truck stops, travel plazas, and filling stations along well traveled roads. Their popularity stemmed from their large size, leak resistant tops, and stable bottoms. These weren’t travel mugs built for sissy SUV’s. No, these mugs were for the serious long haul truck drivers that make their living on the road.

As time went on, more people found out about these mugs and started to get some attention from the more casual driving crowd. People who travel frequently, such as the daily work commuter, found the larger size and leak proof lid to be more practical than other mugs. Aladdin began taking in some of this feedback and designing mugs intended more for dainty cup holders rather than the expansive, desk-like dashboard of 18 wheelers.

With more customer feedback came more refinements appealing to even more casual travelers. No longer just a secret of commercial truckers and commuting road warriors, these coffee travel mugs began appearing in the homes and cup holders of stay at home parents who appreciated the well designed tops and increasingly attractive designs. Ironically, this was the beginning of the end for the mug admired by the hard core fans.

Soon Aladdin found themselves in the position of making more money from the newer styles of travel coffee mug rather than the old school “super big gulp” sized behemoths. But the fans were still there. So how does a company move from humble working class beginning to an upscale customer base? They have to make a difficult decision on where they want the company to go and how to best serve their customers, both new and old.

Their final decision allowed them to move ahead with modern designs and materials while still providing for the needs of their earliest fans. By selling off the designs on the original mugs to another company, they managed to find a way to not be held back by legacy designs, but still allow people to find the largest and most basic of functional coffee travel mugs. The old designs are being made by a company not related to Aladdin and may still be found at truck stops and other highway outposts.

With the older, basic designs no longer on the books and with no responsibility to keep them in production, it freed Aladdin to focus on new materials, new designs and new products. This is now a company that still makes travel mugs but now also creates lunch kits for school children, insulated bottles, lunch boxes, and other items to help travel with food. They’re also in the lead with materials, phasing out plastics that can be harmful when used in contact with food.

So even though Aladdin mugs came onto the scene in a humble way, they’re continuing their story on the leading edge of design, materials, and functionality.