Hue kites – High-flying culture

Hue ancient city had been the convergence of many pastimes such as making poems, playing cards in huts, and listening to Hue folk music. However, these entertaining activities just bring fun to joiners. Meanwhile, flying kites make everyone happy. People who fly a kite become a server meeting the happiness and admiration of onlookers. Hue kites came into being for hundreds years ago. They have been a featured Hue culture. Flying a kite is one of the most long-lasting recreational activities in Hue, attracting a large number of participants from children to the old people. It is not clear about the exact time when kites were born. It is said that, flying a kite was a game of children in countryside, and then the game spread and became popular in Hue royal citadel. For a long time ago, the royal class in Hue used to hold kite festivals in some big events. Since then, kites became more colorful and diverse in shapes. These kites are made of various materials by skillful artisans. The visual and performance art reached a high level. To make a kite flying high, artisans must have a skillful, ingenuous and talent technique. The process of making a kite undergoes several steps from choosing bamboo to make frame of kites to decorate them. Each kite is an artwork which is the combination of many factors such as art, architecture, aerodynamics, and folk experience. Artisans do not fly a kite and let them free in the sky, they will control to create a lively and flexible kite depending on its theme. Hue kites are characterized by different beautiful shapes such as butterfly, phoenix, dragon, frog, horse- and harmonic colors. Each kite has its own beauty, size and visual art. The most interesting thing of Hue kites is the performing art. Kites’ performances are seen as on-air puppetry art in Vietnam. Hue kites do honor Vietnamese kites at domestic and international kite festivals in Vietnam. In 1992, in the framework of Vietnam – France cultural festival, Vietnamese artisans were firstly invited to France to perform flying kites, which attracted all onlookers. In Vietnam tours to Hue, travelers not just have a chance to visit majestic Hue royal citadel, enjoy court cuisine, and court music, but also have an opportunity to explore Hue culture through vivid kites. Recently, there are Hue tours to explore kites. The exploring kite tours in Hue lasts about one hour. Travelers will be introduced by artisans with basic stages to make a kite. Travelers can join some of stages in the process, which brings an interesting feeling to them. Also, in this tour, travelers will have a chance to explore the history of kite art in Hue. Kite is an artwork, and artisans are architects and artists who ensure all kites to fly high. Many travelers coming to Hue are interested in Hue kites. They learn to make kites and bring them home as unique souvenirs. Flying kite becomes an appealing cultural sport. At present, there are many craft villages in Hue making kites, which are attractive and featured tourism services. In Vietnam travel, tourists will have chances to explore not only puppetry, water puppetry, but also air puppetry. Let’s come to Hue in summer to enjoy a flying kite performance in front of Ngo Mon Square or on beaches in Hue to feel the beauty of Hue kites. Author Bio: Nguyen Manh Dung is manager of AloTrip International Limited includes all web pages under or forming part of the domain name or any other AloTrip branded web pages. They provide travelers all necessary information about travel in Vietnam as well as Indochina. Besides, them three official websites , and will offer tourist all needed services and procedures to have a perfect journey.

hour romantic Hue day tours

hours seem to be not enough to visit somewhere in Vietnam. Yet, in Hue day tours, it is possible. One day may be enough to visit royal attractions in Hue Citadel, enough to enjoy a boat tour along Perfume River, and enough to taste local delicacies.

With gentle Perfume River and vestiges of feudal dynasties, Hue Citadel never fails to attract tourists all over the world. Spending a whole day in Hue city will be a wonderful experience on feeling thoroughly about one of the most ancient destinations in Vietnam. The schedule of the adventure in the ancient city should be started with a breakfast bearing the local tastes, and then walking to enjoy the serenity. In Vietnam tours around Hue, tourists often begin their day with a bowl of Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodle). This is one of the most famous dishes of Hue cuisine. That will be fantastic when enjoying the dish in its original place, which might be different from versions in other localities. A hot bowl of Hue beef noodle will bring more energy to tourists before exploring the city. If there is no luxury of time to explore every corner of the city for several days, tourists can fulfill their Hue day tours in 24 hours with the following top things to do. Let’s start Hue city tours by visiting royal tombs in Hue Citadel. Hue Citadel is located in the north of Perfume River with an area of 500ha. Here is the administrative and political center of Nguyen Dynasty and royal living place of emperors and lords as well. Hue Citadel includes the citadel and Forbidden Purple City. In 1993, Hue Citadel was recognized as a Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO, which brought the pride to Vietnamese people. There are a number of royal tombs in the citadel. Three most famous ones are Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, and Tu Duc Tomb. Minh Mang Tomb is the first stopover to drop by. The architectural work was built in 1840 as the rest-in-pea place of Minh Mang Emperor. The Minh Mang tomb measures 18ha; and the “penalty area” surrounding the tomb is about 475ha wide. The general structure is symmetrical balance surrounded by a Shinto line (belonging to Shintoism) exuding the dignity. Besides, along the walking road around the tomb, there are lush green trees and some pavilions to take rest and admire landscapes such as Dieu Ngu, Nghenh Phong Pavilion, Tuan Loc Terrace, Quan Lan, and Hu Hoai Pavilion… The next stopover is Khai Dinh Tomb. It is the mausoleum of the 12th Emperor of Nguyen Dynasty – Khai Dinh Emperor. The tomb was constructed in 1920 under the control of Le Van Ba, a high-rank court of Nguyen Dynasty. Compared with previous emperors’ tombs, that of Khai Dinh Emperor has a modest scale, but it took more time to build. The tomb is the combination of many schools of architecture such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Roman, and Gothique… These features are reflected meticulously in the architecture. Last but not least, it is the tomb of Tu Duc Emperor. The tomb is an architectural complex. The work has a unique and complicated architectural style reflected through the Bat Trang bricked walkways running from Vu Khiem Gate, passing Khiem Cung Mon Gate or passing a three-level stone row that leads to Khiem Cung Mon Gate. At noon, it is recommended to stop at the south bank of Perfume River and enjoy Nam Pho Banh Canh (Nam Pho noddle soup). This dish is the combination of soft rice noodles added by crab pies and meat, creating a tasty sweet flavor of broth. A bowl of this dish costs about 10,000 – 15,000 VND. After taking a rest, let’s vary the day tour by visiting Thien Mu Pagoda. Thien Mu Pagoda was constructed in 1601 on Ha Khe Hill on the left bank of Perfume River. Up until now, the pagoda remains its inherent majesty, purity and antique. The highlight of tours in Hue is dropping by Tu Nhan Tower, later changed as Phuoc Duyen Tower. The work was built as the order of Thieu Tri Emperor. It is 21 meter high with 7 floors in front of the pagoda’s gate. It is one of typical symbol of the city. Vietnam tour packages in Hue will not be completed if coming and missing to taste Com Hen (rice with mussel). Com Hen is a famous local dish of Hue cuisine. That is an ideal option for dinner. The ingredients of the dish consist of rice, salads, peanuts, sesame, shrimp sauce and mussels. All creates a unique and tasty flavor. Enjoying the catchy dish will help tourists have more experiences on the local cuisine. After dinner, taking a Perfume River cruise is a fantastic idea. At night, Perfume River becomes more romantic and elegant. This is the time for tourists to get on a boat, enjoy a poetic river tour, and admire the serene local life. During the time of sitting on boat, listening to beautiful Hue folk songs and enjoying cool breezes will be unforgettable memories in the day tour. In the rest time of the day, trying to eat some sweet soup and then going for a walk will be interesting experiences in Hue. The sweet soup world in Hue possesses different flavors and colors. There are many kinds of sweet soup that you could not remember all their names. This is the one of the most interesting snacks releasing your hunger at night. Walking to enjoy serene life of Hue City along Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street near the bank of Perfume River at night or popping in shopping places to buy souvenirs and specialties for family and friends will definitely leave memorable moments in tourists’ mind. Before ending the tour, do not forget to drop candle flowers on Perfume River and contemplate lines of shimmering candle flowers floating on the river. That image will never fade in your memory about attractions in Hue. Author Bio: AloTrip International Limited the field of travel services. They provide travelers all necessary information about travel in Vietnam as well as Indochina. Besides, them three official websites, and will offer tourist all needed services and procedures to have a perfect journey. y.

Travel Agency Advertising – Few Advertising Methods For a Travel Agency

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Booking a cruise on the Web is straightforward and easy. When searching for an online cruise site, it ought to be remembered that the official cruise liner site will normally cost increased cabin charges than the online cruise discounters. There are also particular and dedicated websites that provide all of the details about various different cruises. They offer the best rates and an exclusive booking engine that may swiftly put collectively a cruise package in just a few minutes.

On-line Travel to Vietnam suppliers and Web cruise companies deal with the cruise traces in a unique way. They both pre-buy the cabins at a really low discounted price, or will be straight linked to the cruise line?s stock database system. With this highly effective online system, they’ll move these nice offers directly to the consumer. The shopper finally ends up saving a lot of money when booking by these online journey agencies. Moreover, on-line bookings let the client plan the complete trip from the consolation of his dwelling or office. It’s all the time better to ensure that all doubts and queries are cleared before making the reservations online. Contacting the cruise line through the customer support departments or electronic mail is the best way to resolve all doubt.

Travel Guide To Halong Bay In Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderful and beautiful country with the perfect combination of outstanding natural and cultural beauty. A must-see destination on your vacation Vietnam is serene and alluring Halong Bay, also written as Ha Long Bay. Designated as a World Heritage site, Ha Long Bay has literally thousands of limestone islands that rise majestically from the sea. Legend has it that the impressive landscape here was the figure of a giant dragon that descended into the deep sea during the accent time. As your boat sails through the shadows and light between the many islands, you will be aware of the mystical yet soothing and tranquil feeling.

The best way to explore picturesque Ha Long Bay is on a cruise and there are many types of cruises available here to cater for every schedules and budgets. Some of the cruises include a tour into one of many giant limestone caves (grottoes) that have been formed here over literally thousands of years. Some of the most popular caves here to explore are Hang Dau Go, Bo Nau and Hang Hanh. You will often encounter small fishing boats that come up to the boats to sell seafood. This is an ideal opportunity to try out the fresh local seafood, cooked right in front of your eyes.

A magical experience for Vietnam vacations is to stay overnight on a boat, especially if its a moonless night. Any movement in the water sparkles thanks to millions of microscopic bioluminescence here in Ha Long Bay. When you are anchored down and relaxed, the cruise staff will be more than happy to share the local folk stories with you, especially about the dragon.

The tourist boats often stop at some of the many islands in Ha Long Bay. The largest island is Cat Ba and the majority of the island is occupied by steep and looming vertical rocks. The majority of residents of Cat Ba are traditional fishermen. During recent years, tourism has really opened up as a new source of income for the people that live here. The eco system in Cat Ba island is very special with a large national park that is home to many types of animals such as the wild boar, Francois monkeys, hawks, hornbills and many assorted other animals. The park also features a diverse range of tropical forests, coastal mangrove, freshwater lakes, off shore intriguing coral reefs and attractive powdery beaches. Visitors can also take a guided tour through some of the caves to arrive at the mountain peak. More adventurous visitors can also trek the 18km hike that runs through the park and there is an option to camp overnight. Cat Co beaches are also close to the Cat Ba village and is a ideal place to relax. Other well known islands in Ha Long Bay include Deu Reu and Tuan Chau, which you can also explore easily.

With so much to see and do, travelers should plan several days for their visit to Ha Long Bay.

Best places to join fireworks festival in Da Nang 2015

After one year of waiting, Da Nang people have the opportunity to have the same eagerness to brilliant fireworks performances. Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 will officially launched with the theme of “Da Nang – Symphony of Colors”. This year’s International Fireworks Festival is expected to bring local people and visitors outstanding and splendid firework performances. The firework festival in Da Nang will take place in two consecutive nights of 28th and 29th of April 2015. The competition also started at the same time with the anniversary of Vietnam Southern Liberation and Labor Day. Therefore, the number of tourists in Vietnam tour packages coming to Da Nang sharply increases. There are many ideal places for tourists to admire wonderful fireworks performances created by reputable and professional teams coming from EU, US, Australia, Africa, and Asia – Vietnam team. Official bleachers Like previous years’ competitions, the fireworks performances venue is at the eastern bank of Han River. To prepare for the event, Da Nang prepares 28,000 – seat bleachers. The number of seats is not enough to meet the demand of local people and visitors. The bleachers are opposite to the performing stage. From here, visitors can embrace everything of the festival. Sitting on the sidelines, in addition to enjoying the art fireworks performances, visitors can soak up in the fireworks performances and rhythms of music. Up until now, the number of ticket buyers is bigger and bigger. If wishing to own one, you be quick. Do not wait until the opening day to buy, as the ticket price will be definitely a cut-throat rate. It can be double, 5 times, or 10 times bigger than normal. Ticket price of the Da Nang Fireworks Festival fluctuates from 300,000 VND to 500,000 VND. However, to some locals and visitors could not buy tickets, there many ideal places to contemplate wonderful fireworks performances. That will be unforgettable memories in Da Nang tours during the days. Han River bank Han River has been one of the most famous attractions in Da Nang. The river is not just associated with daily life of local people but also a historical witness of the city. Tran Hung Dao Street running along the river is an ideal position to admire the outstanding and fireworks performances at a short distance. Here is also the place where bleachers are situated. If visitors have a chance to admire the fireworks performance from here, this will be a great ideal to see fireworks performances on water surface and in the sky. Apart from Tran Hung Dao Street, Bach Dang Street is another road running along the river. The distance from Bach Dang – Phan Dinh Phung T-junction to Le Van Duyet T-junction is seen as the most beautiful streets to enjoy fireworks festival at a short distance. Perhaps, during the festival, the long streets are occupied by a lot of local people and visitors. If choosing Bach Dang Street as the place of enjoying the competition, you should come early. Otherwise, visitors can hire a boat to travel on Han River to enjoy relaxation, cool breezes, and magnificent fireworks performances. Maybe, this is the view of the clearest and brightest fireworks. However, when on boat, you will not hear the musical melody of fireworks performances. Bridges in Da Nang Bridges in Da Nang are also populous venues for visitors to come, wait, and immerse in the exciting atmosphere of the festival. Han River Bridge is one of the most famous ones in the city. Here is a favorable position to unique and splendid fireworks performances. However, to have a stand on Han River Bridge during the festival is a great challenge. It is the reason why many people come to the bridge so early in the afternoon, though the performances take place in the evening. Meanwhile, Dragon Bridge, voted as the most beautiful bridge in Da Nang, connects Da Nang International Airport with the city’s most popular beaches and the downtown area, so it does have a practical purpose. From Dragon Bridge, visitors will be overwhelmed by a series of fantastic fireworks performances. As it is a new and “hot” bridge, visitors have to come here early to reserve a stand before the competition. If you do not want to leave your hotel early in the afternoon, you can drop by Thuan Phuoc Bridge. Thuan Phuoc Bridge is about 2km from Han River Bridge. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there. Standing on Thuan Phuoc Bridge is not too ideal to admire underwater fireworks performances. But you still can contemplate excellent high-distance fireworks shows. Compared with the above locations, watching fireworks on Thuan Phuoc Bridge brings the most comfort and less crowd, than on Han River Bridge or Dragon Bridge. Linh Ung Pagoda Linh Ung Pagoda is one of the most famous religious attractions in Da Nang and in religious Vietnam tours. The pagoda is quite far from the venue of this festival; thus, you might not admire the magnificent underwater fireworks shows. However, from the pagoda, you can contemplate the beauty of fireworks performances, but also the panoramic night view of the entire city. After that, you can enter the pagoda to visit and pray for the best wishes. Riverside cafs This is the -hottest- business time of coffee shops near Han River Bridge. Memory Restaurant next to the bank of Han River and near Han River Bridge owns a prime location to see the fireworks display. To have a wonderful place to enjoy the competition, you will spend about 500,000 VND. Besides, many cafs along Bach Dang Street are interesting places for tourists to enjoy drinks and fireworks performances. Yet, the price at the cafs will be much higher than the normal days. Immersing in the exciting atmosphere of the fireworks competition, AloTrip – a famous and travel agent with as its official website will provide tourists all over the world with full information about the festival, as well as some services to facilitate your stay in Da Nang such as tickets price to Da Nang, and some useful tips. Author Bio: AloTrip International Limited the field of travel services. They provide travelers all necessary information about travel in Vietnam as well as Indochina. Besides, them three official websites, and will offer tourist all needed services and procedures to have a perfect journey.