The Judgment Tarot Card In Love Readings

When the Judgment tarot card is present in a reading, it is required that you look closely to your past behaviors and actions. You should take stock and review all progress carefully. When it comes to matters about love, you have to apply the same set of principals. In a love reading, Judgment instructs you to look towards your relationship and see if it is up to your expectations.

According to tradition, Judgment refers to an important piece of the journey being completed. So a transformation has thus occurred. Now you have a higher level of awareness and maturity and with this comes a higher sense of responsibility and that you will have to be held accountable for past choices and actions. The main goal is that you learn from your experiences to gain the world (the last card in the major arcana).

In these kinds of readings, this card calls for the reevaluation of your current relationships status to see if it is working out or if it is not. Basically, are you growing closer or separating emotionally. This is an important part to any relationship. Open and honest communication is needed and both partners must evaluate if their needs are being met and if the relationship needs more investment from the other person to improve it. Relationships will either fall apart or transform. If it falls apart, Judgment may indicate new beginnings for the near future and that you will not be single long.

On personal levels, both partnered and single individuals may look and see how they attach and relate to romantic significant others. When the Judgment tarot comes up in the reading, you have to reevaluate past and present relations and it is important to clarify what you are searching for in your relationship. It is also important to judge the qualities you do not wish to have in the relationship. So depending on the outcome the Judgment card can be either a good indicator or a negative indicator of your relationship. It all depends on how you evaluate and deem your relationship after you have seen the card in your last tarot card reading.

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