Tips To Make Disney Travel Big Fun

Walt-Disney is best choice for corporate events, large group get-together and especially family reunions. Although co-ordination and planning the group travel to Walt-Disney can be a challenging task. Its totally like a half battle for a large group. Thus, in order to make travel a big fun, here are 10 tips for big group.

1.Wear the same (bright) color.

Wearing the same bright color T-shirt is never important as much as it is while traveling in a large group. Since you are going to get same T-shirts for everyone for a number of days while traveling, it also needs some planning. First of all, make a list of everyones names in group and t-shirt size blank column. Get the blank column gets filled by sending the email to the group and asks them to send it back. You can either buy from a store or order it online for everyone. Also, you can get prints as per choices.

2.Appointing a leader of the team.

Having a team leader in a group is really a good idea. Coordination and planning of the events become effective. Usually they are given the responsibility to keep track of reservation and basic details about routines finalization which were made before the trip. They are needed to maintain a better co-ordination in a group and trying to make everyone happy. If you are planning to be a team leader in group then I recommend getting a co-team leader as well.

3.Designated meet-up time should be reminded to everyone.

Before going on the trip, its better to provide a printout of schedule about meet-up. But usually it is decided in the morning of the trip. So before everyone apart for their way usually for breakfast decide where and when the group will meet up that particular day. Meet-up times are very important because of two reasons.

1)Its a great time to take a group picture( firstly decide a spot that is easy to find)

2)It is really a nightmare to arrange and call people inside the park.

4.Get a schedule, but flexible one.

Schedule following is must, but all the time over-scheduling is not good. Having a strict schedule while travelling in a large group may not always work. Thus, even if you are following the more realistic schedule, have it flexible.

5.Groups be divided into sub-groups

Dividing the group into sub-groups are a good mix of older and younger kids. The older ones are a help for getting little ones seated comfortably

6.Get a Back-up plan for those who need a break.

Usually the older people need a break. So it is very effective to have a volunteer in the group who is willing to take anyone back to the hotel, especially when someone gets sick, or someone just wants quiet time in the room.

7.Quickly recover from any kind of tense situation.

Its not the younger age get into an argument and then starting having a discussion on it with the rest of the group for hours. But its us, grownups. Even if one is right another one is not going to admit it. So its better to focus on the good people in the group and move on.

8.At least once a day, celebrate your group.

Wherever you are, at the pool or at the breakfast table, dont forget to celebrate that you are a group and all together at the worlds most magical place. Make sure you have a camera as well as a video camera to take away some great memories back home after travel

Enjoy Travelling!!

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